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Friday, October 30, 2009

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An outdated movie review.

If not mistaken, i went to watch this movie on the 1st day of its showing. This is a "3 in 1" chinese comedy which divided into 3 parts/stories. No doubt this movie is very funny and amusing. Besides, it delivers some real and applicable moral messages. For eg. don't take shortcut, respect elders, appreciate what u have and don't make comparison don't complaint. Nice one :)

Movie : Where Got Ghost
Ratings : ★★★

Thursday, October 29, 2009

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It has been a long time i didn't post up some of my pics on the blog. Though im not leng lui, still i wanna post this up to torture ur eyes lolz :P

p/s : Ignore my panda eyes and the heavy eye begs...

Between, wanted to ask some opinions from u guys. What do u think about this dress? Im kinda like this dress but my sister said it looks like pyjamas and someone said it looks like towel sweat ><

Buy or not to buy ar? hmmmmmmmmm*

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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Event : Shireen's birthday celebration
Location : Restaurant Juimoon, Mentakab

It's Shireen (my brother's gf) 22nd birthday. We had our dinner at Restaurant Juimoon after my brother came back from Singapore. At the same time, we planned and bought a birthday cake for Shireen to give her a surprise.

♥ Mango flavor cake from Orange Cake House. Quite nice, not too sweet.

♥ Dishes that we ordered

A memorable night. Im tired and lazy to write, so i didn't go into details for each dishes, sorry ><

Thursday, October 22, 2009

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Event : Kai Kiong's birthday celebration
Location : Dragon- i, Sunway Pyramid
Leng zais Leng Luis : Kai Kiong, Lik Chun, Connie, Jassyne and her brother

♥ Ever been to Dragon-i,the shanghai restaurant? A great dine in place with cozy environment..

♥ A-must-eat-Xiu Long Pao.. Trust me, u wont regret and u will want more XD

♥ Their Shanghai handmade mee. We ordered 3 big bowls and shared. Nice one.

♥ Something like Ma po taufu.. The taufu is very smooth and it is spicy..

♥ This is also another recommended dish. I like this, both the aroma and the taste.\

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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Im wondering why is it so difficult to get some cheaper foods in the area around UM ? We're so fed up with the Malay mixed rice, everyday eating the same chicken and vege. They never try different cooking styles like chinese hor? Sob ~~~

A day which we kinda free and have not much lab works to do. So we decided to drive out and look for some chinese foods in SS17. Saw a restaurant which was full-seated with OL & OM. It attracted us, seems like there's some yummylicious food haha. Oops, it is actually Ipoh Hor Fun and the uncle keeps on promoting that their hor fun is the best ><||| Hence, we ordered that and also pak cham gai (for 1 person).

♥ Ipoh hor fun RM4. Wow, it's really yummy and the uncle didn't tell lies. The soup is nice too.

♥ Pak Cham Gai (for 1 person) RM6.. This one also not bad. But it is a bit too expensive...

Finally we can have some good lunch :)
A nice day ~

Monday, October 12, 2009

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Being a research assistant in department of medical microbiology in University Malaya is not as easy as i think. Here u need to learn all the basic cleaning stuff and some routine works such as filling the tips, autoclaving, pipette washing etc, at least. Then u gotta learn and master all the lab techniques from senior master or phD before u r assigned to certain research project and apply for master. Haiz. So i guess i only can apply for my master/phD (still in consideration whether wanna skip master or not) next year.

07.10.09 Wednesday
We have nothing to do in the morning, hence senior asked us to learn how to clean the freezer. Im stoning because i never do that and we have to clean 3 freezers. Faint*

♥ Here are the ice-breaking tools. The spanner is quite big and heavy (for me)..

♥ My labmate. Both of us are the newcomers in this lab. She is enjoying this ice-breaking work. But no thought, we two and another labmate keep laughing and have fun haha XD macam kids jeh~

♥ Im the ice-breaker :D Don't know when we need to clean the freezer again zz. After clean the freezer in the morning, we clean the water bath in the evening haiz.

It has been two weeks im working in that department. Go to work at 9am, leave the lab at 7pm or 8pm++ (im the first one who leave ><) and u can see all the seniors still busy or concentrating on their works. Actually im not complaining. The works are easy, not any uphill tasks, just that i feel so exhausted and suffering leg pain everyday.

Feeling kinda worry that whether myself can really fit into such a hectic and stressful lab life, they all are very good and experienced. Many research assistants come and go, they cant bear with it (This is what senior told us). But there's one thing they sure with "If u can survive in this lab, there's no problem for u to survive in anywhere any lab". This sounds scary weyyyy T_T

Maybe this is a good chance to train myself to be more discipline and stronger. I will take this challenge and i wanna survive till the end!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

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Went to KLCC to meet up with a friend but he has to work till 6pm++ and so i decided to watch a movie alone while waiting for him. There are only two movies available at 4pm++, dance flick and murderer. Heard from my friends that murderer is a very nice movie and worth a watch, thus i decided to watch this movie.

Movie : Murderer
Ratings : ★★★★

Guess what? There are only 7 peoples (included me) inside the cinema hall and what awkward is im the only one girl, sweat. Indeniable, this movie is so horror with all the gore scenes. Like the opening scene which about a man fall from xx stories ( i forget jor haha) onto the floor, blood all over his body (i only can see red color) really scare me alots and i straight away closing my eyes with my hands, almost kill my heartbeats. Thanks god that i didnt have a nightmare after watched this. Do not watch it if u r phobia with blood zz.

I felt relief after out from the cinema~ ~

Friday, October 9, 2009

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It is my brother's birthday..
So sorry that i couldn't back to Mentakab to celebrate with him. But guess he had a great celebration with his gf haha..

And he gave me a call earlier, remind me that it is his birthday and scolded me for not contact him haha, so cute. He didn't know that im working till very late on that day and i planned to give him a wishing sms only after my work de. Thanks for his concern anyway for asking me to becareful and take care of myself. Crapped alots with him on the phone haha, it is undeniable that he is so cute and hilarious :D

Wanted to wish him happy birthday and stay happy always....
I love him! =D
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Went to this restaurant for dinner with my parents and sister. It considers as one of the famous restaurant in Mentakab.

♥ Restoran Anjung Fukuday.. Sounds like a Japanese restaurant? It's not but a chinese cuisine restaurant :)

♥ Daddd and mummys' leong char, sister's barli milk and my watermelon :)

♥ This is the hokkien people food "sour pig leg" 猪脚醋. My mum all time favorite. I don't know what it called exactly in english. Non halal one lolz...

♥ My order - Sizzling cheezy pork chop with white rice and soup. Also non halal one haha XD

♥ Mum's order - Ginger onion chicken with rice...

♥ Dad's order - Kung Po chicken with rice..

♥ Sister's order - Ku lok yok with rice...

I don't really remember the price of each dishes. But the price is reasonable and i think consider as cheap if compared with other restaurant.

Spent a very great dinner with my parents. Talked to them alots about my future, sharing alots of stuff etc. Lurrvveee*

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

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Wanted to watch Gerard Butler "The Ugly Truth" at first but ended up watching "Gamer" because there's no other good seats available.

Movie : Gamer
Ratings : ★★★★

Maybe Im not a gamer, so im feeling a little bit confuse and dunno what's going on in some part of the movie, quite messy and blurry @@ Besides, some part of the movie (female inside the game who is sexually demeaning) makes me feel disgusting. Overall, this movie is just okay for me and i wont recommend anyone to watch this film.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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It is just the 4th day im working in department of medical microbiology, University Malaya and professor asked us to join a seminar on biosafety in microbiology laboratory. The seminar started at 8.30am and lasted until 12.30pm.

♥ Seminar "Introduction to Biosafety Level 3" by Antony James Della-Porta Bsc PhD FASM GAICD ~

♥ Feeling kinda sleepy in the midst of seminar and we yawning in a nice manner (we r polite one :p) . Hence my colleague gave me Dentyne to chew to get rid of the sleepiness haha xD

The seminar is a bit boring and i don't really understand what's the information or messages they want to deliver to us. Spotted many people dozed off halfway through the seminar haha. I think it is just normal.

Quite a nice day though. Have fun chatting and doing lab works with my colleagues =D

Sunday, October 4, 2009

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♥ Eat mooncakes..
♥ Play tanglung..
♥ Happy mid autumn festival to all ya :D

Friday, October 2, 2009

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Don't know why so many people looking forward to watch this movie. Personally i don't really like this kind of movie, but i din hate it either. May be there's too much death scenes and too much gore. I din watch the 1st, 2nd and 3rd one, but still i joined my friend for this movie, for fun haha xD

Movie : Final Destination
Ratings : ★★★

This film is too short and many of the deaths were fake looking, more for quantity than quality. And many of my friends actually describe this film in only one word, disappointing. Why ppl wanna pay and go to watch this kind of film for the death scenes, waiting to see who dies and the how they will die? Argh, horrid* Will there be another final destination? And will u go and watch it? :D

"If I'm going to die, then I'm going to make the most out of every moment I have left, so I'm going to do what I do best, I'm gonna get laid. If I'm dying, I'm trying. "
Nice quote :D
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Im so craving for dim sum now while im blogging about this. It has been a long time i didn't drop by old klang road or ss2 for the dim sum. And heard that dim sum at sri petaling even jeng! *saliva dripping*

A dimsum session at ss2.. lazy to drive to sri petaling or old klang road :)
And yeah, dim sum.. with a cup of coffee or teh c is the best! XD

Hungry hungry*