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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2012-9-26 The day when I first try McDonald's Samurai burger. Must write this down on the blog to let my grandsons granddaughters read it in the future haha :P
Samurai burger. "A warrior returns. Let your taste buds bow down to the Samurai burger. A formidable mix of juicy quarter pound beef patty, dipped in sweet teriyaki, topped with special sauce, flanked with crunchy lettuce and golden toasted buns. It's simply mouth-watering force."  Wow sounds like no one can resist this. Well, these is true though. I like the juicy beef patty so much but then the teriyaki sauce is a little bit too sweet for me. Overall it is still good. Yeah now I have another choice of burgers! But why? Why teriyaki sauce? I'm wonderingSamurai loves sweet stuff? =.=  

 Last but not least, a few syok sendiri camwhore photos with the Samurai burger packaging box. Grandsons granddaughters, see grandmum never lie. The photos as proof. 

Samurai mood! 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

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Love Eiffel Tower (La Tour Eiffel in French) so much. 
I gonna be there one day. 
See you!

Friday, September 14, 2012

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Anyone here big fans of spicy foods? I'm not, but occasionally to have some spicy foods is okay for me. Heard from a friend that there is one restaurant in Subang SS15 which serves very nice curry fish head, hence I decided to drop by to try.

Here we go. Pangkor Curry Fish Head Restaurant is the name of the restaurant (Not sure if it is originally from Pangkor -.-). And picture shown below is the front page of menu of this restaurant. Besides, if you are observant enough, you should have notice the blog link on their menu front page. http://pcfhr.blogspot.com/ If you are interested, maybe you can visit their blog for more information especially the menu of foods.

Looking at the picture below, the curry fish head looks tempting isn't it? When it was served, first thing I get attracted was its aromatic curry smells. Make me can't wait to taste the curry. The curry is very thick, doesn't like those diluted one that selling outside in any food stall and it tastes really delicious. In term of spiciness, I can't really bear with the spiciness and gulp down many chinese tea. But according to my friend who is a spicy lover, the spiciness level of this curry just like the hot peri-peri of Nando's. -.-" Our taste bud is so different and mine spiciness tolerance damn low. Not to forget to mention, the fish head is actually the Grouper fish head (portugese name, Garoupa), tender and mouthwatering.


And for the vegetables, I ordered this spinach cooked with prawn. Never try this before and surprisingly it tastes really good, especially the gravy with eggs and mild alcohol taste. Just nice to match with the curry fish head. 

Overall, a palatable dinner. And later only I realize I actually been to their main branch which located in Taman Megah during Chinese New Year for lou sang, 2 years ago. But I don't know why at that time never come across our mind to order and try their house specialty curry fish head -.- 

Want to try some good curry fish head? Why wait? 
I'm for sure will visit them again for the curry fish head.

Till then, stay tuned. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

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What's the good movie u have watched recently? Here's the list of mine

1) Battleship. I watched it twice. First was free premier screening and second time was on my birthday. 
2) The Avengers. I watched it twice too. First was free ticket from the premier screening and second time was with a friend.
3) Dark Shadows
4)  Men In Black 3. Watched it twice.
5) Brave
6) The Amazing Spiderman
7) Dark Knight Rises
8) Step Up Revolution. Watched it twice.
9) The Bourne Legacy
10) Expandables 2
11) Paranormal 3D

Too much until I don't feel like watching movie in cinema anymore -.-"