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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bakery or cafe which offering Mille Crepe (also known as "thousand layer cake") is mushrooming across Malaysia in the big and small cities. To my knowledge, Nadeje Cake House is the first shop in Malaysia which sells Mille Crepe and many people claims that their Mille Crepe is the best in town. Now they have a total of four branches in Malaysia. Other than Nadeje, Food Foundry, The Twelve Cups and Humble Beginnings also quite well known for their palatable Mille Crepe. I had tried Mille Crepe from all of these famous cafe and I basically like them all -. -" There's none which I think tastes awful.

 I can't resist and never get bored with that savoury creamy multi layers. I was so excited the moment I came across Winter Lover Bakery House offer at Groupon.my. Without thinking twice, voucher bought! Best deal ever! You can get two slice of Mille Crepe and two drink for only RM 18.80. A normal Mille Crepe usually costs you at least RM 9 and above. 

Winter Lover Bakery House is located at Jalan PJU 5/21, Kota Damansara. It took me quite awhile to search for it because I hardly go to that area as opposed to Sunway Giza and it is located at upstairs of double storey shop lots. Please note that no shoes are allowed inside the bakery house, hence you need to take off and leave your shoes at the shoes rack. 

The interior design of Winter Lover Bakery House is much similar to Full House or Garden Cafe but much simpler. It exhales tranquillity and relaxation, makes me feel so comfortable and blissful sitting in there. In addition, I like the wallpaper they used to decorate the plain wall. Here I included a few photos to share with you the interior design of this bakery, as below:

According to their Facebook page, they are a featured bakery house serving their specialty of Mille Crepe and macaroons. In addition, they are also making their effort to cultivate the flower tea culture in Petaling Jaya. For flower tea lovers, maybe you can give a try.

So as stated in the voucher, I'm eligible to get two pieces of Mille Crepe (choose any type of Mille Crepe) and two drinks. They are offering a variety of Mille Crepe (really a lots). For instance, oreo madness, French chestnut, banana & chocolate, original/vanilla, caramel macchiato, raspberry yogurt, hokkaido milk, citrus cheese, mango, 3 in 1 (vanilla, chocolate & strawberry), trio chocolate (white, milk, dark chocolate), tiramisu, strawberry, rum & raisins, baileys, matcha azuki, peanut blueberry, etc. We had a tough time to decide which two flavours to pick and then in the end.......... the gluttonousness chosen matcha azuki and musang durian king.

Musang Durian King Mille Crepe. It contains musang durian blended in fresh whipped cream. This Mille Crepe is their weekend special Mille Crepe, so not sure if they are selling this during weekdays. So blissfully happy that I came on Saturday and I had the chance to try this. The taste of durian is so appetizing. Both of us love every bites of this and the delicate texture of crepe. I'm sure I will come back again for this. So, durian Mille Crepe is my new love now.

Matcha Azuki Mille Crepe (Matcha = green tea, Azuki = red bean). This Mille Crepe uses high quality of green tea powder imported from Japan and then blend together with red bean. I like green tea but not red bean (It was my friend who chosen this flavour). But surprisingly the combination of green tea and red bean in this way turns out to be so great. The taste is not so strong, not too sweet and very refreshing. You will definitely marvel at it in harmony of the combination.

As for the drink, not too much options. But I think they are offering good coffee such as toasted hazelnut coffee, arabica gold coffee, white coffee, dark coffee, and last but not least, the DURIAN COFFEE! I never heard about durian coffee. It is interesting to try it out and it tastes excellent (at least to me). But my body feels like it's heating up after a cup of this durian coffee. So I grabbed cooling water to relieve the body heatiness. Some people mentioned that durian is harmful when eaten with coffee, is this true? What about durian coffee?

Other than coffee, they serves honey lime with jelly and passion fruit. We ordered passion fruit because my friend not really a big fans of coffee. Pleasant drink for a hot day.

So this is how I spend my Saturday evening. A great tea time with delectable Mille Crepe and drinks, of course the companion counts too. Not to forget to mention, I'm really in love with their Mille Crepe and I had already bought this voucher again (luckily the deal is still ongoing). Can't wait for my second visit.

Monday, July 22, 2013

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2013-07-21 Sunday

I'm never a big fans of nail painting. But today really a little big strange because for no reason I get myself nail polish and nail polish remover at Nature Republic. Nature Republic's Color Waltz nail polishes did caught my attention. There is a wide variety of colour and each of it costs only RM 5.90. With the buy 2 free 1 promotion, you can get 3 nail polishes at RM 11.80 only! Without think twice, I chosen the scarlet orange and apple green colour nail polish. These two colour are the fashion trend now. So the whole Sunday night I'm busy with nail painting. 

This light colour nail polish is not easy to apply. My first attempt failed terribly and the mark of brush can be seen clearly on the nails. My second attempt turned out to be better by applying thicker nail polish. But then, I didn't know it will take longer time to dry so everything ruined when I try to apply for second layer. I started to get a little bit tired with nail painting. But luckily my third attempt success. By just applying the nail polish itself, the outcome looks too nude too ordinary. So I added some glitter to the tips. Great combination and I like my own DIY nail art design :D 

My fingernails and toenails look sweet now. #satisfied. Nail painting can be so fun although it does make me feeling tired. Guess from now on I will buy more nail polish to try or watch tutorial on youtube. So then next time I wont be in a mess during nail painting. Or perhaps I should go for manicure and pedicure.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Brussels Beer Cafe is a cafe most well-known for its Belgium beer, in particular the Hoegaarden, Stella Artois and Leffe. However, we went to the branch which located at Jaya One for their set lunch instead of beer. For your information, they are offering four different set lunch menu, namely menu A, B, C and D respectively, with four choices of set lunch in each menu. Only set lunch menu C is available on the day we went. Choices of set lunch in menu C including grilled beef steak, aglio-olio pasta, grilled lamb chop and fish & chips. Each order of set lunch costs us only RM 17.80 per pax and it is inclusive of buffet style fruit & salad bar and a glass of soft drink. A very good deal isn't it? Having this type of lunch once in awhile during working days is simply awesome. Photo below shows the menu of Brussels Beer Cafe.

A & W root beer is the soft drink that comes with the set lunch we ordered. They give us a tin instead of a glass which filled with ice.

My friend ordered the pumpkin soup which is not in the set lunch. It's homemade with roasted almond flake toppings and served with garlic bread. I like this soup because it is thick with silky texture (definitely not diluted) and full of flavour.

Roast pork aglio-olio. A pasta with sauteed garlic, chili flake and roast pork. This suits the taste buds of people who likes foods with chili flake. The spiciness is bearable especially for a person like me who can't really take spicy foods. However, the taste is not so impressed but the roast pork is great.

Meatballs braised in Leffe Brune sauce. Traditional pork meatballs mix with onion and mix herbs.  This is one of the signature and famous Belgium meatballs dish. Although I don't like foods with herbs but I personally think the taste is really special and not too strong. The meatballs are soft too. 

Grilled beef sirloin with coffee sauce and baked carrots. This is one of the set lunch we ordered. Not to my expectation because the sauce was over-cooked with mild bitterness, but still acceptable. Not the best but not the worst and I will order again.

My friend did ordered their grilled lamb chop. The lamb chop was served with mint yogurt gravy and scallion mash potatoes. Thumbs up. Not to forget to mention the portion size, average portion size but you will definitely wont leave with a hungry stomach because the free fruits and salads could play a role  adding bulk to your meals.

Satisfying lunch although without beer. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Have you ever heard about NTV7 Feel Good Run? It is an annual charity-driven event organized by ntv7 in conjunction with their anniversary celebration. This year is their 3rd year of organizing the Feel Good Run. Honestly speaking, I'm not that into jog or run activity previously because I'm afraid of the muscle soreness felt which last at least a week after jog/run. But guess what? I started to go for jog in the park very frequently ever since I stop playing badminton as well as actively involves in many running event. Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012 (PBIM) was my first marathon and the overwhelmed feeling was indescribable when I reached to the finish line. Awesome and how incredible! Never expect I can actually run (walk too) for 10km, but completed at 1 hour and 40 minutes. Since then, my friend encourages me to run more and eventually I started to get accustomed to running exercise. 

Without think twice, I signed up for this year ntv7 charity run - the 7km running category, together with my friends. Joining a non-competitive run event makes me feel more relax and the registration fees will be channelled to four different beneficiaries (Hospis Malaysia, Malaysian Rare Disorders Society, RKKTB and SPCA Selangor). So why not joining? :D Speaking of their running T-shirt, it is from Brooks. The color and the design of the shirt is nice (at least for me). 

And another special thing which worth a mention is the message bib. Runners can express themselves by writing their #dogoodfeelgood message on the bib and display it on the front of their running shirt. My message was "Greet life with verve! #Smile =)" We should live life enthusiastically, right? p/s: Sorry about the poor quality of the photo, it was taken from my instagram.
And these are the certificate of participation and medals for those who success to reach the finish line and I got mine. I spent a total of 51 minutes to complete the 7km run, not really excellent but I'm happy because there is improvement. 

Now I'm looking forward to the Standard Chartered KL Marathon, which being postponed to 23rd of September. BSN Putrajaya night marathon will be another different experience because I never run at night. Can't wait for the Penang Bridge International marathon in November too.

"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." ― John BinghamNo Need for Speed: A Beginner's Guide to the Joy of Running

Thursday, July 4, 2013

If you would like to read or know more about Sekinchan paddy field, please visit my previous blog post here

Bagan is the fishing village in Sekinchan and it is located right opposite Site B and Site C village. However, this fishing village ain't that impress me as compared to Pulau Ketam (I will share something about the Pulau Ketam trip very soon). I'm not sure if you can actually take a walk into the fishing village as I myself couldn't find the way. Hence, I just stopped by at the road side nearby the Redang Beach (opposite Sekin Fisherman Village Hotel & Resort Sekinchan) to do a quick photoshooting at the fishing village. Below are some of the fishing village photos which I would like to share here to at least keep the blog content less tedious : 


After photo taking at the fishing village, we drove all the way further until the end of the road and we saw a beach, the Redang Beach (Pantai Redang). It was a surprise. I never expect there is a beach here in Sekinchan, how awesome. And so I spent more than an hour at this beach and hoping I can catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunset. 

Another thing which come to my surprise was the tree houses at the beach. This was my first time seeing so many tree houses at the beach.


Among all the tree houses, I think this red one with a name "The Lucky Red House" is the most special one and it is occupied by people most of the time.

Apart from that, there are swing chairs around the red tree house where you can have fun sitting and enjoy the sea breeze. The swing chairs here are amazing, they were actually all made from broken plastic chairs and then tighten to rope. Thumbs up for the residents creativeness. 

There is also hammock behind the tree house. Maybe you can take a short nap here if you don't mind people watching you haha.

And then I would like to share a few photos of the view of Redang Beach in the evening, although we didn't manage to catch a beautiful sunset view.

And when was the last time you had this very classic ice-cream in cone? at the beach? Awesome. But I don't know why it melted so fast than usual. 

Remember those childhood days when you are so enthusiastic in collecting seashells by the seashore? Then you will bring them home and dump into a pail of water. Of course this time I didn't bring them home but just for the sake of fun and photo taking.

I really enjoy my time at the beach. It has been a while since my very last visit to beach at Krabi 2 years back. Now I started to miss Krabi and Bangkok. 

And before you leave Redang Beach, do not forget to take a photo of this. So then what about the foods for lunch and dinner? Due to the development of fishery industry, seafood has become the main local food and you can find many seafood restaurants here. 

I was searching for some nice seafood here for late lunch but most of the restaurant is closed except for the Jiann Chyi Seafood Restaurant. The owner of this restaurant claims that his restaurant is famous with the Teow Chew cuisines and he recommended us the Teow Chew style cooked shark meat (Shark is one of the special fish in the village). These tender shark meat slices with mild spiciness are so well-cooked and taste really good. 

Then for dinner, I can't remember which restaurant I dropped by. It is located at the corner and same row as Guan Seng Long Seafood Restaurant. We ordered 4 dishes: spicy eel (another special fish in the village), sizzling Japanese taufu, butter prawn and vegetables. However, the foods served are just normal. 

And here comes to the end of my one day trip to Sekinchan. I'm sure I will definitely drop by again for photo taking especially during the paddy plantation grow up time which falls on mid of March- mid of May or mid of Sept- mid of Nov for the whole green colour paddy field view.