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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Back in January 2014, after an exciting visit to Farm In The City located at Seri Kembangan, we then let the excitement continues into murals exploration at The Atmosphere. (Address: Jalan Atmosphere Utama 1, Pusat Perniagaan The Atmosphere, 43300 Seri Kembangan)

Can you imagine how cool is that in just one location, there is a collection of total 80 pieces of 3D mural artworks? These 80 pieces of mural are of theme "Artsphere 20/8ty", painted by 20 talented artists. 

The mural artworks are located at both ground floor and upper floor of The Atmosphere. The location map of all the mural artwork is provided for your ease of mural search. The murals are either painted on the floor, wall or pillar. 

We managed to hunt for all the 80 murals within 2 hours and this is actually a bit exceeded our expectation. One little accomplishment that is worthwhile because we like each of the mural artwork. 

In this blog post, we will only share some of the mural artworks as it is impossible for us to share more than 80 photos here. To view all the mural artworks, please drop by our Facebook page's photo album

Roti Uncle.

Selling drink uncle.

Kid sitting on books.


Need for art and wind.


Emergency exit at toilet.

Kid with balloon in pink background.

Jatuh la jatuh.

 Mini car.

3 robots. 

2 girls with jumping rope. One of my favorite. 


Train station.

Snake and ladder (story about life). 

Phone booth.

Girl with can telephone.

Vending machine.

River with lily pad.

Cliff with love.

Floor invaders.

Hand with strings.


Boy on tree house.

Let's fly away.

Joint purple ladder.

Epic floor, science lab and bench.


The geese and the golden eggs.

The art gallery.

Yellow pixel monster.

Pixel soldier.

War lady.

Vespa. One of my favorite. 

We hope you enjoy these mural artworks. To view all the 80 mural artworks, you can go to the photo album which shared on our Facebook page. And if you are interested with other mural or artworks that we already blogged, see the links below and feel free to drop by:

Penang On 6 (槟城六号) at Gurney Paragon, Georgetown, Penang

Stay tuned! Have a nice day...

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Purrfect Cat Cafe, the first cat cafe in Penang, is located at Muntri Street and situated next to Camera Museum. Although I'm not a cat person, but it is okay to visit a cat cafe. 

Some of the cute cat murals that you can find at the cafe facade. "All are welcome but no doggies allow".

Purrfect Cat Cafe sells cat related merchandizes at the ground floor. 

All the things are cat-related, such as tees, keychains, postcards, hats, mugs, bags, pillows, soft toys, etc.

Unique cat-themed wall design and decorations at the ground floor. Full of post-it sticky notes.

On the other hands, the second floor (the upstairs) is divided into two separate zones, the cat zones and the cafe area that is cat-free. You will be briefed on house rules and you have to wash and sanitize your hands before you can take off your shoes and heading on upstairs.

Even the floor carpet is in the shape of cat.

There are around nine simple house rules to follow. Do not break the rules or you will be fined. RM 100.

Foods and drinks are allowed inside the cat zone, but you cannot feed the cats with any sort of foods. Inside the cat zone, you are also free to interact with all the cats, but you cannot carry them around. 

At present, they have a total of 8 cats in the cat society: Orange, Marble, Molly, Snowy, Nala, Teddy, Leo and Bear.

Not sure if these are Leo, Marble or Molly?

Okay, this one I can confirm it is Bear with unique dark grey fur.

Teddy. Laying comfortably on the orange foldable chair. Too adorable, too furry and the kimono can only cover half of its body. I can't resist to take many photos of it although it don't really bother me -.-

Orange. Super cute and chubby too. 

Snowy, the mascot for the cafe, also the first cat to reside in the cafe. It has a special pair of David Bowie-mismatched eyes. 

Oops, this is just a toy cat. 

Now let's move to the cat-free cafe area. Full of cat-related decorations. Seats are quite limited with cute cat cushions.

And we were lucky enough to be served to sit at this awesome and comfortable corner. 

Purrfect Cat Cafe serves only simple food and drink. Coffee, teas, cold drinks, small selection of pastries and cakes. During our visit, we did not order any food and drink from the menu. We were here to spend our purchased deal from Groupon, a high tea set which includes a slice of cake or one pastry and two glasses of fruit champagne.

Oreo mille crepe (RM 11.90 value). Not an impressive one. Lacks of oreo taste. But a thumb up to the food presentation.

In overall, we still spent a good time in Purrfect Cat Cafe although both the mille crepe and fruit champagne weren't up to the expectation. An exciting experience and this is my first time interacting with so many cats. To play with a cat seems simple at first glance, but in fact it is a bit difficult and I failed to spark their interest to play with me. #sweat

Bow before your queen. If not you will knock your head. 

Have a nice day!