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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Here comes another new boat noodle restaurant in town, named "Noodle Doodle Thai Restaurant". 

Noodle Doodle is located in New World Park, a modern food centre (foodcourt) in Georgetown.

This boat noodle restaurant is clean and quite spacious, with simple interior design.

The menu or food choices, however, quite limited. 

We ordered only a drink, two bowls of thai style pork noodles and a side dish, tofu-tofu-tofu.

Something special (RM 6.90), is their house specialthy drink. It is lime juice with mint leaves. Quite a good drink to quench thirst and very refreshing, although the price is on the high side. 

Tofu-tofu-tofu (RM 3.90). Deep fried tofu topped with three flavoured chilli sauce and cucumber slices. Surprisingly tastes very good and not too spicy for a person who can't take spicy foods. The deep fried tofu absords the chilli sauce, and when you bite it burts into your mouth. 

Boat noodle (soup), RM 1.90 per bowl. It is thai style pork noodle. Soup is quite herbaceous, and we like its overall combination with the addition of kangkung/ water spinach. Portion wise, really small. 

Boat noodle (dry), RM 1.90 per bowl. Also a thai style pork noodle. Also quite good although lack of the taste of herbs. 

If to compare this boat noodle to the boat noodle served by others famous boat noodle restaurants, we personally prefer this type of boat noodles (flavour and taste),

**Date of visit: 26 December 2014**
**Images taken with Nikon D3200**

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Among the six clan jetties in Penang, Chew Jetty is the most tourist-friendly jetty and by far the largest. The popularity of this jetty grew after Ernest painted a mural (depicting a boy and a girl on a boat) on the side of one of the wooden stilt house. Chew Jetty also being featured in one of the famous local movie "Ice Kacang Puppy Love" which directed by Ah Niu. 

Besides Chew Jetty, there are other clan jetties situated along Weld Quay which worth a visit. One of the jetty which caught our attention was Lee Jetty, especially the view of this jetty at night when lanterns and colour LED lights lit up. (Lee Jetty is relatively new and established in late 19th century.) Here we would like to share some of the photos taken during our visit. 

**Images taken with Nikon D3200.**