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Sunday, February 28, 2010

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Do u like to eat McDonald's ? Those who knows me well will definitely know that I'm McDonald's super fans haha XD Those who don't know please bear in ur mind then keke. Can't resist their fries, sundae and also Oreo McFlurry. Guess what, i had them tonight for my dinner and i feel so great. A simple delicious food can actually enlighten your day and brings a smile to ur face, isn't it? :)

Btw, McDonald's changed their packaging? Look at the blurry pictures below.

.♥ Oreo McFlurry. Is it ur favorite too? :)

.♥ I can't resist french fries

.♥ Chicken McDeluxe burger

Saturday, February 27, 2010

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Date : 23 February 2010
Time : 9.00 am - 2.00 pm
Venue : Plenary Theatre Hall, Monash University Sunway Campus
Event : Seminar on "The Essential Role of Two Dimensional Electrophoresis - Mass Spectrophotometry (2DE-MS) in proteomics

. ♥ Participated in this seminar, an informative one :) Get to know more knowledge in 2D gel electrophoresis and also mass spectrophotometry which i might be using in the future for my project in the study of protein-protein interaction. And Monash University Sunway Campus which is newly built is so impressed me, definitely a campus with a good environment for study. Like their library also, looks like BORDERS haha XD Comfortable one.

.♥ *Sorry about the blur picture* This is our lunch, the western foods which included black pepper chicken, fish chop, spaghetti, lasagna and vegetables. One of the advantage in attending seminar is u can enjoy different kind of yummylicious foods which are free.

Friday, February 26, 2010

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Nothing much. Just a quick lunch at Secret Recipe. Was craving for spaghetti and so ordered the cheese bolognese spaghetti. But it was so disappointing, the cheese sux and the spaghetti wasn't hot-served :( I will ban this Secret Recipe outlet from now on.

.♥ Iced Lemon Tea

.♥ Undoubtedly, the black pepper chicken chop rice tastes good.

.♥ I will never ever order this spaghetti again. Looks nice but arr tastes sux.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

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Time flies. End of the Chinese New Year (CNY) is just around the corner.

Did u enjoy ur CNY?
Enjoy ur CNY holiday?
Went for any short trip?
Visited and catch up with ur relatives? :)

Well, i fully utilized my CNY holiday and enjoyed to the max. Gathered with friends, visited relatives, went down to Malacca and rest at home did something that previously i have no time to do. It was so great!! How good if i have 1 month CNY holidays hehe *dreaminnnnnnggg*

Okay, cut the craps. This post is to share with u regarding my reunion dinner with friends (There are 16 of us). Picture tells thousand words :)

.♥ Yu Shang~ A must-eat-dish during CNY in chinese tradition.

.♥ U have to lou then only u can fatt/huatt!

.♥ Everyone loves yu shang, i guess. Haha.

.♥ The first dish. I don't know what it called. But tastes good!

.♥ Shark fin! Yummy!

.♥ Sweet and sour fish! It's very nice too! We finished everything including the head o the fish. See the picture below.

.♥ Yeah! Kenneth finished the whole fish's head! The size of the fish's head is comparable to his head, sweat. Damn big one.

.♥ This one nice also! The fat part of the pork eat together with the mini bread!

.♥ Minced meat wrapped with the fu zhuk. It is very very nice!

.♥ Prawn satay! and fried prawn wrapped with fu zhuk. Nice one!

.♥ Fried rice. I didn't eat much. So don't really know how it tastes.

.♥ Guess what is this ? Answer shown in the below picture :)

.♥ Yeah the thing shown in the above picture is actually a box used to put the cute cute yummy ice-cream. There are 6 different types of flavors: Durian, coconut, corn, yam, red bean and honeydew.

.♥ Ah teck, Kenneth, De Kee and Apollo :)

.♥ Handsome right? :D

.♥ Davidoff, Westly, Money, Kenny and Ah Teck.

.♥ See the shirts that they wear then u know they are couple :) Karey and Davidoff.

.♥ Do u feel that he looks like someone? Yeah, he is well-known as Gary Cao Ge's twin brother haha aka Mentakab Gary.

.♥ Last but not least, Chivas. A must-have-drink haha.

A warm and delightful cny reunion dinner :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

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Date : 08-01-2010
Location : Luna Bar, Kuala Lumpur
Event : Birthday celebration

Have u ever been to Luna bar? A stunning bar which well-known with its cozy ambiance and best night views in town. This is the first time i been there together with Nicole, Ju-Lian, Davidoff, Kenny, Westly and Nat to celebrate Westly 24th birthday. I love there but don't really like the music they play which is more to techno. Techno music makes me feeling sleepy ><|||

.♥ Nice KL Tower view from our seat at Luna Bar

.♥ Luna Bar is real stunning, isn't it ? And it is definitely a romantic place to go with your girlfriend, especially if you manage to get one of the window areas for yourself :) Trust me keke.

.♥ Peach birthday cake from Secret Recipe for Westly :)

.♥ The birthday boy, Westly and his darling, Nat

.♥ Ju-Lian and me. He looks like drunk.

.♥ Kenny the "kid" and Davidoff

.♥ Chivas

.♥ Another picture of us. I like this picture.

.♥ Do-Re-Mi : Kenny, Davidoff and Westly.

.♥ Last but not least, a group picture. 3 leng luis and 4 handsome :D

Saturday, February 20, 2010

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Congratulations to Clinston and Hannah. Happy for them and feeling kinda excited because this is the very first time i attending friend's wedding lunch. For ur information, they are friends that i get to know through forum. Happy that i can meet most of them during this sweet wedding lunch as bustle of life always not allow us to meet up/gather.

Event : Clinston Ho &Hannah Chin Wedding Lunch
Location : Restaurant Oversea, Jaya One