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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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This is funny lolz. Read it :D









马来西亚华人:这样你'马'很不 '歹'?

马来西亚华人:你真是pan nai!(源自马来语pandai,聪明的意思)

马来西亚华人:你diam diam!(源自马来语diam,安静的意思)













马来西亚华人:bek chek






Monday, September 28, 2009

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It has been a long time i didn't update my bloggie. For ur information, im kinda busy with some trip and my own stuff as well. In addition, there's a change in my life, i gotta say bye to my previous honeymoon holiday life and welcoming the suffocating work life. 28.09.09 my first day of working as a research assitant in Department of Molecular Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, UM. It is kinda tiring and i keep yawning during working time zz. But not too bad, at least i get to know a few of easy going and helpful seniors.

Alright, back to my blog post which about steamboat. Im too tired to type and so let's the picture do the talking.

♥ Steamboat, one of my favorite.
♥ Went to try porridge and tomyam steamboat at Hometown Steamboat which is located at Genting Klang, with Kia Jin and Chai Ling.

♥ Kia Jin and me. Try and guess how old is him :)

♥ All the fresh ingredients. No really special but tasty still eat together with the porridge and tomyam soup.

Im so so so so so x1000000000000 tired. Till here. Off to sleep*

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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♥ 19.08.09 A great and memorable day in my life.

♥ Finally Im graduated, with distinction. After i had been through 3 years bustle of university life which full of joys and tears.

♥ With my beloved daddy and mummy~

♥ With my dearest brother and sister ~

♥ My besties in university.. Glad to know them..

♥ My coursemates.. The future biochemist :)

♥ Special thanks to him who purposely take AL too to attend my convo. Someone once very important in my life. Thanks for the cute bear bear and flowers, a special one.

♥ Special thanks to Jason who purposely take AL to attend my convo. Someone who take care me alots. Thanks for the cute doggie and roses too ;)

♥ Special thanks to Samuel aka Samantha for attending my convo.. Not to forget to thanks him and Han Wei for the bear bear..

♥ All the gifts, bear bear and flowers that i received on that day from my friends.. Touched & Lurvee*

Monday, September 14, 2009

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A boring and dull Monday, hence decided to hang out with friend and went for a movie - Kungfu Cyborg. A film about kungfu fighting transformers? :D Guess this is what crossing on people mind the moment they looking at the poster or watching the trailer of the movie.

Movie : Kungfu Cyborg
Starring : Ronald Cheng, Alex Fong, Wu Jing, Hu Jun, Sun Li, Gan Wei, Eric Tsang, Law Ka Ying
Ratings : ★★★

God created Man in his own image; Man creates robot in his own image. Just as man doubts God, does robot not doubt man?

This is an epic movie with elemens of humor and romance as well as robot-on-robot actions. Everyone seems burst into the laughters in the beginning of the movie. And then for the romance part which about a woman in love with a cyborg where he is incapable of love and cannot reciprocate her love for him makes many cinema goers leave the cinema in tears? Hmm, at least im. Im touched. Or maybe that's remind me of something which hidden in my heart, the past the memories.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

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Movie : UP
Starring : Christopher Plummer, Edward Asner, Jordan Nagai
Ratings : ★★★★

I love this movie. No doubt this is a hilarious comedy with excellent visuals and a story that leaves the audience in tears of joy. Go and watch this movie. Trust me, you will be entertained, delighted and moved.

Wow, spotted two leng luis.. I know im *a little bit too thick skin*, but who cares? Haha :P See the poster behind? Yeah, it's the poster of the movie "UP" and two leng luis were trying hard to capture a leng picture with the poster after the movie "UP" in Times Square GSC cinema :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

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Spent a great 3 hours long dinner at Sushi Zanmai. I don't know why, I just love their sushi and the price is reasonable. There also a great and ideal place with cozy ambiance for me to have a break and engage in chitchats with my friend. A great dating place also :P My friend likes their bottomless green tea.

♥ Sushi Zanmai bottomless green tea..

♥ Always my favorite appetizer..

♥ My all-time-favorite-sushi ;)

♥ Chicken katsudon with rice..

♥ Chicken katsu with curry and rice...

♥ Some random pics of us before we leave sunway pyramid..

.......... I love Japanese foods :D

Friday, September 11, 2009

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Two hearts intertwined...
Different views...
Different dreams...
Different needs...
Different wants...

Bound by a fragile string called LOVE...
Union as willed by GOD...

A journey in life...
May be pounded by the forces of nature...
May be struck by the fiercest lightning...

Yet two hearts bound by a delicate twine...

STRONG enough...
To stand the test of time.

- Jerome Bartolabac -
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Utada - Come back to me..

Lurvee this song so much ~~~~~ ♥

The rain falls on my windows
And the coldness runs through my soul
And the rain falls, oh the rain falls
I don't want to be alone

I wish that I could Photoshop all
Our bad memories
Because the flashbacks, oh the flashbacks
Won't leave me alone

If you come back to me
I'll be all that you need
Baby, come back to me
Let me make up for what happened in the past

--Start Chorus--

Baby come back to me
(Come back)
I'll be everything you need
(Come back)
Baby, come back to me
(Come back)
Boy, you're (one in a million)
(Come back)

Baby, come back to me
(Come back)
I'll be everything you need
(Come back)
Baby, come back to me
(Come back)
You're one in a million (one in a million)

--End Chorus--

Lower east-side of Manhattan
She goes shopping for new clothes
And she buys this
And she buys that
Just leave her alone

I wish that he would listen to her
Side of the story
It isn't that bad
It isn't that bad
And she's wiser for it now
I admit I cheated
Don't know why I did it
But I do regret it
Nothing I can do or say can change that (Come back)


Everything I ever did
Heaven knows I'm sorry babe,
I was too young to see
You were always there for me
And my curiosity
Got the better of me
Baby take it easy on me

Anything from A to Z
Tell me what you want to be
I open my heart to be
You are more priority
Can't you see you've punished me
More than enough already
Baby, take it easy on me

(Baby... take it easy on me)

Baby, come back to me
Baby, come back to me
(Come back)

**Chorus x2**

Thursday, September 10, 2009

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Recently I have been like a movie addict, go to watch movie almost every week..

Movie : G.I.JOE : Rise of Cobra
Starring : Shantel VanSanten, Bobby Campo, Hayley Webb, Nick Zano, Krista Allen, Andy Fiscella, Mykelti Williamson, Richard T. Jones
Ratings : ★★★

Get to know about G.I.JOE this movie since May after my friends introduced it in a forum. I was stunned looking at all the posters he posted in forum with lotsa hot chicks and handsome guys, and the trailer blew my eyes off. Can't wait to see this movie showing in the cinema and I believe the same goes to others.

But Im actually kinda disappointed with this movie. I had some high expectations towards this film, at least some tons of cool special effects and some really exciting actions. Some of the special effects or computer-generated effects and other extravagances were not that good and the film has a sort-of artificial look from time to time. But it's not a big deal i think, for G.I.JOE fans. Afterall it is still a pretty awesome movie for most of the people and I'm not regret watching it =) At least i got to see some hansem guys, cool :P

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

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♥ 09.09.09 A special date.. Once in a life time..
♥ Wishing everyone happy forever 9
♥ Wishing every couple in love forever 9
♥ And Im going to on 9 as usual xD

Sunday, September 6, 2009

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Friday, September 4, 2009

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Another outdated post : My brother convocation in UM on 13th of August, haiz. Im just way too busy to update my bloggie though Im not neither working nor studying lolz. You guys must be curious and wondering what am i busying with all this while. But Im not going to tell in details keke.

Okay, cut the craps, back to UM convocation. I didn't know why i feel kinda excited on that day although that's not my convocation. Besides, there's another some indescribable feelings overwhelming my heart and mind. Yeah, finally both of us graduated at the same month same year. Im sure that my parents will be the happiest one among all of us. I see from how excited they asking us lotsa questions regards on our convocation, applied their annual leave, buy new clothes, etc. Out of sudden, I found that they're so cute haha.

Next, let the photos do the talking ;)

Three of us wake up around 9am++ then only head to UM at around 10.30am after the convocation ceremony end and both my parents and brother were out from the hall. Not to forget cam whoring first before we depart lolz..

My brother was receiving the cert/scroll from the canselor..

My beloved daddy and mummy with my brother.. UM graduation robe seriously looks much nicer than ukm one..

My beloved family together with my brother's girlfriend..

My brother with his uni mates.. I'm sure he is going to miss them and all the sweet moments..

The crowd on that day.. I don't know why there're quite many indian students in UM while in UKM u will realize that u hardly can see/find one ><"

The gifts and flowers.. Wondering if i can receive that lots also during my convocation..

The 3 spidey balloons...... damn cute......

Last but not least, a photo of two leng luis aka my sister and I haha xD

Congratulations my dear brother...
Hope and bless that u will have a bright future with loads of happiness as well as $$$.. haha XD

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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I had abandoned my blog for a period of time. Here comes a post about my cookies. As usual, i like to do some baking and cooking to kill my spare time. Chocolate cookies, chocolates cakes, butter cakes, sponge cakes and etc always my choices. This time Im going to bake chocolate cookies with chocolate chips ;) and i don't know why the color seems a little bit too dark and makes the cookies look like shit.

♥ Among all the shapes, the processing of love shaped chocolates is the most time and energy consuming. I don't know where i keep my cookies cutter, so i forced to make it with a small knife..

♥ Step 1 : I have to roughly make a love shape with the plastic cake knife..

♥ Step 2 : After that i need to cut it out. And re-mould it into a perfect nice love shape..

♥ Step 3 : Applying some chocolate chips on the top of the cookies and it is ready to bake....

♥ My cookies which ready to bake. They are in round, square and heart-shaped..

It took me few hours just to complete a small bottle of love-shaped cookies... zz