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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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My hair growing longer and longer dy...
almost reach my waist..
For tos who see me often, u know tat.. xD
Thinking wanna cut it SHORT or nt...??
Will i look better with short hair? tos trendy short hair ? like hebe kind ?
Or just keep my hair long? but actually kinda bored wif it dy..
after made it from silky straight to curl.. now dunno wat else 'style' i can try..
*seriously no lala style*
Hmm Hmm Hmm.. any nice hair stylist to recommend?


Just finished anthr paper to day ..
with just the name, guess u know what a tough and headache subject tis is....
but actually it is a kinda interesting subject... juz, too much thgs u gotta memorize..
hate tos scientific names.. . so so so hard to remember (tos term juz resisit to stay in my memory.. )
urghh!!! FAN ~
and it make my brain saturated...

* almost zz off during exam.. im seriously lack of zz ...
end up nap on the table 5mins haf way doin >.<'''

Striving for my final dunno for hw many days dy..

Virtually freaking..
- tired.. sleep oni 3- 4 hrs evryday.. u can imagine hw GENG is my PANDA EYES nw.. T_T
- frustrated & tension...

haiz... EXAM EXAM~!! 3 mor papers to go ar.. sobsob T_T

♥ Hope tat ♥
* After the bitter comes the sweet*

* Luck comes after hardship

wan wan ~

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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♥ im juz like tis song so muccchhh...
♥ recommended by my dearest Ling Ying *wink*

I just can't believe you're gone,
Still waiting for morning to come,
When I see if the sun will rise,
In the way that you're by my side,

Where we had so much in store
Tell me what is it all reaching for
When we're through building memories
I'll hold yesterday in my heart, in my heart

They can take tomorrow and the plans we made
They can take the music that we'll never play
All the broken dreams, take everything
Just take it away
But they can never have yesterday

They can take the future that we'll never know
They can take the places that we said we will go
All the broken dreams, take everything
Just take it away,
But they can never have yesterday

You always choose to stay
I should be thankful for everyday
Heaven knows what the future holds
Or least where the story goes,
I never believed until now

I know I'll see you again, I'm sure
No, it's not selfish to ask for more
One more night one more day
One more smile on your face
But they can't take yesterday

I thought our days would last forever (But it wasn't our destiny)
Coz in my mind we had so much time, but i was so wrong
No, I can believe me
I can still find the strengh in the moments we made

I'm looking back on yesterday

♥ luvvvvvvv it... ♥

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

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`* PART 4 `*

After a luxurious dinner at jogoya... here somethgs he prepared for me.. ^^

♥ yeah..... birthday's rose for me... fr my dear... and oso secret recipe's chocolates cake ^^

♥ y it is purple roses but nt red roses? hehe...coz he said he is bored wif the red roses and wanted to hav some changes ... and...

♥ hw many of it? answer : SIX... i questioned him y gave me 6 roses but nt 1,11, 99 etc.. guess wat? lolx.. 6 flowers means '' im yours'' ... he said he wanted to give himself to me as birthday gift =D so sweet....
What else? ?

To cheer and satisfy me tis super playful and gluttonous gf...
he brings me to NZX nearby our condo... here he bought donuts and starbucks coffee for me...

♥ here the big apple's donuts & coffee located at NZX... u can c the process how they made the donuts fr flour to a yummy donuts....

♥ gosh... too many variety of donuts till i dunno which 1 shud i pick .... and tis is the 6 donuts tat we choose..
hmm.. * exotic...devotion..luscious...desire...delight.. *

♥ *the latest me - coffee addiction*
RM 16++ ... My favourite!! Wondering y ppl paying 10-20bucks jus for a cup of coffee...guess i know the answer... Starbucks coffee taste exactly the same no matter where you enjoy it...

♥ donuts addiction too ...
well.. i would like to gv a try on J Co's donuts... but im jus dun hav the chance... lazy to queue and squeeze wif others...

Endless indelible memories on April ^^ the great feelings are undescribable.... *love*

but.. after a short week of relaxing joyful time...
now it's time for me to prepare myself for my final exam....
Struggling hard and working hard on it !!
feels wanna hav some donuts and starbucks coffee now... T_T

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

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After an earlier birthday's celebration wif my dearest frens.. i went to another sweet celebration wif my dear Ju....

Where we go? JoGoYa.. a japanese buffer restaurant which located at Relish level ( forget which floor alr) of Starhill gallery KL... a restaurant tat i wanted to go for so long.. yeah japanese buffet ^^ yum yum ...

it costs us RM 88 each person with the 5% tax 10% service charges excluded... the price kinda cheap? reasonable? judge it urself...

but poor thg is tis restaurant actually was not as great as i thought...
it is a bit over-rated by others....
and it do serve oriental cuisines too besides pure japanese foods...

♥ Jogoya's logo and its entrance.... *fengshui* ? ?

♥ can c the lighting and the layout of Jogoya ?
- Actually quite dim inside but at least it didnt give me a bad feel...kinda romantic and delightful ambiance it had... and it is full of little corner and tis made me so blur & confuse and i almost lost my way back to my dining table.. =.=''' and tis the reason why im juz sticked to my dining table without jalan-jalan around to 'explore' Jogoya... thus, i do not have chance to snap mor pictures of it...

♥ left pic.. im not showing u the beautiful flowers but the decoration... guess whre is it ? TOILET!! omg the decoration inside the toilet evn nicer than the interior decoration of restaurant.... zz...

♥ right pic.. becuse it is oni two of us.. so they gave us a nifty sized booth with not much of view as it faces a wall *dislike it* and i hate its lighting... nt dim, nt romantic and the light made me a bit dizzy..

Okie.. after hav a look on Jogoya restaurant...nw it's time to hav a glimpse on its food !!
Here the random photos on what i have eaten ^^
All took by my dear coz im afraid of getting lost again while finding desired food....

♥ coconut? it is in mini sized and the taste good ( nt too sweet, refreshing and able to quench ur thirst)... and i couldnt remember v had hw many of it... mor than 8 i tink...

♥ sushi!! i ate alots sushi and tis the food tat made me full...

♥ seafood.. c the fresh oyster with lime? my dear loves it so much but im NOT.. mayb im jus dislike raw seafood evn im seafood-lover... and i almos puke it out when i try it...

♥ left pic.. dong fan cooked wif crabs.. a bit salty for me...
♥ pasta? quite suit my appetite...

♥ left pic.. we totally dunno wat mee is tis.. my dear juz cincai ordered it and try.. the soup taste weird.. salty and a bit bitter... *yucks*
♥ peanut chicken soup.. =.=''

♥ deserts time.. haagen dazz ice-cream yeah ^^ and we ignored the baskin robin's ice-cream =p
♥ tiramisu cake ....

Erm.. im juz too concentrate myself on eating and some dishes i forget to snap its pic..
and there are too many foods we wanted to try and eat but time nt allow...
sorry for the lack of photo of food...
and sorry tat i couldnt gv brief description bout Jogoya and its foods...
some photos of us...

♥ Connie @ jogoya.... .

♥ Julian and Connie

Overall.. most of the food tasted average oni. . .. but i will still pay a second visit wif u all...
and... i hav a wonderful night and dining time wif my dear....jogoya..flower...secret recipe's cake... etc.. ^^

guess wat? i got two vouchers!! which buy 4 free 1.. . and if 10person of us r goin, oni 8persons nid to pay....
dateline end of june... .
tell me tell me if u all planning to go and eat at thre....


coming up next.... part 4 ^^
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As lik chun said '' kill some time blog bout ur birthday celebration wont make u fail ur exam ''..
tink tink... correct though =p but im so sleepy now larr... yday went to bed at 5am somethg and woke up at 7am juz to finish my revision of all chapters before step into exam hall at 3.30pm... too playful the whole study week... haiz....

so...here we go... .
take 2 ACTION!!

3rd amusement - MOVIE MOVIE ...

8 of us ^^ Ling ying, jassyne, connie, kelly, lik chun, hsin-wern, king vee and wei shien....
i dunno wat movie v r going to watch until i sit inside the cinema and the movie start showing, even im along wif them while they bought the movie tickets...

- ESCAPE FROM HUANG SHI - 9.45pm....
a movie based on real people and true events in China...

And...it is too great tat hsin-wern wanted to join us too...
an old old buddy tat i seldom got the chance to meet up wif him ....
do join us always yea !!

NEXT ... Supper-ing @ ss2 wong kok char chan teng...
the aim ? to get the super big big cup of Nai Char^^

Here i picked some photos and upload... enjoy...

♥ my vry 1st super big Nai Char ^^
♥ lik chun looked so skinny wif the big cup of nai char....

♥ Group pic sin... eight of us... acting cute..
5 PEACE v(^^)v ; 2 YOO m(^^)m and 1 nthg
wei shien doesnt pay cooperation.. haiz....
fr the top left.. ling ying (the 2nd cutest), hsin-wern (the cutest), king vee and kelly...
fr down left.. lik chun, jassyne, connie and wei shien....

♥ the food v gotta order to make it $ 30 or $35 ? (forget jor) in order to get the big cup of nai char...
♥ my birthday cake... im so surprise when i saw tat cake... u know why ?
coz it is the same as the birthday cake i bought for my bf hahahax... c the pic below as proof...

make a wish make a wish, 22nd dy haiz.. wei shien kacau... can see his big head? =p
♥ c c ... the birthday cake u all bought for me is the same as the birthday cake i bought for my bf... lolx.. u all want to make it a couple birthday cake ? ? XD

♥ another group pic...

♥ four of us... 3 in black... 1 in white...

♥ Hp was loaded wif lots of wishing sms ... felt so HOT =.='''

Thanks for evryone who remember my birthday.....
Jackie.. excited to receive ur sms even u r in aberdeen...
Ruoh shyan.. so touching when receive u call even u r in australia...and thanks for the happy birthday's blog^^

received a lots of sms and some call... no doubt, i hav a vry great and memorable birthday....
but im kinda upset when cheng kit, quin leng, wai kok, fish head, jackie, shyan, etc not able to celebrate it together wif me...

next year can ?

i always have lots of fun and enjoy wif u all. .. wherever v go.. whenever v been together..
muacks and love ya :*
After supper-ing...time to head back home ?

For others mayb yes... but for my tis geng of 'night cat' frens they will SAY NO.. they always hav uncountable unpredicatable continuous plan... mayb until the next day morning....

Planning to....
Go clubbing? but aint good... coz quite tired aftr a day out..
Mahjong-ing ? Sweat.. i dunno hw to play at all..=.=''
Chatting outside wei shien's hse? Not a good choice since he said his neighbour's dog will bark non stop..
Yumchar-ing again at williams or steven's corner? Ohhh NO!! im reli mor than 100% full and my stomach will burst >.<
So? ended up chatting inside lik chun's cozy car...
but too bad i couldnt join u all too long since he want me to back home early ZZzzz...
and get 4 funny sms fr u all which is wei shien's idea... big head mong shien.. hahahaha =p . . . .

Next post... 17th april - buffet-ing @ JoGoYa wif ju ^^

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1st of all.. wanna express my gratitude to my beloved frens who brought and created indelible memories on my birthday celebration..
-16th april 2008-

1st amusement - SING K - [p/s: ling ying's beloved xD]

Location :
One Utama NEWAY..

Time :
3.30pm - 7pm ( i couldn't believe tat v sing for so long ~ )

Attendees :
Ling Ying, Connie, Jassyne and mr.gentleman Lik Chun ^^ ( 4 of us)

Price :
$10 for tos who got a student ID.. $ 18 for me who forget to bring ovr my student ID *sobsob* and othrs charges..

♥ feelings :
Tis is the 1st time i sing alots song in juz few hours wif juz 3 ppls... mainly SHE's songs *sweat*... forced by ling ying T_T and i realized im quite outdated bout latest songs.. mayb i shud listen mor to mandarin and cantonese songs.. im reli get attracted by the way lik chun singing.. to knw mor bout tis, u can date him out for sing K-ing.. tos who interested can get his contact fr me ^^ and too bad i forget to snap some photo of him...

NEXT... . yummy yummy time.. where we go ?

Location : Bakerzin @ one utama...

Attendees : Ling Ying, Connie, Jassyne, Kelly and mr.gentleman Lik Chun ^^ ( 5 of us)

A celebration is imperfect without palatable foods...
We went to Bakerzin for dinner. ..
Reasonable price yet mouthwatering..

loves the environment....

1st pic ... dunno wat am i doing >.<''
2nd pic... obviously thinking and considering what to order ^^

1) crusty pizza which worth a try $23 , lik chun's ...
2 ) seafood spaghetti Seafood Spaghetti, $ 28, connie's aka me...

3) Curry chicken $ 17 , jassyne's
4) Grilled Dory in Filo $23, kelly's

5) bruschetta with cheese $ 15, ling ying's
6) menu

SO FULL ~~~ the food delighted us ~
And i noticed somethings... haha...
some common words of us....
when the food served... '' wah 哇。。 很香很香!! ''
when taste the food.. '' hmm... 好吃好吃!! "
hahahax =D

for mor details description bout the food..
feel free to visit kelly's blog *wink*

Bakerzin.. i will be back..for ur desserts!!

stay tuned....
- to be continued -