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Friday, August 30, 2013

In conjunction with the Georgetown Festival 2013, 101 Lost Kittens project was initiated by installing kitten street arts across the streets in Georgetown UNESCO World Cultural Heritage area (mostly around Victoria Street and Armenian Street) which made up a total of 101 kittens. This project aims to create awareness of helping find home for stray animals. Glad that we managed to find all the 101 Lost Kittens street arts during our Raya holiday family trip to Georgetown. How awesome. Here to share with you the 101 Lost Kittens streets arts (the latest penang street arts) with the name as well as their location. For other street arts in Georgetown Penang, you can visit the following link (my previous blog post) for more information: (1) Street arts by Ernest (2) Wire arts

Here I include the map of location for all the kitten murals to ease your search:
p/s: This map was taken from 101 Lost Kittens Facebook Page.

101 Lost Kittens #1 Skippy To Penang For Animal Awareness
Location: Armenian Street
You can see how giant is this mural as compared to my sister and me. 

In addition, this Giant Rat mural which is not a part of 101 Lost Kittens, was created by anonymous artist to accompany Skippy. Really creative.

101 Lost Kittens #2 
Location: Armenian Street (next to Skippy)
Sorry that I couldn't find the name for this street art.

101 Lost Kittens #3 Love Me Like Your Fortune Cat
Location: Armenian Street (opposite Skippy)

101 Lost Kittens #4 Fine 500 For Littering, Sterilize Instead
Location: Armenian Street Ghaut

101 Lost Kittens #5 I Can Help Catch Rats
Location: Armenian Street

101 Lost Kittens #6 No Animal Discrimination Please
Location: Armenian Street
This one was the most difficult street art to be found. We couldn't find it on the first day. Then the next day we searched for it again. It is located at the back of the street, painted on the wall of Edelweiss Cafe. So, a photo with this art is a must. Good luck :)

101 Lost Kittens #7 Shade Me If You Love Me
Location: Victoria Street
This one is my favorite out of so many kittens street arts. It is really a creative art and I like the stunning color combination of this art. 

Not sure if you notice that the umbrella handle was actually broken (from the photo above). I try to connect the handle back to the umbrella but couldn't. 

And this is the enlarged photo of the kitten artwork above which located at the top left corner.

101 Lost Kittens #8 Even If Handicapped, Still Love Me (Mama Cat)
Location: Victoria Street (At the back of China House)

101 Lost Kittens #9 Take Time To Sit With Your Pet
Location: Victoria Street (Beside the Mama Cat)

101 Lost Kittens #10 Please Care and Bathe Me
Location: Nearby Victoria Street

101 Lost Kittens #11 Cats and Human Happily Living Together
Location: Cheah Kongsi

101 Lost Kittens #12 The Real Bruce Lee Would Never Do This
Location: Nearby Ah Quee Street

I guess most of you didn't notice there is a little kitten mural at the bottom right corner of 101 Lost Kittens mural above (The Real Bruce Lee Would Never Do This). This photo is an enlarged picture of that mural. #cute

101 Lost Kittens #13 Cats Walking For Animal Awareness
Location: Wall beside the fire station at Chulia Street

#14 102nd Lost Kittens?
Location: Armenian Street Ghaut (Next to / short distance from the Love Me Like Your Fortune Cat artwork)
This artwork is not a part of 101 Lost Kittens project. 

#15 103rd Lost Kittens?
Location: Armenian Street Ghaut
People in Penang is really creative. Wondering sooner or later there will be 104th, 105th etc Lost Kittens artworks?

I hope you enjoy these 101 Lost Kittens street arts. There are more Georgetown Penang arts to share with you which include the Secret Garden. Stay tune.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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My friends told me that Malaysia first all star interactive wax museum is now opening at I-City Red Carpet. It was a big surprise, but interactive? #uncertain. I then did some search on the internet and managed to find more information from The Star Online. There are a hundred of wax figurines of famous personalities around the world. They are all very lifelike and the faces are quite elastic. You can pinch and pull their faces. Seriously? I had been to the wax museum in Hong Kong (Madame Tussauds), but this first wax museum in Malaysia is comparable and more interesting because it is interactive? A sudden thought strikes me. What about the entrance fees? RM100 for adults and RM50 for children. For Malaysians with MyKad, the admission fees are RM80 and RM40, respectively. A bit pricey (for me). Still cannot decide whether to visit or not. Have you visit? Please share your thought whether it worth the $$ to go.

Photo taken from I-City official website.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

11-08-2013 Sunday 

Georgetown Penang is really an amazing place. We had a splendid time during our last visit to Georgetown, exploring those interesting street arts as well as scrumptious foods. There are so many cafe with special concept mushroomed in the town that we would like to visit, for example, Sip & Chew Cafe. Sip & Chew Cafe (one of the cafe in our food hunting list) is a cozy cafe which located at Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, Georgetown Penang. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

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A short update:
Yesterday night (14-8-2013) was really great -feeling amused. Decided to have Carl's Jr famous star burger for dinner. Not really budget friendly but at least a hearty dinner. The fries is still good and irresistible although the burger quality seems not as good as it was, hmmmm. Then, head over to Snowflake to buy Ocha'Ryo before enter into cinema for the movie "Unbeatable". I'm now in love with Ocha'Ryo. The green tea blended ice really tickles my taste buds, but I still hate red beans. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

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From 16th to 31st of March 2013, Sunway Pyramid has initiated the EleFUN Holiday: A Pygmy Elephant Project, with the aims to create public awareness for the vulnerable wildlife. One of the highlights during the EleFUN Holiday was the display of pygmy elephant sculptures painted. They are painted by independent local artists and talents. I had captured some of the sculptures to share them here, in case you had missed these beautiful sculptures:

Monday, August 5, 2013

Other than street arts by Ernest Zacharevic, there are also welded iron wall caricatures across the historical Georgetown which define the history of some of the streets and landmarks that are Georgetown icons today. In this post, I would like to share with you available installed wire arts/ welded iron wall caricatures that I had visited, with their location included. Furthermore, if you would like to catch a glimpse of Ernest Zacharevis street arts/ mural paintings, please visit my previous post at ♥ Georgetown, Penang Street Art/ Mural Painting (by Ernest Zacharevic)

For your information, I will divide the wire arts into two parts: 

Part 1 are the wire arts which you can find in the street art brochure provided by VisitPenang.gov.my. There are only 24 sculptures (out of 52) (name, location and description of wire arts are provided) inside the brochure and this brochure is available in pdf format for you to download. However, I only managed to find 15 of the sculptures. I will find the remaining wire arts during my next visit to Georgetown and update them in the upcoming post.

Part 2 are the wire arts which aren't included in the brochure, the remaining 28 wire arts (52-24). I managed to find 7 of them although the production of some of the remaining wire arts are still in progress.

Here you go. Part 1.

Wire Art 1: Untrained Parakeet
Location: King Street (Core Zone), Georgetown, Penang.

Wire Art 2: One Leg Kicks All
Location: Muntri Street (Buffer Zone), Georgetown, Penang.

Wire Art 3: Jimmy Choo
Location: Muntri Street (Buffer Zone), Georgetown, Penang.

Wire Art 4: Narrowest Five Foot Way
Location: Steward Lane, Georgetown, Penang.

For the Narrowest Five Foot Way, there are a total of five sculptures on each of the pillar. I combined all of them in one photo, as shown below. 

Wire Art 5: Rope Style
Location: Rope Walk (Buffer Zone), Georgetown, Penang.

Wire Art 6: Tok Tok Mee
Location: China Street (Core Zone), Georgetown, Penang.

Wire Art 7: Cheating Husband
Location: Love Lane (Core Zone), Georgetown, Penang.

Wire Art 8: Property 
Location: Victoria Street (Core Zone), Georgetown, Penang.

Wire Art 9: Cow & Fish
Location: Malay Street (Core Zone), Georgetown, Penang.

Wire Art 10: Escape
Location: Acheen Street (Core Zone), Georgetown, Penang.

Wire Art 11: No Plastic Bag
Location: Prangin Lane (Buffer Zone), Georgetown, Penang.

Wire Art 12: Kopi 'O'
Location: Kimberley Street (Buffer Zone), Georgetown, Penang.

Wire Art 13: Too Narrow
Location: Soo Hong Lane (The Narrowest Street in Core Zone), Georgetown, Penang.

Wire Art 14: Mr Five Foot Way
Location: Transfer Road, Georgetown, Penang.

Wire Art 15: Wrong Tree
Location: Tuak Shop, Market Lane, Georgetown, Penang.

And now comes the Part 2. Sorry that I could not provide you the name of the wire arts. As I mentioned earlier, they are new wire arts.

Wire Art 1 
Location: Chulia Street Ghaut (Core Zone), Georgetown, Penang.

Wire Art 2
Location: Chulia Street (Core Zone), Georgetown, Penang.

Wire Art 3 
Location: Acheen Street Ghaut (Core Zone), Georgetown, Penang.

Wire Art 4
Location: Ah Quee Street (Core Zone), Georgetown, Penang.

Wire Art 5
Location: Ah Quee Street (Core Zone), Georgetown, Penang.

Wire Art 6
Location: Cannon Street (Core Zone), Georgetown, Penang.

Wire Art 7
Location: Lumut Lane (Core Zone), Georgetown, Penang.

Hope all these informations at least help you a little bit. Can't wait to explore the other wire arts. 

Credits: The name for the wire arts was referred to VisitPenang.gov.my.