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Friday, June 7, 2013

My life in year 2012 was like a roller coaster ride. There's ups but most of the time there's downs. I learnt really a lots from all the bad situations I had went through and realize something big which I couldn't see earlier. Glad that now all the worries and obsessiveness are finally been kicked out from my mind. So, year 2013 is really like a new kick start of my life and I'm gonna make it more meaningful.♥ One of the happy moment which worth to mark in my sketchbook of life, is the short weekend getaway trip to Sekinchan in January.

Sekinchan is a paddy field and fishing village which located at Selangor. From a small town, now it slowly developing into a tourist place.

Site B village is the largest village in Sekinchan as compared to Site A, Site C village and Bagan.

While on the way to Site B village to look for the paddy field, I spotted this cute scene (as shown in the picture above). Look at the ducks! Hardly see this in city.

It was a pretty cool experience to drive right beside the paddy fields. The path is so long and as if u will lost elsewhere in the middle because all the paddy fields and roads look just the same. But there's one thing which upset me, I came and visit at the wrong time. January to February is paddy plantation clean up and rest time. This is why u see no green paddy field on the photo shown above. Please take note that if u really want to see a whole green paddy field, come and visit in March-May or Sept-Nov. 

Whenever possible, you can stop your car at the road side and take a walk. The building in the photo is the birdhouse build for swiftlet.

After the upset and then comes the surprise! Never expect I will find one big green paddy field. After all, it was not a waste of time driving around site B and site C village. Look at this green, so stunning and it gives me a real special comfortable feeling.

Wearing white attire to paddy field was really a good choice, all the photos taken look just nice with the white in contrast to green and brown color.

Canal in the middle of paddy field.

Stale Timber Bridge at paddy field. 

Another random picture I took at the paddy field. I'm still learning how to utilize the DSLR and I knew this photo wasn't a good attempt. Very bad focus on the object -. -

There are also many migratory birds in Sekinchan due to the strategic location of Sekinchan. I believe photographers would interested to visit here and do photo taking.

While driving around the paddy field, we spotted this very striking color temple in the middle of paddy field which looks so outstanding from far. It is called Nan Tian Temple (also known as Nine Emperor Gods Temple). Hence, we dropped by to snap some photos.  

Nan Tian Temple (南天宫)is the main temple in Sekinchan. Celebration of the birthday of Nine Emperor Gods in this temple is the most important religious event in Sekinchan.  

And not to forget to mention, the Nan Tian Temple is located at Site A village. 

Besides paddy field and temple, there is also fruits farm in Sekinchan for example mango farm. 

According to my friend, the mango selling here is very nice. But very unlucky I have no chance to try because it is not the fruit season (in January). May be you can make a call to check before u come over for some good mangoes.

It was really a good afternoon to take a tour around the Site A, B and C village in Sekinchan. Next, photos and attractions in the fishing village will be shared in the upcoming post. Stay tuned. Have a good weekend everyone <3 nbsp="">