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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

2017 | Taiwan

Day 1: KLIA > Taoyuan Airport > Taichung > Tunghai University > Fengjia night market.
Accommodation in Fengjia: Loft Hostel

The location of Loft Hostel is quite ideal, situated in the heart of Fengjia shopping district inside an small alley and just less than a 5-minutes walk from the Fengjia night market.

Although car is not accessible in those small alleys, but the distance of Lost Hostel from the main road junction also quite a short one and it is generally quite safe to walk across those quiet alleys.

The main entrance of Loft Hostel.

There is no receptionist. So, to get into the hostel and your room, you will have to use the phone/intercom near the entrance to call the person-in-charge to obtain the door and room passcode. Check-in is only allowed after 5pm. 

Their rooms are at 6 different themes to accommodate guest: Tennessee, Columbus, Richmond, Napa, Detroit and Bronx. My husband and I chosen the Detroit room with industrial-styled design. The space of the room is still acceptable at about 14 square metres. 

Kinda surprise to see that they even adopted steel flooring. 

Overall, we have a pleasant stay in Loft Hostel. Room and toilet is clean. However, soundproofing of their room needs improvement.

p/s: We booked the room through Agoda and each room costs about RM179 (incl. tax). 

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  1. Wow.... 9 days in Taiwan! Syok... check in is only allowed after 5pm is weird. Ppl wanna take a nap first before going out also cannot :(