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Friday, August 21, 2009

On 6:46 PM by Connie Lam     2 comments

.。. These few days don't really had enough sleep and rest
.。. In addition, I fall sick. Coughing, flu and sore throat
.。. Feeling so blue, kinda exhausted and moody
.。. U can actually see my eye begs and dark circles obviously
.。. And today finally get to contact a person who i want to contact
.。. Get to know the updates which i want to know from that person
.。. I don't know whether is a good thing or bad thing
.。. I had a mixed feelings about this updates/ news
.。. Im trying to stay calm and face it with a positive thinking
.。. And gotta pretend like "Im fine" in front of everyone, cheers as always
.。. Hopefully days after this will be great one and blessed
.。. Between, i think i really should learn how to curb my temper
.。. When im not in mood i had limited patience and tolerance
.。. I might hurt those who really care and concern about me


  1. rest more lo.. :) drink more water... sick den go see doctor .. ^^ (can take MC mah hehe)