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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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Last Sunday, i went to The 3rd Malaysian International Pets & Aquactics Exhibition which held at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre after we had our toothsome lunch at Zanmai Sushi (Photos taken in Zanmai sushi not with me so Im not gonna share it in this post). At first i thought it was free entrance until the guard stopped us from entering into the exhibition halls, damn paiseh. For ur information, the entrance ticket was only RM5 for adult and RM2 for children, worth it :)

I had quite a lots of fun and i never expected that i can see so many rare species of cats in the exhibition. In fact, they were there with the owners for The 3rd Pet World Malaysia Cat Beauty Competition which organized by Kelab Kucing Malaysia, Federation Internationale Feline (FIFE). Okay although i dislike cats and feels that they looks evil but i dun hate them either. Have a look on the picture below. P/s: sorry for the blurry picture as i didn't bring my camera along. Just snapped with the poor 2.0 megapixel windows phone cam.

.♥ This was the first cat i spotted on with such a special fur. It looks like wearing a coat. Maybe u can't see it through this picture but it really amazed me. It is so damn pretty.

.♥ This was the second cat i spotted on and im shocked. I don't know which part of it looks like a cat. It looks scary instead.

.♥ Another cat with leopard-like-spot. So cute and what a special pose it has.

.♥ This one the fatty cat. Reminds me of Garfield.

.♥ Another fatty cat. Its size is bigger than my body. Unbelievable. And look at the picture below.

.♥ I was like "Ohhh myy gooodnneesss" . So damn fat and cute!! haha

I don't know if u know about Gecko or not. But this was the first time i get to know about them and also see a lots of species of them at this exhibition. It was really interesting but at the same time i felt kinda geli to look at them. I didn't take many picture of all the species one by one because there were too many people squeezing around.

.♥ One of the Gecko. There were many many other species in the other containers.

.♥ This one looks very special that's why i took a picture of it alone.

Another thing that attracted my attention was The 3rd Pet World Malaysia Dog Sports Competition which organized by Pet-N-You. This was my first time to have the chance to watch such competition and it was really amusing. *Thumbs up for this* Below are three of the videos that i recorded. Feels free to watch it.

There were many others animals such as cute cute rabbit, guinea pig, snake, birds and fish that u actually can see in the exhibition. There were many booth too and im sure that u can get cheap foods, products and accessories for ur pets. Next year i will go again :) And another thing that surprises me was the Nirvana pet memorial garden. Geng wor.. A better place to put ur pet to rest. A place where u can bid ur final farewell and revisit sweet memories always. Really geng.

Overall, a superb sunday hehe :D

Friday, June 25, 2010

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Don't know if u are active in Tumblr, here's mine http://connie-melody.tumblr.com/

Just sign up yesterday night. Still figure out how to utilize it :)

Leave ur thumblr link here and i will follow u.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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Okay sorry guys, i know i abandoned my blog again haiz. Was really busy with works and everyday also feels very tired haiz. Anyway, here's some update to let u know Im still alive haha and Im still a healthy baby though Im just recovered from diarrhea :D

Stay tune and more updates coming soon :)
Present to u my baobei patrick :D

Sunday, June 20, 2010

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Went to attend the 2010 convention for delegates of world guangxi association at Dewan Wawasan in PGRM Tower. Started from about 8pm and ended around 11.30pm. It was quite a grand event and it really surprises me. I think there was more than 1000 peoples in the hall.

.♥ Chinese 24 seasons drum troupe performance. Nice one

.♥ The menu of the dinner

.♥ Four seasons at Seri Cempaka.

.♥ Shark fin soup with Turkey ham black mushroom. Honest speaking the Turkey ham made the whole shark fin soup tastes so weird & i don't like it.

.♥ Roasted crispy duck with pei pa sauce. This quek quek nice haha :D

.♥ Steamed seabass with superior soya sauce

.♥ Fried tiger prawn "kum hiong" style

.♥ Siew pak choy with duet mushroom sauce

.♥ Chilies :) Just playing around with the camera haha

.♥ And yeah we were up on the stage to receive the "award". My bro the first one from the left and Im the second one from the left :)

.♥ Surprisingly my old primary and secondary school ex-classmate, Christopher Chang Lee Wei (first from the left) was there too. I don't know when this picture been taken and I don't know where am i looking at haha.

.♥ Thanks to Guang Xi association :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

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Last weekend was the worst ever weekend that i had pass through.

Why there's unknown people sending me sms to ask me end my relationship? And the sms contents are quite harsh.
At the same time where there's people sms me scolded me BITCH and insulted me just because of Im in a relationship with him?
I don't know what's their aim to do so. To care about me or what? But they hurts me.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

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Browsing through my photo album and then only I realized I have a bulk of photos haven't share it up here with u guys.

Trip to Fraser Hill
Trip to Bukit Tinggi
Trip to Malacca
Trip to Kedah, Perak and Peneng
Skytrex Actitivities
Xenri Buffet
Yaki-yaki Buffet
Four birthday celebrations of mine
Visit to Paddington House of Pancake
Visit to Sushi Tei

Oh my god. I need more time to blog!
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.♥ Went to cut my hair or to be more accurate my fringe
.♥ I think it is better to keep it short rather than long
.♥ Maybe nextime i wanna cut my hair short as well, just like the hairstyle shown in below :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

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Wanted to put this up on my blog for quite some time already but bustle of life doesn't allow me to do so sigh. Tony Roma's, one of the ribs-steak-lover-must-go restaurant. Heard that Tony Roma's is famous with their pork, which u know it definitely wont be available in Malaysia. Sigh disappointed.

I ordered the New York Strip with additional great steak toppers the Bleu Cheese Crust. Trust me, it really tastes awesome!! Okay, I know I know that Im not supposed to take beef but arr I really can't resist the juicy steak in Tony Roma's. And i guess u too! : D My dear ordered lamb ribs with additional great steak toppers Portobello Mushrooms. It tastes awesome too. It costs a bomb to dinning in Tony Roma's? For me, worth it! :D

.♥ My new york strip!!

.♥ The bleu cheese crust

.♥ My dear lamb rib

.♥ The portobello mushrooms

.♥ When Ice lemon tea meets coke

.♥ When He meets Her

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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My colleague, Hun Wei and I were in The Star Newspaper hehe. But their spell my name wrong sweat *Just to share* : )

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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Hey all. Really sorry for the very late updates. Here comes the WOC anniversary trip part 4. We had a pleasant bbq session at Roy's house. Special thanks to his parents for the toothsome nasi lemak :D Feel free to visit the links below for part 1 to part 3.

WOC anniversary trip Part 1
WOC anniversary trip Part 2
WOC anniversary trip Part 3

.♥ Roy bought the chicken and prepared everything for us

.♥ Everyone was looking at Roy cleaning the chicken.

.♥ No doubt he was really good in cleaning the chicken. None of the girls actually went into the kitchen to lend him a hand. He can settle all by himself. *respect*

.♥ Wai Hou who has a great interest in culinary finally lend a hand.

.♥ Toothsome nasi lemak that Roys' parents prepared for us *touched*

.♥ Im still busy eating while everyone already stop eating haha :D wondering if u can spot me in this picture :)

.♥ Three handsome and humorous guys. From the left, Melvin, Chee Minz and Wai Hou.

.♥ BBQ-ing :D

.♥ Fathi Hazwan

.♥ Wai Hou

.♥ I know this picture is a bit disgusting. But really wants to show u what they did haha :D

.♥ Ultraman ? :D

.♥ After the BBQ session, they had some gamble game.

Next stop: Bukit Fraser
Stay tune! :)