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Friday, July 31, 2009

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Received an email from a friend which entitled "What tree did u fall from"
Found my birthday tree. This is really cool and somewhat accurate.
My birthday tree : Maple Tree (April 11 - April 20)

Maple Tree (Independence of Mind)
No ordinary person, full of imagination and originality, shy and reserved, ambitious, proud, self-confident, hungers for new experiences, sometimes nervous, has many complexities, good memory, learns easily, complicated love life, wants to impress.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

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Went to eat asam laksa and prawn mee with my mum, youngest sister and cousin last week. Wow seriously it has been long time i didn't have this mouthwatering asam laksa in my hometown. I still can remember vividly lastime used to hang out with friends together after tuition in this little stall which located besides Public Bank, eating asam laksa/ prawn mee, drinking kat zai sui/leong fan and crapping =) *sweet*

♥ The asam laksa..

♥ The prawn Noodle..

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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Just get my L license last month
.。. Then kinda busy so until today only start my very 1st driving lesson
.。. I think i don't have the talent in driving especially parking zz
.。. I hate REVERSE and SIDE PARKING!! *sobsob*
.。. Anyway, no give up =)
.。. Gotta learn and pass the driving test as soon as possible..
.。. So that i can DRIFT very soon haha ~ xD

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

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A day trip to Sungai Lembing which located at Kuantan with my beloved family. For your information, Sungai Lembing had the largest, longest and deepest subterranean tin mine in the world and was once the richest town and producer of tin in Pahang.

Besides visiting the old tunnel entrances and observing the quaint traditional Malay houses and the old town center buildings, we also visiting the Sungai Lembing Museum, Perkelahan Pasir Kubur and not to forget to try their local tomato mee.

p/s : Sorry that not much photo is sharing here because most of the photos (200++ photos) were being deleted due to the error that occurred during the transfer of photos :(

♥ Sungai Lembing Musuem where the rich history of the place is chronicled..

♥ My sis and I snapping picture inside the museum..

♥ Not really sure what these used for.. Probably the equipments they used for tin mining..

♥ Various types of tin ores? i guess...

♥ Tin in powder form....

♥ The bridge at Kenau to go to Perkelahan Pasir Kubur and the Orang Asli settlement..

♥ Wading in the middle of the stream at Perkelahan Pasir Kubur..

Monday, July 27, 2009

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I only can pretend I don't see it and I don't hear u..
In order to make things simple..

Saturday, July 25, 2009

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Im actually kinda boring with my own blog post about foods. Should post some other things instead of foods, right? It's bad to tempt people and make them saliva dripping, a friend told me =) Anyway, here's a post about my favorite lunchie =)

♥ Fried egg and fried hot dog..

♥ Corn flakes with HL milk or milo =)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

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Long time didn't been to Temerloh, the very last time was few years ago i think. Went there just to get a new atm card from Bank Islam, one piece of "red tiger" gone. After that, my brother drove me around Temerloh to hunt some nice restaurant / cafe for a tea break. A bit disappointed. Ended up had our tea break at a mamak which famous with its chicken and beef noodles (i guess).

♥ It is just a mamak stall, but so crowded with people till their chicken noodles is sold out, no more kuey teow, left only beef mihun soup and beef mee soup..

♥ We ordered the beef mihun soup and never thought that it was so delicious. The beef really tastes nice and the soup ok also. And i ordered a cup of Teh Beng!! xD

♥ My bf keke... (no lar, my brother lolz )...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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Received this special chocolate which comes together with a cute mini bear.. It is special because there are horoscope sign on the chocolates..

♥ Play with the mini bear bear. So lovely and cute right? :D

♥ Images of the chocolates. Can u spot the zodiac sign on the chocolates?
♥ It's real nice and i tak sanggup to eat it..
♥ Still keeping it inside the fridge...

*Chocolates = My Love*

Sunday, July 19, 2009

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I seldom take my breakfast due to the reason i rarely wake up early in the morning. So normally i will just have my "brunch" or just bite some biscuits and wait till dinner ;) I know it's an unhealthy lifestyle but still once in awhile i will go for dim sum..

Restaurant Phang Key which located at Old Klang Road always my favorite dim sum-ing place... No doubts there always crowded with people and sometimes u might need to stand aside to wait for seating.. Really like their dim sum especially siu mai and har gao.. Wanted to recommend their porrigde as well, smooth and tastes nice..

Anyone who interest to go there to try the dim sum and give urself a good kick start of the day, dun forget to ask me along :D

Lurveee dim sum... ♥

Friday, July 17, 2009

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Wanted to take dinner at Chili's but there was full house although it was just 7 in the evening. *Gosh i miss their lamb chop and bottomless iced lemon tea so much!!* Ended up have our dinner at Chili's Spaghetti Grill Restaurant (just located few doors away from Chili's in Midvalley Megamall) which is recommended by the waitress. Their tag line "Italian, The American Way".

♥ Here's the menu...

♥ Besides main menu, they have lunch set (RM9.95++) and dinner set (RM16.95++) for pizza, pasta and salad which is worth a try and very cheap....

♥ Honestly, I kinda like the ambiance there with the dim light... It definitely a nice dating place for couples who fond of Italian foods ;D

♥ Here's the bar area where u can have a drink *Sorry for the dark pictures*

♥ The starter.. If not mistaken, it is mushroom chicken soup with Jacob biscuits..

♥ U surely want to have one, it is so yummylicious. But a bit weird though if eat together with Jacob biscuits ><"

♥ My seafood pasta.. If u know me well / if u always follow my blog, then u surely know seafood spaghetti always my favorite and choice for Italian foods =)

♥ Friend's chicken strip.. Advice for guy with good appetite /big eater, do not order this lolx.. It will be just like snack for u...

And we had ice-cream for our dessert ;)

*Slurrppppp* Very full and satisfy ;D

Thursday, July 16, 2009

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Sometimes pictures really do the talking..
Sometimes pictures really tell thousand words...

♥ My life before year 2006..
♥ how sweet to be a cloud floating on the blue..

♥ My life within these 3 years..
♥ So grey so dark yet full of tears..

A 7 and half years relationship kills my last heartbeat, take away my last breathe.. For now, i couldn't understand what is LOVE anymore..*mess* Been crying for few days on the same things especially yesterday night, the worst ever... I should stop crying now... Time is the best medicine ?

Things always happen with least expectation.. During the time im stuck and dunno what to do dunno what decision to make.. Someone suddenly appear like this gimme a nudge and then told me lotsa things throughout the conversation.. It was not something good but something fills my heart with sorrow and it's like used a knife to stab my heart, something which no one can accept and bear with it...

Is it the God wants to lemme know everything which i should know? He wants me to realize everything and wants me to make a move? All these are fated? Haiz.. I feel so pain...
Life memang full of obstacles and uncertainties...But that's what make us learn and grow and become stronger...? Somehow, I had did my best, with no guilty... What i did and bear are even more than enough already i guess... Sometime im just too stubborn and wanted to hold on something i shouldn't.. Right or wrong? I don't know....
I hope i can really stay strong and walk through all these....

Guys, appreciate what u have now because no one can predict what will actually happen in the next minutes, hours, days, years, future...
Exhausted. Off.
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An outdated post ;)

A night chill out with Eric and Siang at The Coffee Bean, Pavilion :)

♥ Our coffee of the night ;D Mine the ice blended chocolate

♥ Eric's favorite cake... real yummy with the sweet melted chocolates inside...

Billions thanks to them especially Eric cause willing to spend their time with me and cheers me up.. always there for me whenever i need someone.. lend me his ears etc... *warmth*

♥ Eric and Connie..