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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

On 2:16 PM by Connie Lam in     2 comments
Bought a deal from Groupon Malaysia for Austin Chase regular Frappe at RM 8.10 only instead of RM 17.40. There are four flavours of your choice: vanilla, caramel, mocha and roasted almonds. A big NO to caramel as I don't like its taste, so we decided to go for vanilla and mocha flavour Frappe. 

This was my very first visit to Austin Chase in First Subang Mall. The quiet, harmony and cozy ambiance here really takes me away from the hustle and bustle of daily grind. I spent a great Sunday morning here chilling out with friend although the taste of the vanilla Frappe quite a disappointment for me because it is tasteless, but the mocha Frappe was pretty good.   

Besides Frappe, I see they offer coffee with ice-cream. Perhaps I will give a try during my next visit to this outlet. I really love the comfortable and not-so-crowded environment here, doubtlessly an ideal place for me to have some quiet time reading books and savouring a cup of coffee or maybe a slice of cake.