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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Found out this new cafe (Hoshino Coffee Malaysia) in Mid Valley Megamall. The long queue at the entrance of cafe grabbed our attention. Did a google search and found out that this cafe was founded in Japan in year 2011. We thought it is from Taiwan and we have not seen it in Japan. This cafe is well-known for their hand-dripped coffee. So, why not give a try?

Flipping through the menu, the choices of food pretty much similar to Miam Miam (Marco) Cafe. 

French toast topped with sugar and cream (RM17.70). Quite disappointing actually and cannot compare/beat to the famous french toast I had in Miam Miam. Although not too wet and soggy, but not soft enough and not so rich in custardlike flavour. 

We also ordered the Hoshino Spaghetti which comes with eggplant, chicken bacon, shimeji and chicken sausage (RM19.70). This spaghetti also very much similar to the "miam miam" spaghetti. Slight salty and oily to our liking. 😅 Dislike the sesame blend in too.

Souffle Pancake (Single, RM14.80). Price is on the high side. Souffle supposed to be soft and fluffy isn't it? This is more like a butter cake. 

Basically all the foods that we ordered failed to impress and please us. What about the drink? Famous for hand-dripped coffee? So this is a-must-order?

Hoshino coffee (RM12.10). Not worth the price. We personally feel McD black coffee taste better. Okay or just maybe we are not a real coffee drinker and we don't know how to appreciate. 

Hot matcha latte (RM14.90). We like how they served it in a Japanese-styled bowl. This reminded us on our trip to Japan. You can add in a shot of syrup provided if you like it sweeter. Not one of the best matcha latte we had, but not bad.

Err so... in overall, long queue does not guarantee good foods. Although the foods are not so good to us, but could be palatable to many people out there. Just give a try and justify yourself. ✌

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

光阴似箭,一转眼已超过一年没更新部落格了。近一两年,真的好繁忙,忙工作忙硕士还有忙旅行忙吃的 呵呵。现在工作总算上轨了?硕士的东西也差不多搞定了?我想我可以慢慢开始写写部落格,继续记录着生活的酸甜苦辣,继续分享好的东西。

2017年的第一篇文,就写写吃的吧。The Owls Cafe。我想很多人对这cafe一点都不陌生吧,尤其那些喜欢吃华夫饼(waffle)的朋友。面子书和社交网站也超多人推荐这家cafe的。

这家cafe坐落于Bukit Jalil,在店面的一楼。楼梯口下你可以看到这个蓝色的很可爱的招牌。

说好了是 The Owls Cafe,咖啡厅里主要的装饰画画等当然都是猫头鹰主题,甚至也有猫头鹰茶壶和杯哦。


去了三次,都是坐在bar台。没办法,因为满座也许会等比较久,然后我们只有两个人,所以如果不要等 坐在bar台是最恰当不过了。bar台对着这画面 也不错吧。喜欢那橙色的灯光,放满杯子茶壶的柜子,咖啡机... 边享用咖啡蛋糕还可以欣赏bartender拉花。一个好像只属于我们的角落。😘

哦对了,如果要下单必须先到收银处去下单然后给钱。然后店员会递给你收据 还有这号码木块。清水是免费的,任加。

说说吃的。这蛋糕 称为 “The Lady’’。其实不懂为什么是这个名字。因为它只不过是earl grey tea 蛋糕。个人本身不太喜欢这蛋糕的口感,但那淡淡的earl grey tea 香味还不错吃。

也点了这个,tofu-fah cheesecake。相比之下,个人比较喜欢这蛋糕。cheese虽然不太浓,但刚刚好,吃多了不会觉得太腻。

Special affogato。点了这个 纯粹只为了拍照,因为那装着浓咖啡的猫头鹰小杯实在太可爱了。冰淇淋是vanilla口味的。

Rose latte。每次来都点这个,因为喜欢那淡淡的玫瑰味。拉铁也不会太甜。

Rebecca waffle。来这cafe基本上都是因为冲着这个而来的。因为他们家的waffle软硬度刚刚好。外层有点酥里层比较软,整体的口感很好。尤其搭配着新鲜的草莓水果等,还有那很香的earl grey冰淇淋,很好吃。还有另一点我很喜欢的是他们加了一些椰丝,配着waffle吃起来味道还蛮特别的。

Peach tea。点这个也只是为了拍照,因为这猫头鹰茶壶杯子太可爱了。

下次来 也许会试试brunch。

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Here comes another new boat noodle restaurant in town, named "Noodle Doodle Thai Restaurant". 

Noodle Doodle is located in New World Park, a modern food centre (foodcourt) in Georgetown.

This boat noodle restaurant is clean and quite spacious, with simple interior design.

The menu or food choices, however, quite limited. 

We ordered only a drink, two bowls of thai style pork noodles and a side dish, tofu-tofu-tofu.

Something special (RM 6.90), is their house specialthy drink. It is lime juice with mint leaves. Quite a good drink to quench thirst and very refreshing, although the price is on the high side. 

Tofu-tofu-tofu (RM 3.90). Deep fried tofu topped with three flavoured chilli sauce and cucumber slices. Surprisingly tastes very good and not too spicy for a person who can't take spicy foods. The deep fried tofu absords the chilli sauce, and when you bite it burts into your mouth. 

Boat noodle (soup), RM 1.90 per bowl. It is thai style pork noodle. Soup is quite herbaceous, and we like its overall combination with the addition of kangkung/ water spinach. Portion wise, really small. 

Boat noodle (dry), RM 1.90 per bowl. Also a thai style pork noodle. Also quite good although lack of the taste of herbs. 

If to compare this boat noodle to the boat noodle served by others famous boat noodle restaurants, we personally prefer this type of boat noodles (flavour and taste),

**Date of visit: 26 December 2014**
**Images taken with Nikon D3200**

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Among the six clan jetties in Penang, Chew Jetty is the most tourist-friendly jetty and by far the largest. The popularity of this jetty grew after Ernest painted a mural (depicting a boy and a girl on a boat) on the side of one of the wooden stilt house. Chew Jetty also being featured in one of the famous local movie "Ice Kacang Puppy Love" which directed by Ah Niu. 

Besides Chew Jetty, there are other clan jetties situated along Weld Quay which worth a visit. One of the jetty which caught our attention was Lee Jetty, especially the view of this jetty at night when lanterns and colour LED lights lit up. (Lee Jetty is relatively new and established in late 19th century.) Here we would like to share some of the photos taken during our visit. 

**Images taken with Nikon D3200.**