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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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Just get to know about an upcoming comedy film "Date Night" which will be released on this coming April 13 from Nuffnang. For your information, Nuffnang is giving chance for the first 90 bloggers who write and send in their "My Date Night" blog permalink to win a pair of invites to catch "Date Night" in the big screen. It sounds so interesting and attracts my attention. Without think once, think twice, third fourth fifth and so on, i decided to join since what i need to do is just share out my most memorable date (with some good foods). Sharing is caring, ain't it? :)

This post actually gimme a chance to write and reminisce. Believe it or not, I have been with my boyfriend for nine years long although in between there were a number of obstacles that obstruct us. Sometimes Im really feel that our dates are just too ordinary and he never wants to give some surprise. But there was once which i still can remember vividly he dropped me a surprise. I was fall sick and my this workaholic boyfriend never shown up. Again he told me tonnes of works doesn't allow him to leave office earlier to visit me. When Im still mumbling over the phone and upset about this, someone suddenly knocked on my door. And when i opened my door, "Oh My God" he is there stood in front of me. I was stunned and he gimme a tight hug. My heart melted.

After that he brought me to 21st Century Cafe nearby for a date, a very nice dating place highly recommended for couples. U can actually spend a pleasurable and restful dinner with the awesome night scenes and of course delightful western foods that the cafe served. Oops, I know Im sick. But arr Im very stubborn and wanted to eat western food so much, so he surrendered and finally brought me there haha :D )

.♥ Yeah, he and me. Please bear with my ugly sick look, I must show u some photos else this post going to be very tedious, monotonous and dull.

.♥ The beautiful night scene u can see from the Cafe.

.♥ Garlic bread

.♥ Mushroom soup. I don't know why is it green color. But it tastes good, maybe due to the "SMILE =) " on the soup.

.♥ Grilled lamb chop.

.♥ Maryland Chicken Chop. Sometimes Im wondering why they wanna serve it together with a banana? Doesn't it looks weird and the tastes ain't match with the chicken chop.

.♥ Sweet date sweet love sweet couple :) U will be always in my heart.

.♥ And the sweet kiss.

.♥ And yeah forget to mention, we captured many pictures in this Cafe. There's swimming pool. Again, please bear with my ugly sick cat look :D

For u maybe it is just an ordinary date which might dun worth a mention. But for me it's a special and memorable one :) And yeah, last but not least, hope we can go to watch "Date Night" this comedy together if i win the ticket :)

Movie Plot : In New York City, a case of mistaken identity turns a bored married couple's attempt at a glamorous and romantic evening into something more thrilling and dangerous.

Monday, March 29, 2010

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I rarely dress up in yellow because i think yellow color doesn't suits me and I have one and only yellow polo tee, sounds so pathetic. Furthermore, i think i looks like Spongebob when Im in yellow dress up haha :D What do u think?

Wednesday Im the Spongebob :D

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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I had abandoned my blog for a period of time. Now it's the time for me to back and active in blogging again. Here comes an interesting update regarding palatable western foods at Simply Fish which located at Malacca. It is a restaurant with a cozy Mediterranean ambiance which specialized in seafoods. I think those who studying or staying in Malacca will definitely knows about this restaurant and thumbs up for their delightful mouthwatering foods.

Cut the craps. Lemme share with u three of the dishes that i had tried :)

.♥ Simply Fish's menu.

.♥ Ice-blended oreo vanilla

.♥ Present to u greenish piece of fish which coated with pesto. I know what response or expression u going to give when u look at this picture. "OMG, this is very ugly and looks yucky!", u would say and doubt about it. Yeah, it doesn't look delightful but it tastes very nice!

.♥ Naked fish. Nice too, but a bit too dry for me.

.♥ Creamy cheese New Zealand mussels with toasts. This is a must try. Im really in love with this and miss it so much. I would definitely pay a visit to this restaurant again for this dish during the next visit to Malacca.

Those who staying or studying in Malacca but didn't know about the existence of this restaurant. Don't wait anymore, quick visit for their palatable foods especially if u like fish :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

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Hey all, it has been awhile since my last update. Do u miss me? Haha =D Please pardon me coz i was very busy with my research proposal writing and some trifling matter. Here's come an simple update - Shopping day with my friend :)

.♥ Yeah this is how i dress up on that day to One Utama for shopping. I guess this is the very first time i wear such pinkish outfit. And to clarify, Im not trying to use this picture to match with my blog template :D

.♥ Bought a Soda Men's belt. I like the design and the promoter told me that this belt is hot selling

.♥ Stepped into The Face Shop for the very first time after i get fed up with Skin Food since 1997 and bought the acne brightening serum and Blemish Balm Cream after being persuaded by the pretty salesgirl ><''

.♥ The Blemish Balm Cream aka BB cream. Highly recommended this*

.♥ And get this very pretty pinkish cosmetic beg from The Face Shop, it is a free gift :) Suddenly there are so many pinkish things been added to my wardrobe or collection.

A simple yet enjoyable day though i spent quite a lots and it burned a big hole on my wallet.

Monday, March 15, 2010

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4Have u watch this taiwan drama series "Hi, My Sweetheart (海派甜心) "? Im so into this drama after i watched the first episode and finished watching this drama during Chinese New Year hehe :) Quite nice, maybe u should watch it.

Friday, March 12, 2010

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Something reminds me of this cartoon - Doraemon :) One of my favorite cartoon during my childhood time. Its theme song is real nice, happy and relaxing.

Current status : Contented

and i dunno Doraemon got this game. Damn cute one, haha :D A bit similar to Mario game, isn't it?

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Want to know what is ur korean name? Simple easy steps.

1) Visit the link below:

2) Select ur gender

3) Key in ur name
Notes : Put in your Last name first, then your first name. SPLIT YOUR FIRST NAME IN TWO PARTS. That way you'll get the most similar name :)

4) Click and u get ur delightful korean name :)

For my korean name, I key in "Lam Connie" instead of "Lam Co nnie" because :
Lam Connie gives the korean name Lim Yeon Young
Lam Co nnie gives the korean name Lim Soo Neul
I prefer Lim Yeon Young more haha XD

Do share with me what's ur Korean name kay? :)
Enjoy and have a nice day! Lurveeee*

My Korean name is Lim Yeon Young.
Take Korean Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

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This asshole jerk is really pissed me off! Have u ever think of ur wife feelings and ur kids at home when u do all these kind of brainless stupid dirty things?!

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Again, I fall sick. Really pek chek! This time I'm suffering headache for consecutive days and flu. Really don't know what's wrong with my body, damn weak. Went to see doctor just now, surprisingly that he told me my blood pressure is a bit HIGH. He asked me to rest more and gimme a MC. What response am i suppose to give the doctor? I just stunned and nodded my head.

Current status : SICK, MOODLESS

♥ Am i look like a sick cat ? My friends ever mentioned that i everyday also look like a sick person with a pale look..

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*Greets to all my friends and bloggers* How are u today? Im not feeling well and on MC again. This is the second MC in the month of March. Sigh sigh sigh. Okay, back to WOC anniversary trip. After reached Kuala Kubu Bharu, we take a break at Roy's house and then out to Rumah Rehat Seri Teratai to rent the rooms (Roy's house can't accommodate all of us). After that, we had our late lunch (or should i say early dinner) at the restaurant located downstairs of the Rumah Rehat.

.♥ We were resting in the living room. Chatting, watching tv and eating snacks :) Can u spot me from the picture above? :p

.♥ The two couples.

.♥ Leng lui Sue Ching, Joo and Melvin

.♥ Sue Ching, Wai How and Chee Minz

.♥ Ju-Lian and Connie (U know Connie is me right? haha XD)

.♥ Ehhh i forget their name already >
.♥ Playing game to kill time.

.♥ Here's the Rumah Rehat Seri Teratai that i mentioned just now.

.♥ From the picture, do we looks like macam wanna cari gaduh? haha :D We were just discussing with the boss regarding the rental of the rooms.

.♥ Here's the menu of the Grill Restaurant that we had our late lunch/early dinner. No doubt their set meals are very cheap.

.♥ Can u spot me? I was talking and didn't look at the camera. We were enjoying the makan session. Their foods are quite okay.

.♥ They looks like dai lou? haha :D

.♥ Fish fillets and fries.

.♥ The chicken chop fried rice that i ordered. It tastes good :)

.♥ Sue Ching was playing with this little cat.

After makan, we drove around the KKB town and snapped pictures. So stay tuned, more awesome pictures to share with u in the next post :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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ECHO, I love this album of Leona Lewis :) But basically i like all her songs.

Track Listing
I got you
First time
Can't breathe
Outta my head
My hands
Stop crying your heart out
Love letter
Don't let me down
Lost then found (feat. One Republic)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

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I dyed my hair in dark red color two days before Chinese New Year. And i didn't know why my hair is not in red color in every pictures that i snapped/ cam whored. Why is it like that?

.♥ What do u think? What's the color of my hair(from the picture)? Btw, it looks like highlighted?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

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This is an outdated but interesting blog post, trust me :)

I joined Wira Owners Club (WOC)'s anniversary trip to Kuala Kubu Bharu (KKB) and Fraser Hill on last year December. P/s: I will share more picture instead of write a tediously long post :) I know nowadays people getting lazier and lazier to read hehe, right? :D

.♥ Nice shot and nice edit by one of the WOC-ian named Sue Ching :)

.♥ At around 11am, we gathered at Sunway Esso petrol station. There were a total of 10 cars of us.

.♥ We had our breakfast at mamak nearby Esso petrol station while waiting for the arrival of everyone. Felt quite strange actually because this is the first time i join them for a trip and it was a two days one night trip.

.♥ Spotted this awesome car while we were on our way to Kuala Kubu Bharu, a town which located in Hulu Selangor.

.♥ Present to u 8 cars among the 10 cars :)

.♥ All the nice scenery shots snapped by Sue while we were on our way to KKB.

.♥ Another 8 km :)

.♥ Another 500 m :)

.♥ Finally we are reach and luckily there's a football field right opposite Roy's house. So all of us can park over there, parking problem solved :)

Till here. Stay tuned. More post more nice pictures about this trip :)