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Sunday, January 29, 2012

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Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Have u lou sang with ur family and friends yet? :D

Lou sang is a must during Chinese New Year celebration. It also commonly known as yee sang, yuu shang or yu sheng, whichever u like to name it. P/S: Sorry I don't know what it called in English ><" I don't explain here what this dish consists of and what's the meaning of each ingredients because I guess everyone knows it. If u don't know, ask ah gong ah maa heheheee or google it lahhh :P

I went for a lou sang dinner with my labmates/colleagues before CNY, before everyone goes back to hometown (right after my postgraduate seminar :D). A total of seven of us. We don't know any other restaurant which serves good foods and lou sang, hence we went to the nearest one, New Paris Restaurant which located at PJ SS2. 

We go for the smallest yuu shang, RM33. Small yuu shang shared by 7 peoples. No choice, students are poor, we are poor and so we need to save $$$ :D Their yuu shang not bad though. *Thumbs up* The price reasonable or not, I'm not so sure.

We ordered this scrambled egg with shrimps, RM12. As we just tried their scrambled egg with bitter gourd few days ago. This dish really has only egg and shrimp, maybe they should have add some onions.

 Vegetables, RM9. 

Their signature tofu. Fried tofu with minced pork, RM12. This is awesome. One of my favorite dish in this restaurant.

Teochew steamed fish, RM26. Hmmm the gravy is nice but the fishy smell of the fish is too strong which a little bit spoil the dish.

Last but not least, the receipt. A total of RM116.80 for 7 persons. I would say this is quite cheap and reasonable. Worth the $$. 

Satisfied with the dinner. We had joy and fun 

Friday, January 27, 2012

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Hate to stuck in massive jam especially on highway during festive season. Shouldn't have back to hometown in the early of Saturday morning (2012-01-21). Look at the picture below. Massive jam on Karak highway that u can't imagine. Why everyone wake up so early? (-.-)||| I thought most of the people will depart on Friday aikssssss.

I really don't understand. How traffic congestion happens on highway?? Cars doesn't move at all. What about u? For those who uses north-south expressway, are u experience the same thing?  

Because of the massive jam before the toll, I stopped at the petrol station to get something for breakfast. There's only Dunkin' Donuts, donuts that I hate the most. Very limited choices they have, ended up I just simply bought two donuts and they were so not nice. Aiks!

A combo of traffic jam plus not-so-nice-donuts. Frustrated -.-

Monday, January 23, 2012

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Second semester of my postgraduate study going to end soon in February. According to the University of Malaya rules and regulations, students are compulsory to organize a postgraduate seminar not later by second semester. Due to a week of Chinese New Year holiday and a few public holiday next coming weeks as well as tight schedule of lecturers, I forced to have my seminar falls on 17th of January. Kinda in a rush and I nearly got no time to prepare for it. Just back from Krabi trip, many abandoned works need to be catch up. Weekends full of appointment as well, laser tag activity and sing k session. Hehehee that's why I have to take a day leave on 16th of January to prepare for the seminar. Loads of scientific articles to read, prepare presentation slides, compile experimental results and etc (Regret not to do it earlier, my fault my fault).

Me in formal wear for the presentation. Yeah a smile on the face because the presentation wasn't too bad although there were some questions which I unable to answer. But big thanks to professor for sorting the problem out and gimme some suggestions and comments. I will look into them seriously and improve. Overall the seminar wasn't too bad, I will give myself a rating of 7 out of 10??

Finally the seminar is over. Yeahhhhh!! ^^ Feels so happy and relief. Finally I have no burden and I can spare my time 100% for CNY :D I will have to do last minute shopping for CNY new clothes and shoes. Let's gooooooooo! 

Till then. Wishing everyone a happy Chinese New Year 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

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Have u ever heard about Skinfood this beauty brand? From what I know, all their products based entirely on natural food ingredients like fruits and vegetables. Sounds like a prtty good products for our skin. I'm not so sure about this, but this time I hope their products really help on my trouble skin. At least reduces some pimples growing on the face sighhh. And at the same time, I will take good care of my diet too. Less oily, spicy and fried stuff as well as cold drinks.

Here are the skincare products that I bought from Skinfood outlet which located in Cineleisure. A complete set of skincare products: tea tree cleansing foam, tea tree toner, tea tree essence, tea tree emulsion and Parsley & Mandarin spot gel.

Here I includes brief introduction/ Instruction about each of the products that I bought (Quoted from their website):

1) Tea tree cleansing foam
Foam a desired amount with warm water and massage gently onto face. Rinse with warm water. A deep cleanser that gently removes make up with a refreshing feeling. Contains tea tree extract, a natural antibacterial agent and AHA to effectively exfoliate dead skin cells.

2) Tea tree tonerToner for acne troubled skin with tea tree oil. Effectively disinfects and relieves the skin. Apply evenly after cleansing and gently tap to absorb.

3) Tea tree essenceEssence for acne troubled skin with tea tree oil. Tea tree and willow herb naturally disinfects and relieves skin to prevent acne. Natural oils penetrate deep to provide lasting effectiveness. Apply evenly after toner and gently tap to absorb.

4) Tea tree emulsionEmulsion for acne troubled skin with tea tree oil. Effectively controls oil to prevent acne. Apply evenly after essence and gently tap to absorb.

5) Parsley & Mandarin spot gelEliminate acne and blemishes spot on – with Parsley & Mandarin. Parsley contains anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties to combat acne while Mandarin contains Vitamin C to control excess sebum and aids in skin recovery. An effective treatment gel made from Parsley & Mandarin Extracts to rid nasty spots. Also protects and soothes skin from irritation.

And this is the free gift that I got from Skinfood - The sugar gift set which includes black sugar jelly foam, black sugar cleansing foam and sugar hand cream. Got another wash off mask too (not in this picture, refer to the picture above) :DD

They gave me these red packets too. The nicest red packets ever that I received this year. 

Happy mood :D And I wish u the same! 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

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Went to Imperial Garden Restaurant (Tai Thong Group of Restaurants) which located at Petaling Jaya with family for breakfast. Good offer from Tai Thong restaurant - 50% dim sum discount promotion, happening every Saturday. That's why we were here for the breakfast haha, else I would prefer the dim sum at Old Klang Road (all time favorite). 

Very nice logo and design of the menu. Very classy. Of course this is not the main concern, the environment and the foods of the restaurant should be the first to take into account. 

Wedding dinner :D Just kidding -.- The decorations of the restaurant very eyes catching right? Cozy ambiance too, good place for family to gather. Was very crowded on that day morning, full house and most of the dim sum was sold out too. Luckily we made booking for a table earlier.

Their double-boiled soup promotion, buy 1 free 1. Wanted to order but all the soups sold out, so fast.

Steamed spare rids, nice.

 Porridge, a bit tasteless. And I can't even tell what porridge is this -.-

 Rice noodle rolls with shrimp, not bad thought. The shrimp is fresh.

Crispy bean curd skin and shrimp roll. Nice to eat with Mayonnaise. 

Spicy fried carrot cake with beansprouts, for me it is a little bit too oily

Pan fried carrot cake

I don't know what is this. I don't eat.

Fried dumplings wrapped with shrimp

 Deep fried taro

Dumplings with minced pork

Garlicky fish balls. Doesn't suit my taste bud.

Fish balls

 Shrimp Har Gow (Shrimp dumplings)

Chicken paws with house sauce

 Pork Siew Mai (Pork Dumplings)

Chicken and mushroom sticky rice

Last but not least, a group photo of the dim sum. 

Super filling dim sum breakfast. But still i prefer the one in Old Klang Road, not too pricey and much nicer. Big thanks to beloved bro who treated us such a nice breakfast.  *Happy mood*

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

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Happy new year everyone! This will be my first post in year 2012 and it is about my first trip this year. Awesome one, a 5 days 4 nights trip to Krabi, Thailand together with my beloved friends. What a good kick start of year 2012 :D

Look at the Thai Baht that I have. I'm all ready to go Krabi on 1st of January 2012 to enjoy to the max! Too excited, this was why I suffering from insomnia at the night before. We boarded on plane at 1.30pm and reached Krabi at around 1.55pm. It took only 25mins to reach Krabi?? Okay I'm just trying to confuse u. 1.55pm is actually the Thailand time and the flight took us about one and a half hour. We have an extra hour to spend in Thailand :D

Glur hostel, this was the place where we stay. It is a backpacker style accommodation which located at AoNang, Krabi. "Glur" means "good friends or buddy" in Thai, especially in the Southern area in Thai. A double thumbs up for the service and facilities in this hostel. p/s: Feel free to visit their website for more information: http://www.krabiglurhostel.com/ 

This is the reception house of Glur hostel. Very nice design and color isn't it? And I like all the decorations thingy in there too.

We got ourselves a 8 persons shared room. That's means 6 of us have to share the room with another two strangers. 

Although there were 8 persons in one room but it wasn't pack at all. Each of us have a very nice own bed, cozy and comfortable. And we have our own locker too. Look at the curtain, nice one and me likey :D

Besides cozy and comfortable room, there are some facilities in the hostel. They provided a mini kitchen, there's free water for u. There's fruits in the fridge, instant milo and coffee and biscuits for u as well. U can grab those foods and drinks, sit down and have ur very precious leisure time in this open area. There's tv, dvd player, dvd and many books provided for u to kill ur free time. 

We were very satisfied with the accommodation. One thing that we dislike was the bed bugs that bitten us -.- Why there are so many bed bugs? T.T

Till then. Stay tune for my upcoming posts. I will blog and share my awesome 5 days Krabi trip here.