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Monday, January 19, 2015

There are a few places in Balik Pulau where you can actually enjoy the spectacular view of Penang island or watch beautiful sunset. One of the hill top is located at Jalan Tun Sardon and there is one restaurant named BP Anjung Indah Thai Seafood Restaurant. You can search for this restaurant in google maps/ waze/ gps to reach here. There are also fruits (not to forget to mention Balik Pulau is famous for durian!) and snack stall. A number of park benches are available for visitors too.

Quite an ideal place for phototaking. Will drop by here again to catch sunset and maybe.... Thai seafood dinner.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Date: 29 December 2013 and 6 October 2014

Balik Pulau, another fascinating town in Penang, is a great place where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of Penang city life. Besides scrumptious foods (such as laksa, pasembur, brown sugar bun, durian, fruits and etc) and breathtaking sights along the driving journey, there are many other interesting attractions such as Ghee Hup Nutmeg Factory, fruit farms, Saanen Dairy Goat Farm, waterfall and Hakka Lodge, which worth a visit. We will write about the places mentioned above in separate post and this post will be all about Saanen Diary Goat Farm. 

Saanen Dairy Goat Farm, owned by Mr. Ho Juan Aun, is located at 298 Mukim 1, Sungai Pinang, 11010 Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang.

Once you reached Saanen Diary Goat Farm, you will see these two wooden pavilion on the left. This is the place where you can sit down and take a break after an exhausting and fun visit to the goat farm. Here you can try their fresh goat milk and yogurt for free. They are selling goat milk pudding, steamed bun and handmade soap as well.

The size of the goat farm where they accomodate the goats is only the size as shown in the picture below. Not a big one but big enough for kids and family. There is no entrance fee and the owner provides grass for you to feed the goats. We couldn't ask for more. 

We, as an adult, had a lot of fun feeding the goat. So, we believe the kids are going to have more fun and excited about it.

You will have the chance to hug and take a close shot with the baby goats if you happen to meet a few that success to escape from the stables. We are lucky during our visit. Besides, you can also purchase goat milk to feed the baby goats. This will be another good experience.

More potrait of goats. Even goats can have many face expression.

One of the lovely picture that we would like to share. The love bonds.

This is our first time visiting a goat farm and it is really an impressive one. Other than goat farm, there are also rabbits and puppies in the farm. They have a vegetable farm as well. 

We will pay another visit to Saanen Dairy Goat Farm very soon. Again..... :) When is your turn?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Date: 26 December 2014

Calling all the bear paw bun fans. Kumamono finally has their first outlet now in Penang, located at Queensbay Mall. For your information, they have another two outlets in Malaysia located at Sungei Wang Plaza, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

Kumanono had launched its official opening on 25th of December 2014. We were lucky enough to drop by the next day when we go for window shopping in Queensbay Mall. 

It is located at LG-87A in Queensbay Mall at the opposite of Jusco. It is situated next to Kenny Rogers and Taste Better, so in case you can't find it in the directory board you can search for these two shops. 

Only three super value combos are available:

Combo 1: Kuma's chicken + coca cola + curry fish ball/ cheezy wedges (RM 10.90)
Combo 2: Karage crispy chicken/ spicy chicken + coca cola + curry fish ball/ cheezy wedges (RM 13.90)
Combo 3: Oishii fish fillet + coca cola + curry fish ball/ cheezy wedges (RM 13.90)

If you don't want to opt for combo value set, you can order only the KumaBun. How to make your order?

Step 1: Select your favorite KumaBun: Milk/ Brown sugar/ Whole Grain
Step 2: Select your choice of meat: Kuma's chicken/ Karage crispy chicken/ Karage spicy chicken/ Oishii fish fillet
Step 3: Select a sauce: Tarta sauce/ cheese sauce/ sesame sauce/ black pepper sauce

Then, you are done! You can also order side orders or drinks at your own preference. All the prices are stated and shown below.

We ordered a combo 3, oishii fish fillet with brown sugar KumaBun and cheese sauce. As for the side order, we decided to go for curry fish ball instead of cheezy wedges. 

They steamed the KumaBun and fried the fish fillet only after we placed the order. And so some waiting time is expected but we like it this way. The brown sugar KumaBun is really soft and filled with brown sugar aroma. We are so in love with this bun. 

Look at the generous amount of cheese sauce. It goes super well with brown sugar KumaBun and fish fillet.

The oishii fish fillet, however, a little bit crispy at the outside and tender in the inside. It would be perfect if the outer crispy skin isn't too oily. But in overall, we still like this and will definitely come back for more. 

The curry fish balls are not too spicy. However, they are not as bouncy as what we expected. 

Before we left, the staff informed us that there will be new flavor of KumaBun, such as yam and strawberry KumaBun launch in the future. And we also received a 20% discount voucher for our next purchase, valid until 15/1/2015. So kind of him.

Total damage: RM 13.90. A very pleasant dining experience. Not to forget to mention, seats are very limited. Hence, the concept of Kumamono more for take aways order.