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Saturday, February 28, 2009

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Help help help ~~!!
I have to struggle for three papers in a week..

3/3 - Molecular Biology *major*
5/3 - Basic of Ecology *a bored subject*
7/3 - Principal of Accounting

This schedule is seriously killing me.
I think Im going to burn midnight oil for the whole week.
I should start my revision earlier, i know..
Hence, today i plan to study accounting..

♥ This the book that i plan to read...

Yeah, i planned. But im wondering whether i will do it or not lolx....
So i posted this status on my facebook and i received a few comments..
I love this one "If u think u can, u can"...

But the evil side always beat down the angel side of me.. LOL
At last, my mission fail *emo emo*
Yeah, i think i can, but i still failed it.. Too playful..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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Im wondering, students can do anything just to release their tension?

Guess what..? Without any deep consideration, my friend and i drove to Serdang at around 8.30pm just to eat ban mian and la mian *sweat*
We were too stress and feeling depressed. We shouldn't just shut ourselves inside the room.

So, my friend made a call to ask for the direction. We drew a simple map lolx.
And ended up we sesat after passed by the faculty of engineering (UPM) and a left turn at the traffic light.
15mins drive became 50mins drive. Dinner became supper. *sweat*

♥ My friend's order - Ma lak (Super hot and spicy) Ban Mian

♥ My order - Spinach La Mian *wink*
♥ U notice the JAGUNG on the top-right side..? hehe...

What so special about this ban mian or la mian..?
It's hand-made one..and it's not the ordinary ban mian or la mian that we used to eat outside...
The noodles are made of spinach one *wink*
And the price is real economical, RM 3.50 only for a big bowl.. *full*
The bowl is bigger than my head! haha...

♥ This pic u can see very clearly that the noodles are in green colour because it is made of spinach one..

♥ Last but not least, Connie who always go jalan-jalan cari makan *grin*
♥ I doesn't look like a sick people.. *sweat*
♥ and wanted to emphasize here, im not eating two bowls yeah lolx

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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Went to KL during Thaipusam's holiday..
What a great chance for us to release tension and escape from the bustle of study life ;)
Besides sing k session as usual, we went to Pavilion GSC cinema for a movie..

♥ Pavilion ~~

Movie : Underworld: Rise of the Lycans..
Ratings : ★★★

For ur information, im not a fan of the other two Underworld films. I even didn't know that the storyline of this movie is revolves around the Lycan rise from slavery and i haven't seen the other two. The acting in this movie is awesome and some action scenes had me on the edge of my seat with my eyes closed. One thing i dislike about this movie is this movie had too much gore. *yucks*.. Scary arr!!

♥ Some random pics after sing k session ~~ ;)

I know that this blog post is kinda outdated but please pardon me.. sob...
Im too busy with exam and assignments... =(

Monday, February 23, 2009

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Guess what...? Connie is dropping her tears right now. In other words, crying. What's the reason behind?

Too stress or suffocated by the mid semester exam..?
Too sick, suffering with running nose, coughing and feeling giddy..?
Feeling lonely studying alone inside her room..?

She don't know...
And she is feeling so down and weepy still...
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Are u a big fans of KFC.. ?
What will u do after finish eating KFC..?
Try to do as what the pics shown below when u r free lol....

♥ Giraffe..? Deer? or..? @_@

♥ Caution! Poisonous =)

♥ I don't know what is this..? any idea..?

♥ Basketball shooting..?

♥ The warrior... ?

♥ .....

I wonder who that so creative made these out
*thumbs up*
Give a try if u r free lol...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

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Connie is half-dead in the midst of mid semester exam..
In addition, period pain is torturing her..
Unexpected obstacles keep on happening in her life...
Life is hard.. Don't u think so..?
Connie ain't a stout person yet she going to keep a smiling heart always no matter how tough is her life.. ;)

♥ Random pics of me* 18.02.09..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

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As what i promised in the earlier post that i will blog about the cookies i baked during CNY...
Here's comes the post.. Tadaa~~

I believe that most of the girls love to bake cake or cookies.. cooking as well...
This definitely my primary interest.. although the process of baking takes quite a long time and tiring..
Drop cookies always my preference of baking ;) Why..?
Because it is the most popular types of cookies, created only by dropping cookie dough from a teaspoon or tablespoon onto a prepared cookies sheet...
Just mix, drop, bake and enjoy, definitely an easy cookies type ;)

What's ur favorite type of cookies..?
Warm home-made one which just-out-of-the-oven?
Gooey chocolate chip? *drool*
Do you prefer types of cookies that are crisp, crunchy, sandy or soft? lol..

♥ The chocolate chips that i used ;) Guess now u know what types of cookies i baked ;)

♥ BEFORE* Yeah, just mix, drop and bake lolx...

♥ AFTER* It turned into bigger size because the dough flattens and spreads during baking ;)

♥ My chocolate chips cookies!! Real yummy one lolx...

♥ Another shoot of my cookies ;)

Besides chocolate chips cookie, im also baked some pineapple cookie which is one of favorite cookie too..
This took me for about 4 hours to complete the baking process..
Not much pics is taken because im a bit rushing on that day... Sorry*

♥ I know they doesn't look nice.. About 3 years i stop baking already, that's why lolx..

♥ Inside the oven...

♥ Done!! And they are so tasty!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

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Went to watch this movie on 4th of Feb with my friends for the celebration of Wei Shien's birthday..

Movie : All's Well End's Well
Ratings : ★★★

This comedy is kinda amused..
Normally i won't spend time and money in cinema for this kind of movie, that day was special just for shien *wink*.....
And what i can remember vividly about this comedy is that whenever a character falls in love, they act woozy and start spinning around in a dopey fashion while tinkly music plays on the soundtrack.. :D
Why i never spinning around while im in love..? LOL

♥ Im wondering, will u guys marry someone like her..? lol...

♥ I like him.. ;)

After movie, we went to KimGary for our dinner.
The reason we dined in there is that birthday boy/girl who has the Kim Card can enjoy 50% discount but too bad it's only valid for six persons ;(

♥ There are 14 of us..and u can see our bill is super long LOL....

♥ I didn't snap much pic on that day..and this is the only one pic with the birthday boy inside.. Happy Birthday, Wei Shien!! *Hugs*

♥ The sizzling fish, chicken and pork chop... hehe... my order!!

♥ The sizzling pork chop..

♥ The sizzling lamb chop..

It was so funny that almost all of us order the sizzing chop set which comes with a drink, a dessert, half piece of garlic bread and soup..
and most of us couldn't finish our dishes..

♥A group pic before we leave Mid Valley..

Going to miss u all....
Hope to see u guys soon....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

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♥ Sending lotsa LOVE to wish everyone Happy Valentine's Day ya!!

♥ Box of chocolates for eu guys hehe.... ;)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

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What's that pop out on ur mind when u first hear about izzi..?
The mobile wireless broadband..? lol..

Here what i want to blog about is not the mobile wireless broadband but.....
a lavish and chic bistro that started life in Jakarta in 2002 and is amongst the most popular dining destinations in its class – casual dining...
It serves great Italian and Asian cuisine..

♥ Went to Izzi Uptown which located in PJ..

IZZI Uptown, PJ
No. 45G & 47G, Jalan SS 21/37
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday & Sunday : 11am - 10pm
Friday & Sat : 11am - 11pm

Undoubtedly that i super duper in love with Italian cuisine especially spaghetti/pasta..

Izzi cafe serves 9 types of pasta cuisine..

Spaghetti Bolognes, Lasagne Bolognese and Fettucinni Con Funghi are those which recommended by chef..

That night i didn't order Spaghetti Carbonara which is my favourite all the time but order the Fettucinni Con Funghi..

What that made me sad is i do not know that this dish doesn't contain any product originating from meat, fish or poultry..What worst is, it doesn't suit my appetite and doesn't taste good.. sobsob T____T

- Fettucinni Con Funghi

RM 24.80

♥ Fettuccini served with mushroom in a white cream sauce...

Other dishes that we ordered..

- Chicken Steak with Pasta

RM 30.80..

♥ Grilled chicken served with mushroom sauce and linguine...

- Tuna Pizza.. *if not mistaken* i forget which pizza we ordered..

RM 32.80 (Regular)

♥ Tuna, onions, black olive, dried chilli, mozarella cheese and tomato

- Mushroom soup

RM 9.80

- Early Grey Breakfast..

RM 4.80..

♥ My drink hehe...

♥ I don't know what is this.. lol..but its taste still acceptable....

Guess what, after 75% dine-in crunch (- RM73.65)...

we paid only RM 38.25 hehe.....