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Saturday, July 17, 2010

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Do u know that there was a bird park at Ikano Power Centre from 4th - 20th June 2010? I didn't know about this but happened to pay a visit while we were there to shop at Popular Bookstore :) I was so excited looking at different colorful and exotic birds up close. They also exhibited three ostrich egg for u to see and u can touch it. Let's catch a glimpse on the photos.

.♥ The parrot

.♥ The love birds. They are always in a pair

.♥ The owl

.♥ The peacock. Big one.

.♥ Im not so sure what's this. Perhaps some special species of chicken

.♥ Yuan yang duck

.♥ Yuan yang duck. Its the other half

.♥ Cute little chicken

After the Ikano Park and shopped at Popular Bookstore, we were craving for foods. Hence we went to Taiwan Shilin to have a light dinner. After that we went for our second round dinner at mamak.

.♥ The so called Happy Meal Rice Box. The chicken chop is nice!

.♥ Vinegar mian xian with oyster. Nice.

Monday, July 12, 2010

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10.07.2010 Saturday. I had spent a good day with my dear.

Movie: Despicable Me. At first, special thanks to my dear for the movie. I didn't know what's this movie about though i had watched the trailer. I just found those lil yellow potato? bean? or? so cute. The language they speak also sounds funny for me and attracts me. This movie doubtlessly is simply hilarious. We enjoyed this movie and i think this movie is nicer than Toy Story 3. And we enjoyed the 1901 New York Chicken too! Our light dinner.

.♥ They are really cute. Wonder if this toy will exist in the market sooner or later?

After movie, we felt hungry still and so we headed to Sunway Giza for late dinner as well as the match between Germany and Uruguay at 2.30am later. All the restaurant was fully seated except Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. Since my dear craving for chinese foods, so we decided to dine in there. And they have projector screen too, not a bad choice though hehe.

.♥ The menu. I don't really like Wong Kok Char Chan Teng as the variety of the foods is limited.

.♥ My dear's Noodle soup with egg and ham. RM6.90.

.♥ My order. Hong Kong styled spaghetti with sausage and mushroom sauce. RM 8.60. Guess what, it tastes SUCKS and the spaghetti is like doesn't well cook. This was the first time i can't finish the spaghetti that i ordered. I will never ever order neither this nor their spaghetti.

We were there from 12.30am++ until 4.30am. I support Germany and the match between germany and uruguay is much more interesting than the final match >.< At least I don't feel sleepy watching this match at this late.

Off to bed at 6am++. Next day going to be zombie again.

Friday, July 9, 2010

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Im not a big football fans but still sometimes i can be crazy over World Cup. Never thought i will stay up till so late just to watch the match between Germany and Spain keke. 2am went to Forum 19 and reached back home at around 5am. Next day like zombie at work hehe.

The final Netherlands vs Spain, which of these teams you think will lift the Trophy for the first time at Soccer City on Sunday? :) Which team u support?

.♥ Germany and Spain supporters at Forum 19.... 2 in the morning..

.♥ And i ordered satay hehe :) nice nice...

Monday, July 5, 2010

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Went to bookstore and bought this - 500 main courses cookbook, at only RM19.90. Cheap one! :D My cooking mode is on. Im going try out some dishes during the weekend when im free hehe.

Next, Im going to buy cupcake recipe book :D

Friday, July 2, 2010

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Toy Story 3! The toys are back in town! :)

Finally watched this movie, excellent one. The 3D effects. Not so cheesy and not so breathtaking but pretty good. And i like this one --> Evil Doctor Porkchop! haha sounds so funny! :D I like t-rex, with short hands one, so cute hehe.

Hey guys, u should go and watch this movie. Im sure it will brighten up ur day hehe.
Look at the pictures below, can u spot us ?? haha

.♥ Like these pictures very much