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Saturday, August 1, 2009

On 5:58 PM by Connie Lam     9 comments
I ever tried porridge steamboat at Sri Petaling but never try pumpkin porridge steamboat.. Thanks to "Mr. Gary" recommendation, here we go Cheras Queen's Park which located right opposite Carefour, the Restaurant Lin Yuan Steamboat Kitchen to try the pumpkin porridge steamboat. It sounds interesting and yeah, it really tastes special and delicious.

♥ We ordered ingredients for 2 pax... and not to forget to order an additional plate of their self-made meat balls...

♥ Clean and fresh at least..

♥ Pumpkin porridge and tomyam soup... if not mistaken, it's RM13.90 per pax.. U need to add an egg to the pumpkin porridge so it will turn out to be smoother and nicer taste..

♥ I miss it so much, going to eat again with my friends soon.. Serious, if u like to eat steamboat, u should try this...


  1. wah seh...pumpkin steamboat...
    looks nice...
    another variety for steamboat

  2. Mr.Gary... the person wan fight with me tat 1? haha

  3. i've nvr tried pumpkin porridge b4 leh! hehehe.. looks nice

  4. hEnRy
    ♥ yeah, real nice.. go and try it =)

    ♥ not that one... Mr.Gary is someone who look alike Gary Cao Ge haha...

    ♥ Go cheras and try..real nice =)

  5. how to go....u bring me lo
    don't know the way there

  6. If i read this post earlier... then i would not have to being conned for RM500....

  7. If i read this post earlier... then i would not have to being conned fo