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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Found out this new cafe (Hoshino Coffee Malaysia) in Mid Valley Megamall. The long queue at the entrance of cafe grabbed our attention. Did a google search and found out that this cafe was founded in Japan in year 2011. We thought it is from Taiwan and we have not seen it in Japan. This cafe is well-known for their hand-dripped coffee. So, why not give a try?

Flipping through the menu, the choices of food pretty much similar to Miam Miam (Marco) Cafe. 

French toast topped with sugar and cream (RM17.70). Quite disappointing actually and cannot compare/beat to the famous french toast I had in Miam Miam. Although not too wet and soggy, but not soft enough and not so rich in custardlike flavour. 

We also ordered the Hoshino Spaghetti which comes with eggplant, chicken bacon, shimeji and chicken sausage (RM19.70). This spaghetti also very much similar to the "miam miam" spaghetti. Slight salty and oily to our liking. 😅 Dislike the sesame blend in too.

Souffle Pancake (Single, RM14.80). Price is on the high side. Souffle supposed to be soft and fluffy isn't it? This is more like a butter cake. 

Basically all the foods that we ordered failed to impress and please us. What about the drink? Famous for hand-dripped coffee? So this is a-must-order?

Hoshino coffee (RM12.10). Not worth the price. We personally feel McD black coffee taste better. Okay or just maybe we are not a real coffee drinker and we don't know how to appreciate. 

Hot matcha latte (RM14.90). We like how they served it in a Japanese-styled bowl. This reminded us on our trip to Japan. You can add in a shot of syrup provided if you like it sweeter. Not one of the best matcha latte we had, but not bad.

Err so... in overall, long queue does not guarantee good foods. Although the foods are not so good to us, but could be palatable to many people out there. Just give a try and justify yourself. ✌