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Friday, March 30, 2012

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2012-03-25 Sunday

Went to Popular in Sunway Pyramid but kinda disappointing due to the crowd. Only manage to spend RM100 of my 1Malaysia voucher. Bought two very informative self-help/ self-improvement books *Happy* This RM200 voucher is really a big gift, I can use it to buy any books that I wish to or u can even use it to buy stationary, computer gadgets, etc. I saw people buy music video using that voucher, what a waste. I saw many people misuse the voucher too buying many unnecessary things which are not academic-related, how sad. 

Went to have supper after shopping. I found a very nice maggie goreng in Kota Kemuning, finally there's a food that worth a bite in there! Next time I don't have to drive all the way to Subang SS15 or PJ anymore for supper :D Only if I craving for the Subang SS15 burger and nuggets! Best in town. 

Love ya! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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2012-03-18 Sunday

I called it a lovely day! A day that I really can put my tonnes of work aside and don't have to think about them. Seriously in need of holidays and a break to restore the passion and joy in my life.

Woke up kind of late in the afternoon. Had a great lunch at home following by lazying on bed and listening to music :D #LikeAQueen. Then went to Kota Damansara in the evening for hair cut. Wanted to buy Chatime, my all-time-favorite-roasted milk tea with grass jelly and pearl, but Ochado which located at the opposite and few shops away attracts me.

I heard a lots of good comments about Ochado milk tea as compared to Chatime. I don't know there's this branch here. Thought there's only one and only Ochado branch in Pavillion. Without think twice, I walked to Ochado and totally forgot about Chatime which is my initial plan.

Look this is the first thing that attracts me before I stepped into Ochado. They listed out the top 10 must try drink for ur convenience sake if u unable to make any decision which to buy. I go for the top 1! Roasted Milk tea with pearl!

And I'm totally fall in love with it. For me, it tastes better than Chatime roasted milk tea (the tea flavor, more aromatic) and even the pearl also nicer (I finished all the pearl). p/s: The statement above merely just based on my taste bud, no offence ya to all the Chatime big fans. I drink Chatime almost every weekend, I'm serious. I'm addicting to it, first their roasted milk tea with pearl then roasted milk tea with glass jelly. But now I might put Ochado at the top of my favorite drink list. Not so sure how it is with Gong Cha, I haven't try yet. I'm going to drop by and try next time when I go to MidValley or The Gardens.

I will get many many Ochado stamp after this! :DD
Should I go and buy Ochado roasted milk tea again in this coming weekend? :D

Sunday, March 25, 2012

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2012-03-21 Wednesday

Photo of the day: Go red! <3

Nothing much about today besides work late, work late and work late again. 
Getting more and more chubby. Had put on a lot of weight. 
Seriously need to control my diet.
Go red! Ganbatte! And..... I should back and active in blogging again! ♥
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♥ 2012-03-20 Tuesday

Photo of the day! McDonalds Chocolate Sundae <3

Another tiring day because I have to work late again. How I wish I can finish all the lab research works as fast as possible so then I can graduate. Being a full time postgraduate student involved in research is not as easy as pie. My interest on research has drastically faded away. I hardly find neither the strength to keep moving forward nor the will to continue in spite of the obstacles. I found it can be very boring at times.

Okay, stop complaining. This is the chosen path in the very beginning and I shall complete it. All I need now - McDonalds Chocolate Sundae to bring some sweetness and to relieve the stress. Leave regret, move forward. Tomorrow another better day.  ♥

Sunday, March 4, 2012

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If u can see/ notice the date stated above, then u know this is an outdated post hahaha. *paiseh paiseh* 

Carl's Jr, Chili's and Zanmai Sushi are my favorite restaurants in One Utama shopping mall. Other than these three restaurants I dunno where else I can dine in. It was 9.30pm, looking at the long queue in front of Zanmai Sushi, I decided not to join the long queue and heading to ground floor. There I found HOKKAIDO SUSHI. I thought it was Zanmai Sushi at the first sight, their menu and the design of restaurant, everything of it just looks similar .___. I decided to have my late dinner here since I craving for sushi. I damn love the ambiance over here, cozy and quiet.

So anyone can tell me, is Hokkaido Sushi = Zanmai Sushi?? .___. I really confuse.

As usual, I ordered Chicken Katsudon (Small) which costs only RM8.80. The portion is really big for me and I couldn't finish it.

And he ordered Ebidon (Small) which also costs only RM 8.80. 

I ordered another sushi set too, Hodaka sushi set (7+1). Damn cheap, 8 sushi for only RM12.80. Too much sushi, ended up we couldn't finish it and asked for take away.

California hand roll, RM 4.80. His favorite. And I forget to order my favorite - Chawanmushi :(

Simple but awesome dinner, cheap one.  And I'm too full.