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Monday, September 20, 2010

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Last time I used to be very active in sport. I participated in many sport activities especially when I was in secondary school such as basketball, tennis, badminton, volley ball, bola jaring etc. I know u found it hard to believe right? Because I don't look like someone who has skill or physical prowess in sport activities haha :D

Wookay, back to badminton. Now I'm glad that i have the chance to join my colleagues/ labmates for badminton almost once a week. I feel young again haha XD Now lemme introduce to u my badminton team handsome and pretty keke.

.♥ Shih-Keng

.♥ Zulkefri

.♥ Chee Seang

.♥ Boon Teong

.♥ Me me me ! :D Okay, don't focus ur eyes on the tiang, focus on me please hehe

.♥ Eva and Sam

.♥ Jocelyn and Hun Wei

.♥ Chun Wei

Yeap yupez, ten of us! :D


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