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Friday, December 6, 2013

In November, I went to Penang for the Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM 2013). At the same time, I took this opportunity to visit some of the fascinating attractions in Penang which included the Made In Penang Interactive Museum (美英槟廊). 

Made In Penang Interactive Museum is the first 3D art or trick art museum in Penang, Malaysia, which launched on the 1st of November 2013. It is the latest attraction in Penang with the aims to promote the history of Penang as well as famous person such as P. Ramlee (icon of Malaya entertainment), Sun Yat-Sen (Father of the Nation in the Republic of China), Nicol David (Malaysian female squash player), Lim Guan Eng (Chief Minister in the state of Penang) etc to the world via 3D murals and miniature diorama.

It is located at Weld Quay (Address:  No.3, Pengkalan Weld, 10300 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.) and there are two levels in the building. To ease your reading, I will divide this post into two parts:

Part 1 includes the Diorama Gallery at ground floor and Interactive Kiosks.
Part 2 centered on all the 3D arts or trick arts at upper floor.

Here you go. Part 1, ground floor of Made In Penang Interactive Museum:

Picture shown below is the passageway of Made In Penang Interactive Museum before you reach to the ticketing counter. 

Along this passageway, there is this 3D art at the left side which delineates the scene of Georgetown Waterfront, an industrial sector at the 20th century. This 3D art is believed to be the Malaysia longest and widest 3D mural, at 80 feet long and 20 feet wide. See below for more photos of this 3D art.

On the left side is the Penang heritage shop houses wall art. They are using the real windows and door for this wall art.

After the passageway, there is this cafe for you to buy some foods and drinks, to quench your thirst and to calm your hunger, or to take a short break.

And the ticketing counter is just located at the right side. As for the entrance fees, they divided it into three categories: 
(1)Tourists (non-MyCard holder): RM30
(2) Malaysian (Adult): RM15
(3) Malaysian (Kid/ Student): RM10

One good news for you. They are now giving discount on the entrance fees (until further notice): RM10 for Malaysian Adult and RM5 for kid/ student. I was so excited that I get my entrance ticket at only RM5, good to be student :) Another thing which worth a mention is their entrance ticket that comes with a QR code. I will share with you more about this later.

As for now, are you ready to explore this interactive museum together with me? Let's start with the Diorama Gallery which displays seven miniature dioramas (the work of Khoo Chooi Hooi) that define the lifestyle in Penang. Another thing which I really like about this interactive museum is.... there are museum staffs around guiding you through each miniature dioramas and explaining to you the details of each miniature. Thumbs up.

#1 1960's Barber 

#2 Nasi Lemak
The newspaper wrapping of the nasi lemak is the thing in this diorama that really attracted me, simply exquisite art.

#3 King of Fruits (Durian) and Queen of fruits (Mangosteen)

Here, I included this photo to show you the approximate size of this miniature diorama.

#4 Malay Festival Food (Lemang)

#5 Mamak Stall

#6 Wooden Clogs

#7 Miniature Behn Meyer Building design and early 20th century Penang jetty. 
The diorama masterpiece which really impressed me. For this, more photos are included here for you to look at the details of this diorama. And for your information, this interactive museum at No.3 Weld Quay was originally the site of the historic Behn Meyer Building.

I hope you enjoy the seven dioramas which I shared above. Now, let's check out their interactive kiosks. There are a total of four interactive kiosks in this interactive museum. The first two kiosks are for you to play with the vivid coloured masks of Sichuanese opera.

All you need to do is just stand if front of the screen with sensor, then you will see yourself wearing the coloured mask. And this is mine, with red colour mask! Quite fun playing at this kiosk.

For the other two interactive kiosks, you will need your entrance ticket. Remember I mentioned earlier there is QR code on your entrance ticket? What you need to do is just place the entrance ticket on your hand (with the QR code facing up, as shown in the picture below) and move towards the sensor, then a 3D image (Komtar/ Penang ferry) will be projected on the screen together with your image as if you are holding the Komtar building or Penang ferry.

Look! The Komtar building in my hand.

And Penang ferry is in my hand too. 

This photo showing you the both sides of the entrance ticket. You can actually reuse it as bookmark. I like this idea which is environmental friendly.

Not to forget to mention, there is also a mini theatre providing video presentation of Penang story, in english and mandarin version.

Done with Part 1. Now it comes to the interesting part 2 - The 3D mural arts gallery at upper floor.

The staircase connecting the two levels. 

Photos below show the interior of the 3D art gallery. This gallery is quite spacious. Good spot for photo taking is provided (look at those round sticker on the floor) and friendly museum staff is around to help you with photo taking too.

I'm glad to be here. During my visit, there are only a total of thirty 3D arts, but now there are a few more being added to the 3D art gallery. So, I will definitely pay a second visit to Made In Penang interactive museum to complete this worthwhile experience in the museum. p/s: the quality of the photos provided here in this post wasn't good (worst after enlarged) due to the limitation of camera owned by Dan (my personal Penang tour guide :P) and Ipad. I will bring along DSLR to recapture each 3D arts at my second visit.

#1 Game battle between gold fishes? They look real. 

#2 Beautiful dolphins and the Penang bridge

#3 Pumping air into the punctured tyre 

#4 Shake hand with Sun Yat-Sen 

#5 Bubonic plague of 1910 in China 

#6 Caution! Spicy! Don't worry, I will help to extinguish the fire.

#7 Phyton? Giant snake? No fear, just kiss.

#8 Revival of Francis Light?

#9 A show together with P. Ramlee. Saxophone? No problem.

#10 Oops sorry for spoiling the make up. It was an accident....

#11 Let me help you with the Henna

#12 Come come, more organic vegetables for you

#13 Fight with the fire dragon. Water will win the fight!

#14 Spiderman at Queen Victoria Clock Tower! This 3D art is very interesting, but you need to lay down on the floor in order to take a good 3D effect picture. 

After that, rotate the photo 90 degree, you will see spiderman is rescuing you. At first I was quite hesitate to lay down on the floor to take photo with this 3D art, but then since you are here and you are not the only one who doing this, so why not? I'm happy and no regret after taking this photo because it is a nice one! A little suggestion, try to lift up your leg and I think it will look more real that you are almost falling down from the clock tower.

#15 How dare you trying to bully me. I will knock you down with the wooden clogs!

#16 Money money

#17 Do not worry, I will handle these with care.

#18 Dear durian king. My lord.

#19 Mutant plants! Please don't eat me! 

#20 Hello, you need my help to lift this up ?

#21 I can pull this. I can do it.

#22 Penang prawn mee! Best!

#23 Penang fried kuey teow with giant prawn

#24 Ghosts are approaching. Faster run away! 

#25 Betel Nut Palm

#26 Three Sadako? I spotted these three girls showing their creativity pretending as Sadako haha.

Although this 3D art supposedly is for you to create mirror image.

And I made it as photo frame. Do I look like sitting on a real chair? :D

#27 Teh tarik and roti canai

#28 Beware of the coconut smash on the third day of Thaipusam

#29 Fire the cannon!

# 30 Last but not least, a romantic 3D art in the museum. "Will you marry me?" "Yes, I do." 

The flower banquet is provided. So I played with it to take more photos. 

Finally, I'm done with all the 30 3D arts. I hope you enjoy the photos despite my silliness. It was fun and exciting taking photos with these 3D arts although I'm getting very tired towards the end. To view all these photos, kindly visit our FB page photo album. When is your turn to show your creativity and take fun photo snapshots with all these 3D arts? 

After the Made In Penang Interactive Museum, come and join me in another tour to Camera Museum in Penang? And there are many cafes/ restaurants review in Penang and KL which I haven't share. Support and like our FB page for more updates. ♥ 


  1. Nice, did't know such place exist in Penang, I would love to pay a visit when I go Penang!

    1. It is the latest attraction in Penang. You gonna have lots of fun in this museum :)

    2. thanks connie for your info.. I'll visit penang middle of april and very sure will visit this interactive museum.. haha..

  2. Definitely my choice of visit..

  3. Hi Connie do you no who is the artist for the penang trick eyes ?