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Friday, July 8, 2011

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Good morning all. Surprisingly today I can wake up so early in the morning though it's not working day. Yupez I took 3 days leave (6th - 8th of July) to go for a short getaway. Things are going too fast and I can't stop to catch my breath. I can't find time for self care, numerous responsibilities and goals I face everyday pulled me in a zillion directions ended up I fall sick. I need to stop myself from squeezing my brain and work on the challenging lab research, at least a few days to rest and relax. 正所谓:“休息是为了走更长远的路”  :)

Depart from Shah Alam house very early in the morning and half way stopped by Bidor to eat their famous duck mee for breakfast. The dry one(干捞)served with a kon low mee and a bowl of duck in herbal soup, as shown in the photos below. Thumbs up for their good customer service. The old ah maa in the restaurant even offered me to fill up my water bottle when she sees my water left not much after I took my medicines. I felt warm :)

Duck thigh in herbal soup, I prefer drumstick. The herbal soup is sweet and the herbs taste is not strong, perfectly suits my taste buds. 

The kon low mee that comes with the duck in herbs soup, RM7, not cheap though. I won't say it is the best kon low mee in town. I didn't finish it because my bad coughing don't allow me to enjoy it.

This is the duck drumstick noodle serves in herbal soup, RM7.

Hot milo. I thought they will serve it in the antique cup instead of plastic one, not really a good practice.

After breakfast, we continue our journey to Penang. Congested traffic in Penang bridge. I don't know why, I really like the feeling of travelling on Penang Bridge. But there's heavy haze here and I can't enjoy the beautiful awesome sea view along Penang Bridge. Sigh. Reached Eastin Hotel and thought we can check in immediately. But the pretty hotel receptionist requested us to wait because all the room is still occupied and she promised to give me a call once the room is ready. Hence, I dropped by The Lounge in Eastin hotel to have a drink and online surfing net while waiting to check in. 

I like the warm and comfortable ambience of The Lounge. Look at the special decorations and lighting, I like it.

 This is the bar where u can choose from a variety or tempting treats, cocktails, mocktails, coffee or tea and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

I ordered myself fresh carrot juice which costs me RM13.95. 

Time passed and I been waiting for the call from the receptionist for 3 hours plus. I even finished watching a movie "Ice Kacang Puppy Love" on my laptop. I felt so tired and almost dozed off. At last I decided to foot the bill and approached the receptionist in the reception counter. I'm damn pissed off when she saw me and asked me where did I go and why I waited for so long to check in because the room is ready earlier. I then questioned her "I thought u told me and u supposed to give me a call when the room is ready?" She then speechless and passed me the room access card. I'm not going to lodge a complain or sound her because I wanna get into the room and rest. But my mood is totally spoiled. Haiiiz. Where's the hospitality, impeccable service and care? 

Till then. To be continued. Warm regards from Penang to all of you, have a pleasant day.


  1. walao still got time to blog :P and . . . take care of your cough :P

  2. the food must be delicious but yeah its kinda pricy... in KL ok la :)

  3. duck is one of those I can't resist, simply enjoy it no matter how its cook.

  4. what carrot juice is that oo ?!!! cost u 13 bucks ??!

  5. nice...take a break and take care well...

  6. nice...take a break and take care well...