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Saturday, July 2, 2011

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I'm not really into horror movie due to the reasons I will have all the eerie imagination by myself when I'm home alone or while I'm in the lab and the fear emotions will definitely overwhelm my mind. I do not want to have nightmares as well. But this time, I dare myself to watch a horror movie together with my colleagues. Wonders why they are so fancy about horror movies .__. They wanted to watch "INSIDIOUS" but too bad this movie is no longer showing in the cinema. Hence we go for "LADDALAND", a Thailand horror film about a family moves into a new house where they gradually begin to encounter paranormal and horror events.

"Would u STAY or MOVE OUT if u village had GHOSTS?"

We watched it in Mid Valley. What a good seat I have. Jeng jeng jeng~~ The most right seat in the last middle row. Right behind my seat is the cinema hall entrance and on my right there are two empty couple seats which we didn't manage to purchase because the seats are under repair. But the seats seems just alright. And according to my friends, normally GSC will reserve some seats for those special "guests" to watch the ghost movie. This sticks to my mind and I feel scare. I start to have imagination before the movie starts omgggg! I keep on looking at the 2 empty seats on my right, keep on feeling there's "something" else sitting there. Arrghhhhh. I almost freak out.

The kid getting into the haunted house where the murder case happened.

This is the first time I feel so hot sitting inside the cinema because I'm so tense along the movie. Sorry that I couldn't give a movie review here because I'm actually didn't watch for most of the scary part. I covered my eyes with jacket and screamed .__. Now my sore throat is getting worst and swollen. But arr according to my friends, this movie is not as good as what they expected, not really scary as well but it did brings some morale to the audience. U can go watch it and judge it. We watch this at RM12 ticket is a bit not worth it hmmm.

What do u think about this picture? It looks like a sweet family photo isn't it? But for me, it gave me the creeps and made my blood run cold after I watched this film. Yerrrrr.

Sigh, this coming October I'm going to fly to Bangkok, Thailand. But I started to feel scare because whenever I hear Thai language it reminds me of this horror movie .___.  Guess I need companion wherever I go including toilets. Next time no more horror movie.


  1. Haha pity you! Why did you dare yourself to watch this movie in the first place? I am scared already reading your post! Maybe you should watch something else to erase out the memories of this movie. Best distraction would be funny movies or tv shows. I am not a fan of horror movies unfortunately my friends are so fond of them.

  2. haha..Funny you..I've oso heard that before there are always few seats left for special guest in cinema, but normally is at the back side...I love horror movie damn much! LOL, but I'll oso always have eerie imagination when I'm alone..dunno why, scared but love to watch..=p

  3. Hmmm so it's not boring? I've given up on horror films for quite some time.

  4. Hello there! First time over here. Nice writeup you have there! Keep in touch Connie.


  5. hey there~ ;)
    i'm a horror movie lover~ so was this movie really scary? coz i've been looking for one~