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Monday, July 7, 2014

Have you been to Penang On 6 (槟城六号)? Penang On 6 is relatively new and just had its grand opening on 17th of April 2014. If you get the chance, you should check this place out, especially for those who likes Chinese retro-styled decorations or nostalgic old Penang look.


Below are some of the informations which I hope they can give you some idea of what is Penang On 6:

1. Where is Penang On 6 located?
A small area located at the 6th floor of Gurney Paragon. (Picture below shows the main entrance of Penang On 6.)

2. Why establish Penang On 6? 
To help young entrepreneurs with little models to set up and run their business.

3. What you can do or find in Penang On 6?
First, there are areas with Chinese retro-styled decoration for you to take photos. See the pictures below.

In addition, there are a few shops opened where you can find unique fashions and accessories (for eg. Laicitoo), handicrafts and collectible items. 

There is also one cafe in there, named 槟城六号咖啡店. 

Most interestingly, there will be a routine themed event called Retro Saturdays to be held in Penang On 6 every Saturday from 2pm to 10pm, or sometimes on Sunday too.

4. What are the activities of Retro Saturdays?
For examples, traditional games, Chinese opera characters photography session, performace and demonstrations, different type of workshops (knife massage, self defense, traditional batik, workshops for kids, etc), contests, etc. The activities will be varied every weekends, so do check out Gurney Paragon facebook page for more information. 

We enjoyed our visit to Penang On 6 and we hope the same for you :)

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  1. wow! so nice! i havent been there before :P


  2. every saturday rite not just last yesterday . i need to go there . really interesting