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Saturday, May 12, 2012

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Have u ever heard of Laser Tag? Friend bought the discount voucher from Groupon for ten of us. Feeling kinda nervous but also excited at the same time. A very exciting experience indeed. With that Groupon voucher, we were entitled for 3 indoor games and we decided to have two games which were the free for all game (you can shoot anyone randomly and see who got the higher score) and one which was the tournament game (5 members in one team, so we divided ourselves into two teams and see which team got the total highest score).  

These are the guys that went with us, Mr. Benny, Loong and Ooi. They were enjoying the chess game while waiting for the game. Ya, for your information they have one rest room for you to have some chitchat, play chess game,etc while waiting for your turn.

And this is the score board for you to check your own score as well as your shooting accuracy. Each one will have their own laser gun with the name and mine was "Dodger" in this game. I was in the top 3 hehe and let's look at my accuracy percentage, damn high one hehehe. Don't play play har :D

Picture below shows the indoor venue, the warzone. Laser tag is really a good game. It wont cause any pain. In other words, there's no risk for bruising or serious injuries (but please take good care also because u need to run around and it is kind of dark inside with just only those fluorescence light). The equipment also very easy to handle and very light, suitable for girls. Although each game only lasts 5 minutes/ 10 minutes (sorry I couldn't remember the exact game duration) but this short game enough to make your heart pumping  fast and exhausted because you will run a lot inside the warzone and it is really exciting. What a good exercise. I got body ache the next day -.- To be exact, not only me but all of us got body ache.

No lies, laser tag game really a very fun game. An unforgettable experience and I wanna go again next time (wait till there's cheap offer from Groupon again haha).
P/s: Reminder for you, do not wear in white to go for this game :D 
Between, you can always visit their official website for more information about the laser tag game.


  1. looks very fun. Bought the ticket from Groupon promotion price?

  2. look so fun! I should try out laser tag one day!

  3. Once there.. very excited for the game!