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Monday, March 17, 2008

On 1:31 PM by Connie Lam     6 comments
..i haV a vRy buSy sUnDay...
..a rattling time wif my frens...

the piGgy me woKe up only at arOund 1.30pm..
aftr taT i tOOk my lUnCh at dAManSara, nothIng spEcial, juZ chIcken rIce aNd leong char =) quite cheap and nice lolx...
and then i went for a short shopping at One Utama ...
thre i bought two roti boys *yummy* and herbal eggs...
i ate it together wif a tin of shaNdy... kinda weird... =.='''

at night time....
hav a small gathering wif my beloved buddies..
ten of us ~ at last, i can meet them ^^

connie (me) ..Ling ying... cheng kit... kelly...wai kok & his gf... jackie...fishhead aka tack seng..wei shien and lik chun... 5 handsome 5 pretty =p

~v went to a korean restaurant which located at ampang point... for dinner...~

~ the eight side dishes tat are FOC** ~

~kanpoong UK ~ for me, tis 1 the nicest among all the food tat v ordered..

~pork belly ~


~ forget wt's the name dy =.='' ~

..honestly, im nt reli used to the tastes of korean food...
..spicy ? nt reli spicy..
..sour ? some dishes are...
...tis combination of tastes doesnt suit my appetite..
..i prefer japanese food ^^ ..
...and some 1 do promise to bring me for japanese buffet at starhill on my birthday^^...
..looking forward for it =)...

after korean fOOd makan-ing...v went to GSC pavillion for movie...
...the spiderwick... ^^
...erm.. a nice and funny movie...
...at least it doesnt made me fall asleep inside the cinema....

tired...reli tired and headache..
i can feel the heat burning in my throat and when i breath...
it seems like the signs of fever...
no doubt..im reli get fever the next day morning...
so moodless..
and..im freaking energyless nw..
forced to ponteng all the morning lectures and 'pig' zzz..
all food was repugnant to me during my illness..
i oni can hav a cup of milo..wif few chocolates biscuits..
sigh ~
hope my sick will recover as soon as possible..
my assignments and report are waiting for me.. sigh ~


  1. yeah lo... lastly u ponteng also...kakakaka... u should watch the 2nd movie with us d lo, haiz..

  2. kudos to me for bringing you guys there! haha~

  3. wah.. so nice hor..
    i love japanese food.. want to go to Shogun in 1U to makan kao kao or not.. kekeke..

  4. real or nt kah wee ? when when ? asked tong tong out oso...ahhaha

  5. lol.. hhhmm.. let me check my schedule sin.. keke.. tongtong ah.. no problem la.. lately just yam cha with her..