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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On 12:36 PM by Connie Lam     2 comments
Date : 20/03/10
Location: Mid Valley
Leng zai leng lui: Boon Teong, Sam, Eva, Ee Lin, Connie and Hun Wei

Went out for a movie date with colleagues in Mid Valley then only I know there's such an awesome Alice In Wonderlands theme decorations in the Center court. Great one and we snapped a few pictures. Let's catch a glimpse on the picha!

.♥ The entrance to the world of Alice In Wonderlands :)

.♥ The stage and the backdrop

.♥ Right in front the stage there's a revamped tea party decorations

.♥I felt this is scary maybe due to their face expression.

.♥ The small and big mushrooms. Awesome one. They made up of sponge.

.♥ Boon Teong, Sam, Eva, Connie and Hun Wei. We are wearing a nice combination of color.

.♥ Just three of us with the mushroom.

.♥ Last but not least, a photo we snapped from the top floor.


  1. looks fun, too bad i wont be able to see that =P

  2. Wow, looks nice with all the decor. Wish I could go there. ^^