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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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Found that no one notice the previous post about the movie review of The Coffin..?
Or no one interested with this movie..?
There's no comment from anyone... >.<''

The latest movie that i had watched ~~ xD

4. Madagascar : Escape 2 Africa

Movie ratings : ★★★★★

"I like to move it move it. You like to move it move it. We like to move it move it. Move it!! "
LOLx, that's the song that so impressed me... Doubtlessly, this song able to lift ur spirits and soon u will perk up and feel re-energised...

GREAT MOVIE!! Rarely we get to truly celebrate a movie's second time around... We should have this one, though... The filmmakers really move it, move it to the next level of entertainment even though the duration of this movie kinda short.. xD

Among all, i love Gloria the most lolx. She is fat but so cute !!! And the voice of Moto moto, so SEXY lolx.... i cant stop laughing....

♥ Gloria.. The sweet and sassy hippo-next-door finds Africa to her liking – it might just have something to do with l-o-v-e...
♥ Moto moto.. He likes his hippos big and he has his sights on Gloria who's the biggest he's ever seen... HIS VOICE IS SO SEXY !! LOLX...xD

♥ Alex.. He's faced with wild Madagascar foosas and crazed New York crowds, but can he survive (gulp)...

♥ Marty.. He's up for getting down with his new found herd, but after awhile, partying with his pals becomes as boring as black and white.

♥ Melman.. Once a hypochondriac gets 'cured,' what's next? Well, there's an opening for a new witch doctor...

♥ King Julien and Maurice.. Bigger kingdom, why not? King Julien has decided to "move it, move it" with the New York-bound gang...have party, will travel. And if there is expanding to do, it's pretty obvious that the sometime oblivious Julien will need his second-in-command, Maurice.

♥ Skipper
Ever the penguin-with-a-plan, this time, involving a plane. All he needs to get the job done is “grit, spit…and a whole lot of duct tape.”
♥ Kowalski
A soldier’s soldier, no code is too dense or plan too obtuse for this constantly surprising tactical genius.

Besides, I love this romantic quote of Melman ~~~ <3
" Listen Moto Moto. You better treat this lady like a queen because you my friend, you found yourself the perfect women. If I was ever so lucky to find the perfect women I would give her flowers everyday and not just any flowers, okay? Her favorites are orchids, white, and breakfast in bed... six loaves of wheat toast with butter on both sides, no crust. The way she likes it. I'd be her shoulder to cry on and her best friend and I'd spend everyday trying to think of how to make her laugh. She has the most, most amazing laugh. Well that's what I would do if were you. "

Next coming....... update on food!! Japanese cuisine ~~~ <3


  1. I have not watch the movie but heard the penguins are the funniest

  2. i so envy you. got time to watch movie... while i have to go work part time....

  3. i haven watch la..but i like d song so much !


  4. hahaahahah
    i dint know melman can talk like tat : D so sweet of him

  5. my god... how many times did u watch it?? until can remember all their dialogues??

    p/s: I watch it twice in the cinema... hahaha..

  6. Borneo Falcon...
    ♥ u should go and watch, tat's a thumbed up movie~~ xD

    :': sweeney珊 :':
    ♥ yeah, very nice!! ;)

    Isley Chang
    ♥ working partime still can go and watch movie ya...
    ♥ im busy with my thesis lab works actually ;(
    ♥ but then i still have to spare some time to free and relax my tired daysss ;)

  7. Bell's...
    ♥ hey sweetie.. thanks for da comment...
    ♥ u should go and watch ya!!
    ♥ yeah, i like that song too!! xD

    ♥ my bao bei~~~ <3
    ♥ thanks for da comment!!
    ♥ words from one sincere heart always true and sweet ~~

    ♥ i just watched it once...
    ♥ but i didnt go and memorize all their dialogues lolx.. im not god of memorizing ;p
    ♥ i get those from some website and share here ~~ xD

  8. wow..5 star rating ...seem like very nice movie 1...

  9. kian sin..
    ♥ yeah...5 stars ^^
    ♥ u havent watch yet..? ;p

  10. i laughed alot when i 1st see the giraffe wear tat thing on da neck XDDD!!
    and those monkeys are cute, like baby milo

  11. bodosey...
    ♥ thankkkss for da comment !! xD
    ♥ i love the sexy voice of moto moto... u try learn it.... LOL...

  12. seem interesting... gonna watch it!!! :P

  13. tiong tiong...
    ♥ this is a must watch movie!!
    ♥ im sure u will enjoy this movie and like it.. ; )