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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On 1:01 PM by Connie Lam     9 comments
Mamma Mia!


Went to watch this movie with my dear Jennifer last thursday.....
We just randomly picked 1 movie...

Alright, this movie was actually awesome, funny and entertained..
I love the abba songs so much but i don't really like the storyline of this movie...
But if u go with a bunch of people, i think you'll leave uplifted and pleasantly surprised...

The song "Dancing Queen"....
This song i think can make the person with sorrow feel better with life..
At least im relax and happy with this song...
A get up and go, uplifting and joyful song...... ;D

The Song.. "Our Last Summer"...
I love this lovely song... Especially the first part, when Colins only sings with a guitar..It's so romantic!

The Song.. "Honey, Honey"..
Nice song!! Made us feel like wanna singing along and dancing in the cinema lolx.....

Rosie (Junie Waltersand) and Tanya (Christine Baranski) made me sweat =="
But their performance really great ^__^

Some memorable quotes for Mamma Mia! ^^

Tanya: This fricking yoga made my feet bigger.

: I don't care if you slept with hundreds of men, you're my mother and I love you.
Donna: Oh Sophie...I didn't sleep with *hundreds* of men.

Donna: I grew up.
Tanya: Well, grow back down then!

Here's the trailer.... Enjoy ;D


  1. From what I've heard it's a great musical, and they have it on show regularly on some Broadways. I also liked wicked, which I actually did watch, you should catch it if they go on international tour some time.

  2. Wow..
    sounds like a good movie
    I read alot good reviews too.
    especially Abba Songs*

  3. so nice ah?
    hmmm shud i watch this or Painted Skin ah?! hehehe...
    my blog got a nice song.. go check it out ba..

    ur holiday ending lor.. hav fun! hehe

  4. many ppl introduce tis movie !!
    wanna try out ~

  5. har???
    such a bai chi movie you oso decribe it so gOod geh~ =.='''
    hey,ladies and gentlemen,
    dun go watch such a bai chi movie...
    waste money and time only...:-P

    From: Jennifer^^joojoo

  6. Jennifer..
    ♥ lolx, for many ppl outside this movie is in high rating u know..?
    ♥ lolx... im surely this movie will be great and enjoyable if we go to watch it in 1 geng...

  7. teddy..
    ♥ just watch both movie lar..
    ♥ im wanna watch painted skin too..
    ♥ keke ;D

  8. What movie oh? Seen like really waste time and waste money movie wor!! See this 2 pic i ady no mood to watch liao...better keep my money and time for next movie...wakaka