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Friday, October 10, 2008

On 1:25 PM by Connie Lam     6 comments
Eat Eat Eat and Eat.... ;)

Went to Carl's Jr. Charbroiled Burgers outlet at Midvalley on tuesday for dinner sake....
This was the first time i tried this burger...
For me, it is kinda expensive lolx... .but the burger is special if compared with others....
Kudos!! Can give a try... !
And so sorry that the photos we snapped doesn't make the burgers look yummy lolx....
Bad skill lolx...

♥ Charbroiled BBQ Chicken RM 18.50 (combo)...

♥ Charbroiled Chicken Club... RM 15.95 (burger only )..

♥ Charbroiled Santa Fe Chicken... RM 20.00 (combo).. Love the American cheese...

♥ The fries....

♥ The Tomato Ketchup and Chilli Sauce.... ; )

♥ Last but not least ^^ Chai Ling and Me in Rapid KL... ;D


  1. very big burger indeed.. I almost cant finish it...


  2. lol.

    you and chai ling eat 3 bugers??

    i think u should try the super star buger

    me my self also cant finish it and have to share wit my friend

  3. ouh....nw u r making me hungry....argh...'cry'....oh well...juz drink water then...sigh...

  4. OMgz
    Since when midvalley got such burger thing? -_-" I want to eat also canot...aiks*

  5. I never try the burger from this outlet but the price is enough to scare me off. I'm surprised they use Heinz sauce, which I consider as high end product

  6. first time commenting on your blog hehe!! i love to eat carl's jr, but quite expensive so i dun go there often XD. I luv heinz chilli sauce and their santa fe cream yummy!! <3
    when they first opened in 1U i went eat quite like once a mth then i stopped, my pocket was empty XD