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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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It's time to update my blog again...
Again,bustle of study life block me to write a tediously long blog..
So as usual, i will just post up some photos to share with everyone...
the place i go, the food i eat, my life etc..... ;D

After went to Perak Hilir (as what i mentioned in my previous post)..
We went back home and rest.....
About 7pm++, my dad' friend who staying in Teluk Intan bring us to a temple which existed more than 100 years..... to pray...
Then, guess what, i have to take vegetarian diet as my dinner...
Hmm, sometimes im just love eating meat, i do not know why.....

♥ Two of my leng zai bros and my cute sister...They like posing too.. xD

♥ the temple i mentioned in the post...

♥ awesome right....

♥ this the most special 1... i think this is the 1st time i watched this kind of chinese opera.... Is it called opera? Correct me if im wrong... ;)

♥ My dinner - the vegetarian mee... I don't like it because it is tasteless... Well, my dream of palatable food burst and spoilt... ;(

After that, guess my dad and mum are tired walking the whole day..
Hence they straight drove back to the rented house.....
For me, the night is still young kekeke...
Hence, i dropped my bestie who staying in Teluk Intan a sms...
And we hang out together ........... by motor.. =="
Damn scary ~~ T___T

♥ I went to her house and thanks for her mum warmth welcoming ^^ Cam-whoring before i left....

♥ A photo with her sister's cute rabbit ^^

The next day morning..
We left teluk intan and head to our next destination..
Guess where..?
Pasir Panjang Segari ~!!!!
The sea turtle management centre in Perak ^^

♥ My bro's curry mee......breakfast..... Cheap and yummylicious ^^

♥ Zhu Cheong Fan ~~~ The famous local food in Teluk Intan, it is not cheap and u have to wait for a long queue just to buy it...... This is not the first time i eat this and hence i ordered dim sum to eat.... better nicer and more yummy keke ; )

♥ Leng car spotted while we are on the way to Pasir Panjang Segari ...

Alright, stay tune yeah if u wanna see more photos of my trip and of course the more interesting and attractive 1 - the sea turtle ~!!! :D

Have a nice weekend my friend ;)


  1. oooiiisssseeeehhhhh..The first pic very attractive ahhh...lol...haiyo..sure will visit ur bloggie de ma...u aso gt drop comment on my bloggie last time wuttt...=p

  2. f.a.c.e.s.o.f.s.h.e.y.l.i.
    ♥ ur name super long...
    ♥ yeah, actually there r more posing picture bsides the 1st picture i posted up here ;)
    ♥ but dun wanna show too much lolx, later they kill me....
    ♥ will drop by ur blog often, keep updating ur blog yeah...

  3. hi hi!! wow ur bros and sister are posing on ur camera :)
    ur watching the chinese opera? i never really watch it before wat do u think? nice? haha!
    and the food...when i look at it i feel hungry lolx...
    i didn know that there's ferrari car passing by the road often~ ur lucky to spot that one in teluk intan.
    nice pic nice pic!

  4. wah... so details ur trips...
    can become reporter already..^^

  5. kay ...
    ♥ thanks for dropping by.. ;)
    ♥ hmm, i dun really what they acting or presenting..i means the chinese opera...so for me it is abit bored ;) u might like it.. who knows...
    ♥ yeah, i love to see leng cars ^^
    ♥ again, thanks for ur comment ya..

  6. tiongtiong..
    ♥ my blog no.1 supporter lolx...
    ♥ not really details..i skipped quite many..

  7. wow, my dream car-F430!
    Btw,nice to meet you...I am new comer^^

  8. tiongtiong..
    ♥ yeah ^^ u always dropped by my blog ma... keke.....

  9. yaofong..
    ♥ welcome!!!
    ♥ nice meeting u too..
    ♥ enjoy ur stay here... ;)