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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On 6:32 PM by Connie Lam     12 comments

♥ Man Man and on the way to perak... ;D

Went to teluk intan, perak few weeks ago with my beloved family.....
Sorry for my late update lolx, busy with studies lately....
Okie... Let have a look at the photos i snapped on the way to teluk intan...

♥ I know these scenes not really attractive but i like it.... ;)

We reached teluk intan in the afternoon....
and yeah, our first stop at teluk intan was Ah Chai Rojak..
See the photos below and u know how yummy is the rojak...
but personally i don't really fond of rojak..
im just like to eat the "biscuits" of rojak ^^

Okie, the next station.....
We went to the Menara Condong (Leaning Tower)....
For me this tower nothing special bsides lean to a side...

♥ i know this photo i look fat....

Okie... Next....
We went to Hilir Perak....
Hmm im too lazy and no time to write further details about this place..
So just have a look in the photos yeah... sorry sorry...

♥ My brother and i...

♥ My sister and i...

♥ Sweet moments...

♥ Acting..

♥ Miss my home....

♥ Me and i love these photos ~

Well, more posts coming soon....
Please stay tune ^^


  1. teluk intan looks like a very nice place...! i wanna go there some day~ and the rojak looks so tasty yummy..! its making me hungry... hahaha! and nice family gathering pics, look so sweet

  2. run so many places... lain kali boleh buka agensi pelancongan...wakaka
    then bawa i pergi...^_^

  3. kc :)
    ♥ teluk intan is a bored place lolx...
    ♥ if it is food u sure felt it tasty 1.. ;p

    ♥ 6 family members only...big..? =="

    ♥ lolx... no also.... xD

  4. big ma.. bigger than mine by 1...


  5. Do you not climb the menara condong?

  6. samuel..
    ♥ by 1 only ma.. =="

    borneo falcon..
    ♥ i didnt ...coz it was closed... ;)
    ♥ u climb to the top before..?

  7. whee~wat a nice trip at teluk intan ahhh....

  8. wah..nice trip..
    u look like vl thin n thin
    me?fat n fat..round n round..haha

  9. f.a.c.e.s.o.f.s.h.e.y.l.i.
    ♥ wow, u r here ~!! im so surprise xD
    ♥ very nice trip~~

    ♥ yeah, a nice trip hehe ;D
    ♥ im very thin and thin..? lolx... not oso.....
    ♥ u not very fat also not very round oso....

  10. wow is nice place in weekend...indonesia many place like that.....may u came in my country

  11. harry potter..
    ♥ hello.. welcome to my bloggie ^^
    ♥ u from indonesia..?