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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On 10:31 PM by Connie Lam     1 comment
Didn't know that Murni opened a new branch at Aman Suria. Hence dropped by there for dinner. The environment not bad though, with big lcd screen for u to watch football or star movies hehe. Hardly get a seat on my last visit to there during world cup season.

This time i ordered the black pepper chicken chop instead of chicken chop fried rice or spaghetti carbonara or roti hawaii or roti beckham that i used to order everytime i dine in there. And for the drink still i stick to honey dew special :)

.♥ The black pepper chicken chop. Nice one. Taste much more better than many restaurants

.♥ Roti Hawaii, one of my favorite hehe. U should try this out.

.♥ Honey dew special and teh ice.

.♥ Nothing better to do hence created this out with vege and chili sauce. A doll with long hair or wearing dress. Cute, isn't it? *okay, I felt so damn proud with my creative art, haha*

.♥ The other inverted version :) I don't know it looks like what, what do u think?

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  1. ohh~!!! no wonder ss2's seldom branch out to the road la ><"

    alrite~ got chance will go there n makan n yumcha~! haha