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Saturday, May 7, 2011

To celebrate Jocelyn's birthday, we decided to give her a birthday surprise by having a small birthday party in the lab. A few of us try to drag away her attention by chatting with her, asking her to play game etc. Meanwhile, the others secretly buying birthday cake and balloons as well as ordering domino pizza. We did put effort on this and we succeed, big clap for us :)

#1 Look at the awesome birthday decorations with cute and colorful balloons at the entrance of the lab, we managed to surprise her. Undoubtedly, she felt so happy and appreciated.

#2 We didn't forget to take a photo together and what a coincidence all of us were actually wearing black on that day. And where's the gentleman?? They were too shy to fit themselves into the camera lens, tsk tsk tsk.

#3 Introduce to u the birthday girl, pretty Jocelyn.  

#4 Finally some of the gentleman willing to take photo with the birthday girl. From the left: shy Hun Wei, Jocelyn, Shih-Keng and Chong Long.

#5 Birthday cake from cake sense. 

#6 Tadaa~~~ Yummy foods time! We ordered two regular and two large sized domino pizza. And they free us one small pizza.

#7 Domino Pizza - Seafood Delight

#8 Domino Pizza - Tuna temptation

#9  Domino Pizza - Classic chicken

#10 Domino Pizza - Aloha Chicken

#11 Domino Pizza - Banana Kaya

#12 Chicken Crunchies

#13 After eating, we had our fun time with the balloons. I think most of us born with art talents hahahaha. Look at our cute drawings on the balloons :)  

#14 And this lil monkey joined us in the party too haha!

A great night filled with joy and laughters :)


  1. Alws a grand time when time is spent with good friends! :)