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Sunday, April 8, 2012

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This update going to be a special one as compared to other blog post of mine because u will see ZERO photo. Maybe u can skip reading it if u hate wordy post.

Had a date with London Weight Management at 3pm for their free consultation and treatments session. What made me feel funny was the consultant asked me "Why you are here? You looks skinny and doesn't have weight problem.", when she first saw me. Hahaha I then tell her that I'm not as skinny as what u see, I got an irritating "spare tyre" which so sticks to me and never wanna be apart from me. She felt surprise too.

After the full body analysis, she finally nodded her head and believed with what I had said. She is so cute hahaha. I received 4 free treatments from them which included the lavender sauna, body scrub, UV blanket slimming treatment and fat burning machine therapy. Among all this the UV blanket slimming treatment is the most torturing one which I couldn't bear with the heat and I felt dizzy after the treatment, although it helps on blood circulation and sweating. I lost 2kg after the treatment hahaha (Okay I felt happy too although the lose weight wont last long). My body lose a few centimeters too after all the treatments although not a very significant lose. -.-

A special day. Never expect I will go to slimming center haha. Quite a good experience :D


  1. wow it really works! :) how much is the whole course?

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  2. @henry, first consultation just RM10 :)

    @ Fish. ohFISHiee, the whole course just costs RM10. But if u wanna continue/ take the package, it will costs at least RM2000 :D

  3. lol wow i wanna go take the consultation too! atleast i can know if it is fat or what. XD

  4. 2kg in 1 treatment? That's great :)

  5. I tried slimming treatments too. Definitely hate heat related treatment. Same like you, very suffer!

  6. you where got weight problem ler...
    you are skinny


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