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Monday, August 6, 2012

Tong Pak Fu Hong Kong dessert in Mid Valley? Yeah that was the question that came to my mind when the GSC staff passed me these 10% discount vouchers after we had made a movie ticket purchasing.  Really shame on myself, feel so outdated. I thought only Penang has Tong Pak Fu and then also one in Sunway Giza -.-

Since there was 2 hours spare time to spend before the movie, we decided to drop by Tong Pak Fu to try their dessert. As shown in the picture below, the design of their menu damn nice, simple yet cute. They claimed that they are the award winning dessert from Hong Kong, but why I didn't see any of this outlet in all the places where I visit in Hong Kong. Though I saw Honey Dessert and Hui Lau Shan everywhere in Hong Kong.

And here are the tissues, forks and spoons. Haha okay I know it is damn lame to show these here -.- Just for fun anyway to further emphasize I was really having the desserts in Tong Pak Fu! :P Not to forget to mention also, they serves a varieties of desserts, from hot to cold one. For those who adore desserts, you should visit and give a try.

 Peanut cream (RM5.80), one of the traditional hot dessert that my friend decided to order. Guess he likes peanut very much. If I was him, I would go for black sesame cream and seriously I really like black sesame a lots :) But this peanut cream is good, thick and with peanut aroma. My friend likes it and I like it too. 

And I decided to order double-boiled papaya with snow fungus (RM8.80). I ordered this because I want to eat the snow fungus as well as the papaya. But apparently the papaya a bit tasteless perhaps after boiled it loses its juicy taste. But overall, it is still good and not too sweet.

Last but not least, we ordered this Glutinous rice ball with black sesame and peanut toppings (RM4.80). Guess you should know the reason(s) we ordered this. Hahaha he likes peanut and I like black sesame and this dessert would be a great combination. And within my expectation, this is good. The glutinous ball is chewy and the toppings are great in taste! Not too sweet! I like it :)

I felt satisfied with the desserts. I'm going to visit here again for the snow ice desserts! Their desserts are good and the price is reasonable. Thumbs up :)

Good day, good desserts and good movie ♥ 


  1. Have always been wanting to try out their dessert but didn't manage to! le sigh

  2. Their creme brulee quite nice also. So sweet <3. But their food slightly expensive ler.

  3. That glutinous rice ball with black sesame is one of my favourite at this place. I wnet to the KLCC outlet.

  4. I should give it a try despite never liking these kind of desserts lol. Bourne Legacy review