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Friday, October 4, 2013

Busy like a bee, typical life as a Medical Science student. And so, finally a blog update after struggling for scientific reading and laboratory experiments. Back in May, we spotted this Flash Back Cafe at Lebuh Acheh (Location/ Address: No. 41 & 43, Lebuh Acheh, 10300 Georgetown, Penang) while searching for street arts around that area in Georgetown Penang. 

This giant teddy bear (with a "I Love You" red balloon) was the thing that caught our attention. Fluffy and cute. So, we decided to take a coffee break at this cafe.

A menu board outside the cafe.

Some simple drawing on the wall of the pillar outside the cafe. Coffee and tea.

This teddy bear decoration at the glass window of the entrance really beautiful. But the bear actually looks sad. It is like waiting for the return of loved one.

Painting on the wall inside Flash Back Cafe. Then, the next few photos to show you the interior of the cafe and some of the decorations. The decorations rather simple.

I did some search on the internet and then only realized Flash Back is actually a homestay which comes with 5 different type of rooms (single bed, double bed, twin bed, triple bed and quad bed) as well as family suite, with air-conditioned. So, if you are interested, you can visit their official Facebook page for more information. 

Back to Flash Back Cafe, they serves only coffee, tea, beer, cake and snacks. As shown in the menu below. 

We ordered only a cup of Hazelnut coffee. RM 4. The coffee is up to the satisfaction and the price is so reasonable as compared to other cafe which selling a cup of normal coffee at price RM 9 and above. I'm regret that I didn't look through the menu seriously. And so didn't realize they are selling fried ice-cream which I would like to try.

Flash Back Cafe, a good place to chill or to take a coffee break. Last but not least, a photo of me with the mural at Lebuh Acheh (just few door steps away from Flash Back Cafe). 

"It's not the goodbye that hurts, but the flashbacks that follow." 

Till then. Follow my blog page for more updates. Upcoming post's clue: Dark Vader and Hot Chick. Guess what are these? :)


  1. New mural painting eh? Heheh seems like a pretty cosy cafe with reasonable price (:

  2. LOL, my ex-classmates were the bosses behind this cafe xD

  3. love this place, and the bear soo cute :)