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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Goku Raku Ramen which located at Gurney Paragon serves really awesome ramen delights with rich and flavourful soup. Speaking of the restaurant interior design and environment, it has a very simple decoration (just like any other Japanese restaurants) with wooden chairs and tables, but cozy enough for you to dine in to fix your ramen crave.

For your information, Goku Raku Ramen serves two different types of soup base, namely Tonkotsu and Tokyo. Tonkotsu soup is a pork flavour soup whereas Tokyo is chicken flavour. Then for each of this soup base, you can choose your favourite from original soup, miso or shoyu soup. Both the soup is finely cooked for long hours over high heat and carefully stirred to enrich the broth aroma. 

Super Char Siew Tonkotsu (original/miso/shoyu); Price: RM22.90(S), R26.90 (M), RM27.90 (L)

During our visit, we opted for super char siew tonkotsu and we chosen miso tonkotsu soup instead of original tonkotsu or shoyu tonkotsu soup. It is a ramen topped with homemade char siew, spring onion, bamboo shoot and lava egg. We ordered a small one for the price of RM22.90. The portion is okay only for a small bowl of ramen, so you should order at least the medium or large bowl of ramen if you are a big eater. 

The miso tonkotsu soup is really thick, creamy and flavourful. The best ramen soup we ever had. The homemade char siew is not sweet like other char siew you have outside. It is with mild saltiness, so tender that it can melt in your mouth the moment it touches your tongue. The same goes to the lava egg. The egg white is solid and the egg yolk is soft and runny. It is so delicious. Your ramen is incomplete without this lava egg. As for the ramen (the noodles), thick and slightly springy.

Ebi Gyoza; Price: RM 10.90 (5pcs), RM15.90 (8 pcs)
It is a pan-fried shrimp, pork lard and chives dumpling. A rather unique combination, not too oily and a bit similar to Taiwanese guo tie. It is served together with a special sauce and salt & pepper. For the sauce, it tastes like sweet soy sauce. On the other hand, for the salt & pepper, it is slightly salty. To our surprise, it tastes really good when you eat the dumpling together with it rather than with the sweet soy sauce. As for the filling of dumpling, we expected more filling but in overall it is still acceptable. The prawn is fresh.

This restaurant is highly recommended for all ramen lovers.


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