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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Date: 27 December 2014

Finally get the chance to drop by Restaurant Tong Hooi to try one of the famous char koay teow in Georgetown Penang, Ah Leng Char Koay Teow, also known as 亞龍炒粿條. Ah Leng Char Kuey Teow was previously located at Khoon Hiang Cafe and now they had moved to Restaurant Tong Hooi 东园茶室 (Jalan Dato Keramat, Penang) at the opposite.

Ah Leng is famoust for their special char koay teow which comes with big prawns and mantis prawns at price RM 11.50. The price for a regular char koay teow with no mantis prawn is RM 7. For extra koay teow or duck egg (instead of chicken egg), you will have to pay additional RM 0.50 or RM 1.00, respectively.  

During our visit, the restaurant is packed with customers (mostly tourists). We ordered only a regular char koay teow with duck egg (RM 7.50). In addition to duck egg, chives and bean sprouts, there are only a few cockles (siham) and two big prawns. The char koay teow is a bit oily and slightly salty, but acceptable. The prawns are fresh and succulent. Cockles however small, too little and not impressive. Portion of the char koay teow is rather small. Although the wok hei is also not up to our expectation, but in overall Ah Leng char koay teow is considered quite good. Should have pay another visit at off-peak times when there is less crowd.


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