I believe, a smile =) is a curve that sets everything straight ♥


Monday, August 11, 2008

On 3:54 PM by Connie Lam     10 comments

♥ What i can do is just 安静的等待。。 ;D

Got no definite answer in the end too.. ><''
Why and what so hard to clarify about something? @@ Make everyone susah only...
I'm kinda confusing with everything... *human always complicated....

Hmm.. Maybe everyone in needs of some times... a period of time.. 1 or 2 months or ? ....
To explore? to chill? to ponder over? to uncage from the stuffy air? to get some freedom? to have fun 1st..?
Anything... Anything... .. It wont harm... and not havocking anyway....

Let's the time to prove everything =D
Since i already put full effort on it, i have no guiltiness...
And why not i just give some time...
Wish to save someone from the devil-self and hell life again...

I believe that rainbow comes after each storm..
I have to stop emo emo emo already ^^
I wanna stay innocent ^^ okie though?

P/s: Japanese language test on wednesday... Presentation on next monday...
Worry worry sobsob T____T
God bless me..


  1. I love this edited photo. Great stuff!

  2. Xynthian..
    ♥ thanks lolx..
    ♥ but not edited by me lolx..

  3. lu punya physic takda baik la
    got rainbow or not, depends on the position of the subject, prism and source of light..
    not everytime got wan lor..

  4. Teddy..
    ♥ juz an idea ma.. =.=''
    ♥ then? i should give up on something/someone that r not worth to?
    ♥ i couldn't see him/her drop into hell life that harm him.... i wanna lend a hand....

  5. Nice photo...i like it too..

  6. ui,gemuk...copyright...u copied my words....how are you now?dont get upset ya...

  7. ♥ know who r u already..
    ♥ u the only one who will call me gemuk whereas others all said im skinny.....
    ♥ soi pig!!!
    ♥ how am i now? indescribable.... .

  8. missing few days...
    going to busy at somewhere else...
    erm... just follow ur faith then all thing will better soon...^^

  9. Tiong tiong..
    ♥ lolx..no wonder din c u online or kacau me lar.. hahha xD
    ♥ normally u will nugde me or msn me when u see me online...
    ♥ arigatoo gozaimasu =D