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Monday, May 4, 2009

On 4:02 PM by Connie Lam     20 comments

♥ Current mood : Heavy- hearted :(
♥ I will be the first presenter among my course mates for viva a.k.a final year research project presentation...
♥ On 11st of May from 8.30am to 8.45am..
♥ Lucky or unlucky..?
♥ A good or bad thing..?
♥ Wish me luckkkkkkksss....
♥ I feeling so uncomfortable that my heart keep on beating very fast recently ;( Sort of nervous?


  1. good luck..
    is good things..
    1st present liao..no need scared liao.

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  3. KikoChan
    ♥ so fast u comment =.=
    ♥ thankkks for the good luck..
    ♥ im kinda worry actually.. :(

  4. hahaha..dont worry...
    just prepared all the things tat need to prepared..
    and just treat as normal talking..
    confident..confident ..most important..

  5. ♥ 1st isn't a bad situation...
    ♥ like that u no need to scare by waiting one come out and go inside...
    ♥the waiting time is more stress than become the 1st presenter
    ♥dun worry..
    ♥everything will be fine...
    ♥+u+u!!! gambate!!
    ♥sure will pass easily... =)
    ♥always be there for u..hehe

  6. KikoChan
    ♥ I know that confident very important..
    ♥ im also dun know why am i feeling so uncomfortable..

    ♥ thankkks for the supports..
    ♥ i try my best.. haiz

  7. ♥ no haiz...
    ♥ u haiz liao then confidence will drop...
    ♥ cheerssssssss
    ♥ just be yourself...
    ♥ they wont bully u when in...
    ♥ they also hope u to pass...

  8. Tiongtiong
    ♥ I know, the examiners on my session just nice..
    ♥ just that im worry i can't stay steady and calm to bring out a good presentation...

  9. connie connie
    I tried before 1st presenter as well as last presenter...actually still the same. anyhow still have to come out present..but maybe u might nervous because how the 1st to be...no one leading but you...

    So maybe it's ur chance to be a good starter and attract examiner.

    You can do it^^
    don't worry

  10. hEnRy
    ♥ I never try before..
    ♥ this time is the very first time in my life i be the first presenter :(
    ♥ Hopefully everything going smooth and fine as what u said...

  11. ♥ sure u can de...
    ♥ i trust u can... -)

  12. not onli u lor..

    this wed i need to present, prob is my boss say general overview, now she tell me, not too general, wan put dis shit dat shit into the slides.. where i got time to read n find so many freaking info wor..

    OH DAMNNIT! crazy woman!!!



  13. Tiongtiong
    ♥ hopefully lar..
    ♥ bless for me....

    ♥ wednesday means another 2 days lor..
    ♥ i now have to study for friday major's exam..
    ♥ so sat and sunday only can prepare slides and presentation..
    ♥ aikkksss..
    ♥ crazy woman lolx, cool down lar..xD

  14. should be proud tat u r the pioneer in presentation!! then u will gain the confident la!! hehe


  15. My lecturer used to give higher mark for the first who does the presentation!
    Good luck!

  16. who is ur examiner?

    make sure not Dr.Vani..

    if not sure mampus! hahhaha

  17. 嘉CacinG進
    ♥ should be proud..? zz

    ♥ don't think our professor will give higher mark for the 1st presenter ;(
    ♥ different session different examiner..

    ♥ My friend told me Dr. Hasidah and Ismanizan...
    ♥ okie arrr...? *worry*

  18. KimKim =)
    ♥ thanks for da support... *hugs*

  19. aiyoo, those two very very kind wan lor... they wont tembak u wan... anyway, urs is biochemical assay, Dr Is doesnt work on that, he is plant molecular guy... so i doubt he would question u a lot..

    PS: by the way, i replied ur comments... take some time to read coz its a little long.. hehe...