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Sunday, February 24, 2008

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3.36pm now…. the hot is stifling and tis make me cant concentrate well in doin my immunology lab report. It's time for me to post somethg in my blog, i tink. If nt i will end up like Jackie, always kena blaming n mumbling by geng of efficient bloggers aka mentakab geng of 38 frens =)

-Quin Leng, Cheng Kit, Jassyne, Ruoh Shyan, Connie, Ling Ying, Cia Yee, Daniel, Lik Chun, Tack Seng, Kai Kiong and Jackie.. Our trip to awana kijal.. syok!!-

Actually, my mind is blank and i hav no idea about wat to write n wat to post, reli headache, arghh~! Sorry to all my beloved frens coz I always not able to join any gathering or trip tat organized by u all. But, im reli happy to join u all the trip to awana kijal and the day b4 val’s day 13-o2-o8 to jenjarom. Seems like it is worth for me to sacrify my revision time for midterm, at least i hav a vry nice time wif u all, laughing, kepo-ing, yoga-ing, etc. and oso unforgettable memories tat will kept in my heart forever tat cant buy wif $$.

Our shadows on the beach -awana kijal- i myself oso cant remember which shadow is mine =.=''

- Geng of best frenz - Trip to awana kijal...

Trip to Awana Kijal ~~ a smal but enjoyable trip wif around 12ppl (5 o-> and 7 o+ ).It was the 1st time I joined them for the game of mafia (did I spell the name mafia correctly?) The sad thg is the murderer card keep followed me, hw come??? And I dun hav chance to try othr characters : the doctor and the spy, so bad. But i won the game for several times hehe when partner wif ling ying, lik chun and chye cheng if nt mistaken xD Tis made everyone point to me and suspect me tat im the murderer in ALMOST EVRY GAME , not fair nt fair, hw come u all can suspect some1 innocent like me? Haha.. It is a fun game, tat’s y all of u so addicted to it, sacrified own zz time and then continue the game fr night to morning. And anthr thg tat made me felt funny is ling ying quote during mafia game à “ bu shi wo bu shi wo” which in English means ‘not me not me”, ermmm I dunno how to describe her tone n voice when screaming out tis words =) Btw, tis the 1st time i hav the chance to taste the famous ''yong tau fu crab'' at restoran Malaysia and kemaman kopi at hai peng kopitiam, etc…

- Awana Kijal Resort.. we stay here..weee... -

<-- the ''yong hai'' (in cantonese) ...freaking oily...Errr =.=''

restoran malaysia and jackie wif peace sign ^_^V -->

--- shyan's vietnamnese coffee ^^

yee...connie...shyan... and fatty kiong (the 1 in yellow circle).. dunno wt he doin thre when v took tis pic.. -->

.. In short, lots of memories tat r undescribable and unforgettable ^_^ <3>


  1. nice post! should i continue the trend of the 'friendship' topic? haha
    HOT topic man! almost every bloggers in our gang blogged about it.

  2. hey...connie...wat dunno how to describe my tone? huh!!!always i shouted bcz i m really innocent!!!

  3. hurray, new post here.
    i have to post more so tat i am not the last 1 hahaha

  4. ~ shyan..nt reli a nice post... =( frenship...1 of the important element in our life ma.. xD

    ~ ling ying...haiz..im lagi innocent ler.. =.='' ahhaha xD
    u shout oso uselesss de...no1 blv it..haha..

    ~ jackie...i will post mor oso..
    i dun1 follow ur step er..later kena boikot lolx...

  5. haha.. good job finally.. actually u guys are not the one who lack of efficiency.. but me.. cuz i just blog for few articles only since i reach uk.. stop it after few weeks cuz i feel lazy and lack of topic.. but luckily all ppl are pointing at u and jackie...

  6. then later i goin to point my BIG FINGER to u jor... so pity arr jackie and me,.... T_T

  7. haha.. i wont mind if u point me.. cuz i wont affected by ur "pointing" one.. wahhaah

  8. huh..if i m not mistaken the last time i saw ur blog,it is still empty.but now already got 3.not bad wat!!but u miss the dinner that v cook together.so,must b active joining us.so that u can kepo-ing together.

  9. aiks..nt i dun 1 to join u all..but i having my midterm nw..two paper on consecutive days..tat's y im nt able to join u all... haiz...so sad cant join the potluck... T_T