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Friday, February 29, 2008

On 12:12 AM by Connie Lam     6 comments

teNsion tension tension and im real tension right now!!! my mood totally donw to hell... time flies.. . alr 1 and haf years since i enrolled ukm.. honestly, i don't like to further my study in government uni .. lacks of freedom.. so many unfair cases.. and u hardly get the courses tat u reli interested wif..

Biochemistry ~ wt u reli knw bout tis course? a bored course? challenging? i myself oso dunno... too difficult to be described in words... but it jus nt reli a course tat real suit me... im nw in a fit of remorse.. y do i said so? mayb im juz start fed up wif the fan-ness and busy-ness... lots of lab praticals... reports (which i hate most), tis feel grows stronger when u group wif tos kanasai partner)... bside, the book is stiff reading.. u NEED TO or MUST hav a reliably good memories instead of efficient understanding ability.. this the thgs tat fidgeting me... making me feel nervous and uneasy.. next coming midterm which dated on 2nd and 3rd march seems like a big disaster for me.. omg, juz a midterm can bring so big effect to my mood & my routine life as well.. i dun hav the mood to study or search info or revise.. seriously, i lost my interest in study.. getting bored and fed up wif it .. whre's the old me?

Bsides, thre r lots of thgs tat bugs me..tis year, 2008, seems like a bad year for me.. evrythgs doesnt go smoothly.. lots of misfortunes...lots of unwanted thgs happens... and nw, im seriously lacking of self-confidence and i hardly believe ppl arounds me, evn the closet 1.. am i too emotional? too childish? i juz hardly accpet the1 i blv most =the 1 tat lie to me most.. im juz lacking of some self-protection? whre's the safety feels tat i nid most? i guess, i reli need to learn to be :-

1. mor mature in thinking
2. curb my temper
3. build up my confidence
4. stout-hearted
5. hav positive thinking
6. mor determined
7. etc... . ..

I don't want to be a laggard... i shud c the bright side of thgs and cheers up!! don't wanna lost my ownself ~**
p/s . . dunno wt myself talking bout at tis moment in tis blog.. .. mind blanked.. & messed up..


  1. hihi..although u are lost in confident and motivation now.. but do believe that everything will be fine after some time..人生总会有低潮,不要期望什么事都顺顺利利,不会面对问题,而是应该期望有问题时能够顺利的解决。

  2. hey deardear...hw long u hv this blog?i just noe by 2day...:">
    it seem like u realy tension this sem...b4 i read this blog,i thought that whn u look down x realy bcos on study,mb hv ader things bother u or wat...but mostly i wont ask so much,cos i x sure ur feeling,i sked mb is me wrong feel oni..wat i k see is when u study,u will sometym keep saying how 2 memorize ect...n look like vry fAn..but,just relax dear...see it like an experience in uni life enuf,nonid too care bout that..just nid 2 do our best...wat ever thing cum 2 us---report,assignment,project ect,just complete it as u k..i wont going 2 compare ur stress 2 ader,bcos av1 gt their own limit that they can tahan...sO,u just nid 2 try ur own best...dun wori the thing that hvnt cum 2 us...relaxx...dun mk dos stupid report and exam to make u down...k?:) smile~>hope 2 see ur ‘real’ smile and laugh…stay strOng~

    ..from jen..

  3. really more and more post d haha....

    don't worry too much about your study, is just d exam stress that bring u down. do ur part and u will score just dun give up. believe in urself, we r students from 5S1 dun play play k.

    good luck for ur midterm exam, the god know u use the time for the potluck party to study,so sure u can score d haha

  4. Dun self-created so many fan nau to urself.actually everything is simple,is v make it become complex.so,just relax facing every problem,good frens around u will support u.dun stress urself so much for exam.just try ur best.jia you!!

  5. wan, exam only ma, for u sap sap sui, u always get flying colors even u told me how difficult r the papers. no stress, no problem, take it easy =)