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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

On 4:48 PM by Connie Lam     6 comments

My hair growing longer and longer dy...
almost reach my waist..
For tos who see me often, u know tat.. xD
Thinking wanna cut it SHORT or nt...??
Will i look better with short hair? tos trendy short hair ? like hebe kind ?
Or just keep my hair long? but actually kinda bored wif it dy..
after made it from silky straight to curl.. now dunno wat else 'style' i can try..
*seriously no lala style*
Hmm Hmm Hmm.. any nice hair stylist to recommend?


Just finished anthr paper to day ..
with just the name, guess u know what a tough and headache subject tis is....
but actually it is a kinda interesting subject... juz, too much thgs u gotta memorize..
hate tos scientific names.. . so so so hard to remember (tos term juz resisit to stay in my memory.. )
urghh!!! FAN ~
and it make my brain saturated...

* almost zz off during exam.. im seriously lack of zz ...
end up nap on the table 5mins haf way doin >.<'''

Striving for my final dunno for hw many days dy..

Virtually freaking..
- tired.. sleep oni 3- 4 hrs evryday.. u can imagine hw GENG is my PANDA EYES nw.. T_T
- frustrated & tension...

haiz... EXAM EXAM~!! 3 mor papers to go ar.. sobsob T_T

♥ Hope tat ♥
* After the bitter comes the sweet*

* Luck comes after hardship

wan wan ~


  1. well.. don't cut it lor... let it be as long as Rapunzel's hair... den you can climb down from your room using it...

    bwahahahhaa :D

  2. wah wah... =.='''

    i tink my head will putus fr my body later.. or my hair all gone... tat time will become botak de...
    CANT!!! T_T

    btw...hair too long not good 1.. hair loss problem will visit u..hair will always drop.. sigh~

  3. Haha... den if hair too long you can try go audition for the Korean or Japanese Horror movie lor... maybe might landed you in some high profile horror movie :D

  4. refer this link to youtube


    see you can find any of this hair stlye suit u

  5. Samuel...
    audition for horror movie?
    OMG.. i cant make it..
    nid to fly to japan or korean for the audition?

    thanks for visiting my blog here ^^
    tis is the 1stime u leave ur footprint here.. xD
    and thanks for ur recommendation as well.. so kind of u...

  6. don't worry everything will be over soon. add oil!

    i suggest to cut short, i mean real short. hehe! definitely will look younger. hehe. not that you're old now la. just a suggestion.