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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

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1st of all.. wanna express my gratitude to my beloved frens who brought and created indelible memories on my birthday celebration..
-16th april 2008-

1st amusement - SING K - [p/s: ling ying's beloved xD]

Location :
One Utama NEWAY..

Time :
3.30pm - 7pm ( i couldn't believe tat v sing for so long ~ )

Attendees :
Ling Ying, Connie, Jassyne and mr.gentleman Lik Chun ^^ ( 4 of us)

Price :
$10 for tos who got a student ID.. $ 18 for me who forget to bring ovr my student ID *sobsob* and othrs charges..

♥ feelings :
Tis is the 1st time i sing alots song in juz few hours wif juz 3 ppls... mainly SHE's songs *sweat*... forced by ling ying T_T and i realized im quite outdated bout latest songs.. mayb i shud listen mor to mandarin and cantonese songs.. im reli get attracted by the way lik chun singing.. to knw mor bout tis, u can date him out for sing K-ing.. tos who interested can get his contact fr me ^^ and too bad i forget to snap some photo of him...

NEXT... . yummy yummy time.. where we go ?

Location : Bakerzin @ one utama...

Attendees : Ling Ying, Connie, Jassyne, Kelly and mr.gentleman Lik Chun ^^ ( 5 of us)

A celebration is imperfect without palatable foods...
We went to Bakerzin for dinner. ..
Reasonable price yet mouthwatering..

loves the environment....

1st pic ... dunno wat am i doing >.<''
2nd pic... obviously thinking and considering what to order ^^

1) crusty pizza which worth a try $23 , lik chun's ...
2 ) seafood spaghetti Seafood Spaghetti, $ 28, connie's aka me...

3) Curry chicken $ 17 , jassyne's
4) Grilled Dory in Filo $23, kelly's

5) bruschetta with cheese $ 15, ling ying's
6) menu

SO FULL ~~~ the food delighted us ~
And i noticed somethings... haha...
some common words of us....
when the food served... '' wah 哇。。 很香很香!! ''
when taste the food.. '' hmm... 好吃好吃!! "
hahahax =D

for mor details description bout the food..
feel free to visit kelly's blog *wink*

Bakerzin.. i will be back..for ur desserts!!

stay tuned....
- to be continued -


  1. haha, u blogged at last. thx for all ur praise, but dun give my contact to strangers >.<

  2. lolx.. i will request ur permission 1st before i gv to others... =p

  3. so long~!!
    food attract me...^^

    From: joojoo :)

  4. joojoo..
    the food thre reli worth a try...
    evn little bit expensive but the price stil reasonable de..
    nextime v go thre !!!

  5. thanks thanks..

    but, urs 1 oni consired real nice blog.. if compared wif urs im reli feel shame ler...


  6. dun praise xin ler, she will become "hew" (in cantonese) 1...

  7. lolx.. i praised her wif my honesty and sincerity de lorr..
    reli vry nice ma.. u nt agree? haha..

    nt like mine de.. all broken english..